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Created by nikkiVENGEANCEx on Friday, November 14, 2008

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Freya’s POV

Once again, I woke up sweating, shaking, hyperventilating, and crying. This had been going on for about 4 months now. Since I broke up with Jack. Don’t get my wrong, I was well and truly OVER him. But lately, I’d been having nightmares about him. You see, when you’ve been beaten for 4 years, not only does it leave scars on the outside. But it leaves scars on the inside.

I glanced at my clock. 3.27am. Way too early to ring anyone. I got out of bed and sat at my desk. I turned on my computer and waited for it to load up.

I signed in to Msn, and instantly Jesse started talking to me.

**Jesse** says :

Hey babe

.:Freya~ :] says:


**Jesse** says :

Cant sleep again?

.:Freya~ :] says:

Nup, still having the night mares :/

**Jesse** says :

Want to come out? Take your mind off things

.:Freya~ :] says:

Erm.. Yeah go on then

**Jesse** says :

I’ll be at your window in 10

.:Freya~ :] says:

See you there

**Jesse** is now offline

.:Freya~ :] is now offline

I shut down my computer and pull on my clothes from yesterday, black skinny jeans, drop dead top and my vans shoes. I put my hair in bunches and open my window. There he was, I think one of the only boys I could think about trusting. He was so nice all the time, and to be honest he was like my best friend. I pulled my self out onto my windowsill and let myself drop a 6ft drop to the porch roof below. I was about to jump off when he whispered, “don’t move!” and ran to hide behind a parked car. I looked confused, then heard my front door open. I froze in terror, there wasn’t a way back up into my window unless Jesse lifted me up. And he wasn’t here, I was stuck.

I saw my cat run out and down the path, I waited for my front door to close, but then I saw cigarette smoke rising up past my face. It was my dad, I know he took ages to smoke, so I sat down, put my phone on silent and text Jesse.

“ffs, he takes AGES for a fag”

-yeh I knw bbe, but dnt worry, he wnt be much longer xx

About 5 minutes later I heard the door shut. Jesse came out from behind my mums car and stood on the grass in front of me. “jump” I took a short run up and leapt onto the grass.

We had been sneaking out like this almost every night for about 3 months

I had to admit. I had HUGE feelings for Jesse, but I just found it difficult to show them after Jack. We walked to the park where we usually went. I sat on the swing and swung slightly. Jesse came up behind me and picked me up. “Jesse, stop” I giggled. He spun me around and then fell onto his back on the grass. He laughed and rolled over so he was on top of me on all fours. Then he did the most amazing thing. He leant down and kissed me gently. He lightly massaged my lips with his. His lips were cold, making it more enjoyable. He stopped and stood up. He held out a hand to me. I accepted it and he helped me up. Did that just happen? He kisses me then carries on as if it never happened? Now I knew I had major feelings for him, but did he feel the same way? For the rest of the night, he carried on as if it never happened. Did it even happen? Maybe I imagined it..

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