Its called suffering from Hypergargalesthesia! ||Concerning a ticklish Sasuke||

A drabble that was written in about 15 minutes (be warned), Naruto Team 7 centric. I have no life. Enjoy^^

Created by Seken on Saturday, November 15, 2008

This people is a drabble. A D.R.A.B.B.L.E. Its supposed to be short.

Team 7 was waiting for their sensei to show up. He was late. Again. By 3 hours and 23 minutes to be exact.
"Sensei is so dead when I see him!" cried Naruto, flinging his arms up in an overly dramatic way.
Did I mention that they were frustrated as hell?
Sakura rolled her eyes but, though she wouldn't look it on the outside, Inner Sakura was currently beating up Kakashi around the head with a spoon.
"Hn," said the remaining team member, leaning back against the bridge, arms folded against his blue T-shirt. Naruto turned towards Sasuke and narrowed his eyes giving him an even more fox-like appearance.
"You want to say something teme?" he said. Sasuke signature smirk appeared on the young Uchiha's face but he kept his mouth shut. So obviously Naruto thought that it would be a sign of his obvious power over Sasuke to mince over and poke him in the side.
"Naruto!" screamed Sakura and slapped him upside the head.
"I may have deserved that," (1)mumbled Naruto, holding his head. Looking around, his eyes widened.
"Where did Sasuke go?"
A blubbering from under the bridge the team was located on caused Sakura and Naruto to look over the side, not quite believing exactly what they were seeing.
Naruto immediately doubled over and rolled around in pure hysterics. The fact that Sakura didn't begin kicking him there and then is a testimony to how astonished she was.
"Sasuke-kun?" This last question was directed towards the Uchiha who was currently in a rather un-Sasuke-esque position.
He was splayed out in the river, droplets of water running rivulets down his neck and into his shirt. His hair was a mess, with his bangs all in disarray. He looked up at the rosette through a soaked fringe.
"Don't say anything," (2)he growled.
"Teme is ticklish!" shrieked Naruto from the ground. Sasuke got up with as much dignity as a molting budgie (3) and calmly walked over to his team mates.
Naruto, being the mature ninja that he was began poking him in the side again.
"How the mighty have fallen!"
Sasuke jerked away from him and began poking the blonde back.
And thus one of the most unnatural scenes that Sakura had ever witnessed began.
Recounting it to Ino later, she described it like watching to rabid squirrels on Prozac trying to mate.
The fact that quite a bit of screeching was emmited from the quarelling duo probably didn't help this imagery.
Sakura spun round and found her sensei staring at Sasuke and Naruto. With a grin in her direction he walked over to the two and managed to seperate them using a feat that a usual human being's anatomy could not possibly execute. Unless of course you are Hatake Kakashi.
He pulled the two boys apart and pulled them to his sides from their earlobes.
"So," he began cheerily, "whilst I was away...did we learn anything?"
"Sasuke is ticklish!" taunted Naruto from the left.
"Its called suffering from Hypergargalesthesia, dobe!" retorted the still soaking wet Uchiha.
The two boys lunged towards each other again and it was all Kakashi could do to keep them apart.
Even if you are Hatake Kakashi, its still rather difficult keeping two rivals/best friends from strangling each other with their headbands.
"Oi vey," sighed Kakashi, a sweatdrop clearly visible on the side of his face. "This is gonna be a long day."
Because I was bored and because Team 7 is <3. Damn Orochimaru.
(1) and (2) Erm...The Naruto Abridged Series and Pirates of the Caribbean references...*dodges flying piano* sorry about that...
(3) ...the story to this? I have a budgie called Sasuke...yep.


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