Love Bipolar (Akito love story)

Yup, I know. An akito story. Sorry, but I don't think that there's enough of em on quizilla so I decided to make one. yay! Yes I know, in the manga akito's a girl, but in the anime akito's a guy. And I prefer when Akito's a guy (although I'm not against a love story with akito being a girl, I just don't think i'd be good at it.) Please enjoy!

Created by xXWinterXx on Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Name:Honda, Ichigo
Looks: Yup, your nearly the spitting image of your mom. 'cept you're a bit shorter and paler.
Other Info
When your mother died, you left home perminatly, refusing to move in withyour fathersfamily. instead, you moved into your gang's base. An old abandonded building down by the old power plant. It wasn't much, but the gang had added a few things. Some chairs, a couch, a few tables, and a few rugs to cover the cold floor. You have to go to a hotspring so that you can wash.
Story Start
Ihad just gotten back from the hotsprings whenI heard sirens. The rest of the gang quickly ran to grab some hidden guns, whileI ran over to the trapped door knowing that we'd probably be gunned down. Kinomi, our leader, was the first to shoot. She was also the first to be shot. ume grabbed her and started to drag her to the trapped door. I held it open for her, then as soon as they were through I quickly shut and locked it. They'd travel through the passage ways and get away while I got the cops distracted. I quickly grabbed Kinomi's gun and started to shoot out one of the windows, being careful not to get shot myself. After awhile I ran over to a knew spot, just to mess with em. I finally ran out of ammo and decided to run for it. I jumped out a side window and ran. I got to the fence and was just climbing over when I felt a hand on my leg. I was quickly pulled down and was attacked by a cop dog. It bit me. I fought.
With that, they took the dog off, handcuffed me, and threw me in the back of the cop car. They drove for awhile, then stopped...Right outside of Tohru's high school. (it's also mine, butI don't think of it that way since I haven't been there for a year.) They opened the door, grabbed me, and started to drag me toward the school.
Tohru's P.O.V.
A student at the window started to yell something, but I didn't catch it. The rest of the class ran over, except the sohma cousins. I looked over and watched as Uotani's eyes widen at the sight. She looked over at me.
"Tohru, it's Ichigo!"
Kinomichan.jpg< --Kinomi
umechan.jpg< --Ume

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