All boys camp!(pee, clothes, emotions, and noses)

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Created by hollapunk on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Maxs P.O.V.
Last night was one that I'll never forget. I watched Kiersten fall asleep, and I cuddled with her, and felt her nuzzle against me for warmth in the cold night air. And I am perfectly ok with the fact that she didn't know that it was me laying there next to her, she thought it was a cute irresistable little blonde kitten. I scooted her a little closer to me when she screamed to the probably deaf, heavens.
Kierstens P.O.V.
"MAX WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" I screamed again and watched as he fell to the floor next to the bed. I looked over the edge to see him with his feet up in the air "Are you gonna answer me, or do I need to scream again?" I asked in a newly calm voice.
"Well, its uh a long uhh story.." Max said as he avoided eye contact and stuttered over his words. "I'll tell you if you help me up." He added, I don't think he's exactally in the right place to be bargaining. But I leaned over and extended my hand to help him up anyways. As he took my hand a smirk grew on his face and I wondered why untill he yanked me down to the floor with him.
"You are so gonna get it!" Was all I could muster out before he started to tickle me "What are you doing?" I gasped between laughs.
"Well I figuired it would be easier to tell you why I was with you in that bed if you were laughing and at my mercy!" He said as his little blonde cat ears perked up through his hair.
"Okay okay just hurry and tell me so I can breath!" I yelped.
"Well do you remember when I dissappeared, and then out of nowhere there was a cute little kitten?" I nodded in responce to his question. "Well, do you remember that I'm a Neko?" Again I nodded getting a little annoyed. "Well I was that kitten, and you can't blame me for being in that bed, since you brought me up there in the first place." and with that he stopped tickling me and sat in front of me on his knees waiting for a responce.
"I'm not mad at you. But I've been in these clothes for like two days now and I want to change so can we go back to the cabin, please?" I said with a cute little smile.
"Ok, but theres two conditions." He said and all I was thinking was 'great this will end fabulously.'
"And what are those?" I asked, a little flirtatiously, just for fun.
"Well one I give you a piggy back ride there." He stated.
"Easy enough, now whats the second one?" I asked
"Well you tell me you like me, and that the other guys at camp meen nothing to you." He added calmly
"I'm sorry Max, but I can't do that last one, but I gladly accept the piggy back ride." Truth is I don't want to walk. Then he placed his lips on my forehead and whispered to me.
"You will love me soon enough." Then he turned around and said a little louder "Hop on, Kierst." I did as he said and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck "Hold on tight babe." He said to me.
"Ok, but only cause I'm scared that if I didn't you'd drop me!" Was my response. I looked to see his expression which was slightly sad now, so I rested my head on his shoulder. Then off we went. We were going so fast that everything was a blur of green from the surrounding forest, I held on tighter to Max and he kept on running.
*FF* To the cabin!
When our 'little run' was over with and we got back to the cabin, it smelt faintly of blood, which nausiated me. I looked around the cabin to see who or what the smell was coming from. I turned my head to the left and realized a large metal bucket that had once held fresh cleaning water, but now it was a deep crimson, there were a couple of dishrags that must have been used to soak up the extra.... blood.
I guess this is something I'm gonna have to get used to, I live with a Vampire, a Neko, a Wizard, a Demon, and a... a well I don't know what Jacob is, he just like tottally dissappeared.I thought to myself, when I got a response.
Kiersten, Kiersten, Kiersten, Jacob is a Werewolf, DUH!!! So how are you? You must be at the cabin, am I correct? The voice seemed firmiliar butI couldn't quite match it to one of the guys.
Who are you? Why can I hear you in my brain? I though.
Gosh Kiersten, I thought you would be different then other girls, but you don't even remember my name after ONE night, and to think that I really like you. He replied to me 'mentally.'
I didn't forget you Shane!-----
"Kiersten what are you thinking about so hard? Your nose crinkles when you do that! It's ADORABLE!" Max said, interupting your telapathic conversation
"Oh I'm just crinkling my nose at the smell, and thinking about how greatfull I am to have a hott, strong, guy like you to protect me if something goes wrong." I responded with a hint of 'flirt' in my voice as I walked past him and flicked his hair with my hand. this is going to be a great summer.
You know you shouln't toy around with Max, he gets really mad really easily. And since he's part cat I'm always scared he's gonna take a piss on my clothes if I get him too upset. Do you really crinkle your nose when you think really hard???I couldn't help but start laughing at Shanes last comment.
"Kiersten whats wrong are you ok?" Max sceamed/asked.
"I'm fine really, I just had a funny thought." I responded
"Really? What about?" He asks with a look of question in his eyes. As he walked over to me.
"Pee, clothes, emotions, and noses." I listed for him, that wasn't a lie, but it wasn't exactally the whole truth.
Nice one, in his head he's trying to piece together how pee, clothes, emotions, and noses go together! LOL! Me and Alex are gonna teleport there now. And with the blink of my little human eyes they two boys were in the room with us.
"ALEX, SHANE!!!" Is all I could muster up as I ran up and tackled the both in a HUGE hug.
"Fine then, don't show me any affection." Max muttered from off in the corner. His tail flicking and annoyed expression, with ears pinned back.
"Oh come here Max! You can be part of the hug too!" And as I said that, I swear less then .93 seconds later he had me pinned to the floor, with a grin across his face and lust in his eyes. "Max for the second time today I'm going to scream... WHAT ARE YOU DOI---" He rudely interupted me by putting a hand over my mouth to muffle my scream.
Don't worry Kiersty Wiersty, we wouldn't let himget away with doing that to you ifhe didn't have a reason. But that doesn't make meany LESS pissed off at seeing him on topof you. Shane said to me inside my brain.
First, how did you know my child hood nickname was Kiersty Wiersty. Second What's his reson for being on top of me. Third, YOUR JEALOUS!! Thats so CUTE!!. Fouth, whats Alexs deal, he hasn't said a word to me. I thought back to him. Seeing as talking is not an option

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