After the final battle (a harry/ginny love story) part 4

heres part 4. thanks to all who messaged me.

Created by HPbookfan on Sunday, November 16, 2008

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" Harry I'm not feeling well this morning, can we just stay here this afternoon?" Ginny asked from the girl dormitory bathroom.
" sure thing babe," Harry replied.
" Harry do you think you could let me talk to Ginny for a minute?" Hermione asked
" yeah i will be back in a few minutes Gin," Harry called out
" ok"Ginnyanswered
Harry walked out of the dorm andwalked down to talk to ron.Hermione walked in to the bathroomand stood over Ginny.They were silent for a couple minutes untill Hermione broke the silence and asked,
" When did this all start?"
" Just this morning. why do you ask?"
" Did you guys sleep together,at anytime?"
" uuhh......"
" Ginny, yes or no?"
" Yeah we did but don't tell ron, he will kill both of us."
" Did harry use protection?"
" I don't know if he did or not."
" Ginny if he didn't you need to say something becauseI think you may be pregnant."
" HermioneI can't be pregnant, thats rediculous."
" Well it is a possibility.I need to go talk toRon, Harry will be up in a sec."
" Ok"
Hermione left the dorm and walked downstairs. Ron and Harry were talking about quidditch when she had arrived. Harry went upstairs and saton Ginny's bed thinking aboutthree nights ago. Ginny came out of the bathroomand sat down beside him. She rested her head on his shoulder and Harrystroked her hair.
" How are you feeling my love?"
" Hermione thinks thatI am pregnant."
" Why would she say that?"
" She knows about us sleeping together."
" Oh. does Ron know?"
" I asked her not to tell him."
" Thats good."
" Harry?"
" Yes love?"
" Did you wear protection the other night?"

Don't be angry that you don't get to know the answer quite yet, although you guys are pretty smart and are probably knowingwhat is going to happen. iam working onthe next part so hang tight. ido havehomawork and projects to work on, so the next part i am hoping to get the next one out around tuesday or wednesday. Hopeya'll enjoyed it.

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