Dear Diary, My Fairy Godmother is MALE - [3] - Ooh Bossy Boots

I'm really starting to get into writing this now :) I think it flows more with the changes I made and I know exactly where I'm going with the plot. I think it's progressing nicely.

Created by jamontoast on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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15th March 2008

Dear Diary,

I don't have to see my psychologist again until Monday. Oh sorry, I mean Sandy. Sandy. That’s what she wants me to call her from now on so we can build a stronger path of righteousness. My arse, the women just wants me to like her so my mother and her purse will stick around. To be fair though, I believe the journal thing was a good idea. I’m starting to get my head around what happened.

19th July 2007

I woke up to the sound of birds. I swear those birds hate me. I’ve never done anything to them and yet they make as much noise as possible whenever it seems I’m asleep. I bet they have their own signal. ‘Tweet tweet’ really means ‘Quick! She’s asleep, let’s start being really annoying.’ Stupid birds.

I rolled out of bed and stood still for a while waiting until the brief dizziness of standing up too fast past. Then the thought of Sheridan slapped me across the face.

After he granted me that simple wish I had actually started to believe him. That he was my fairy godmother. Now after a good nights sleep I’ve realised how farfetched it all seems. I mean, my mother could have been about to bring me some hot chocolate anyway. It all could have been a coincidence. I had a ton of questions to ask him but he said he had 'business to attend to'. What business an invisible guy with no shoes has, I have no idea but he made it sound important.

Yawning I padded into the bathroom where I got ready for the day ahead. I threw on some dark blue jeans rolled up at the bottom and put on a red cardigan over plain white vest top. Glancing at my watch I groaned as it was only 8:30am. Since when did I start getting up early? I looked in the mirror and was pleased with my reflection for once. I even dabbled with some makeup, putting on some silver glitter for my eyes and poked out my right eye with the mascara.

I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen starting my hunt for food. I was absolutely ravenous after the sorry excuse I had for dinner last night.

My mother trudged in behind me and opened the refrigerator.

"Morning Esme." She said groggily.

"Good morning. Where’s the grub?" I asked.

She closed the fridge door producing a handful of grapes.

"Bon appetite." She said chucking one at my mouth. It missed and rolled over my mothers cat. It was called Ginger Spice but definitely did not believe in ‘Girl Power’. Ginger Spice clawed at the grape and then hissed at me.

"Mum, I'm starving! I'll turn into skin and bones if you keep this up." I whined.

"Go over to the McDougal’s then if you want something fattening." She said the word as if it was a disease.

I held out my hand expectantly and she thrust a five pound note into my palm.

"Thank you mummy." I said with a baby voice.

She just tutted and went into the living room with her grapes.

It was a nice day today, the sun was peeking through the kitchen windows making the wilting pot plant on the sill perk up. I decided to be brave and not take a coat.

The thing I love most about sunny weather is that everything seems nice. I noticed that the usual drab houses I pass most days looked like something out of a fairytale, roses poured out of gardens, ivy grew over the walls, big trees swayed gently in the breeze. I even saw a lemonade stand. In the sun everybody seems to have been bit by the cheery bug.

No one was behind the counter so I sat on a table for two that was tucked away in the corner and grabbed a newspaper.

"Can I take your order please?", Came a voice from my side.

At first I didn't think it was directed at me. Mr. and Mrs. McDougal both knew my usual order and always greeted me with a friendly, 'How are you? How's your mother?'. So when I looked up casually and saw Fletch I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Oh it’s you.” Fletch said nearly dropping his notepad and pen.

“Nice to see you too Fletch.” I said indignantly.

“What do you want?” He asked fumbling for his equipment on the floor.

“World peace, to end world hunger, and scrambled egg on toast please” I said impersonating the Miss. Great Britain contestants and ignoring his rudeness.

“Oh right.” He scribbled my order down as if his life depended on it and almost ran to the kitchen. Unlike yesterday, there were only a few people in today. I noticed the builders from yesterday huddled together at the opposite side of the café arguing about yesterdays football match.

As I waited for Fletch to bring out my breakfast I let my gaze slip outside. The world was slowly passing me by. And so was an eejit wearing a cowboy outfit complete with plastic fairy wings.

“Oh God.” I muttered putting my face into my hands.

Sheridan started banging on the window and waving.

When he realised I was taking no notice of him he entered the café. The bell rung above the door and the builders raised their heads in a confused manner when they didn’t see anybody enter.

Unfortunately I did.

Sheridan sat on the chair opposite me and put his feet up on the table. I glared at him for infecting the place where my breakfast was about to go with germs and shoved his feet off.

“I’m glad your back. I’ve got some questions.” I said quietly making sure no one could here me.

“Oh right, your not glad I’m back for me, your just glad because you want to interrogate me.” He whined.

I scoffed, “Shut up loser. Right, you know when you said you mum had my file? Well what did you mean?”

That question had been bothering me since yesterday. How weird was his family to have me on file? Maybe they were an elite team of stalkers and stalked people. Maybe not.

Sheridan looked a bit uncomfortable but smiled when my scrambled eggs appeared in front of me.

I looked up at Fletch who was watching me strangely.

“Thank you.” I said.

He just grunted and travelled back to the counter.

“Ooh scrambled eggs!” Sheridan simpered and was about to steal a slice of my toast, I could tell he wasn’t expecting to get attacked by my fork by the way he fell off his chair.

I was enjoying my breakfast and Sheridan was attending to his wounds when Fletch wandered over to me.

“Yes?” I asked when I finished chewing.

He looked a bit embarrassed but managed to continue. “Um, Esme, I was wondering- well my mum and dad were wondering- if you weren’t doing anything this Saturday..”

I could feel my face losing all colour. It’s not that Fletch is bad looking, believe me he’s not, he has lovely blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes and a face dusted with adorable freckles- whoa stop there Esme. Getting carried away. It’s just that I’ve never thought about Fletch like that.

“..could you work a few hours here at the café?”

And it looks like I never will.

“Ok” I blustered trying to forget about what I really thought he was going to say.

“Right. Great. I’ll go and tell my parents.” I think I actually saw a bit of colour in his cheeks as he walked away.

I was still staring at him as he headed to the kitchen when Sheridan burst out laughing“Oh! Of course I’ll work here with you!” He said doing the worst impression of my voice I had ever heard. In fact it sounded Scottish.

“Shut up!” To my horror I had said this quite loudly and one of the builders looked ticked off at my outburst.

Luckily, he didn’t say anything so I hurriedly went to the counter and paid Fletch in silence.

Unluckily, Sheridan found it highly amusing to follow me home.

“Please go away.” I whined as he discovered I didn’t like to get and began to splash me with puddles.

He laughed. “No can do.”

I quickened my pace to rid myself of my ‘fairy godmother’.

“I wish you would go away” I sighed.

Sheridan gaped at me as if I had uncovered some sort of deep, dark secret. He clicked his fingers and disappeared. I admit, I was a little disappointed but soon got over it.I skipped the rest of the way home. I couldn’t believe it was that simple. I should of thought of it earlier.

I went up the stairs two at a time and decided I would finally start to read my Harry Potter book.

The monster was back. Sheridan was sprawled across my bed reading my new book as if he owned the place. That was the straw that broke the camels back.

“Listen here mister! I’ve known you for less than a day and all you’ve done in that short space of time is give me grief. I want some wishes. Now.” I demanded.

"Ooh get you bossy boots. Go on then, fire away." He said.

"I wish you would tell me why your really here." I said. "In the films, the heroine has to be sad for the fairy godmother to come along. I wasn't sad. I was actually quite happy with my life."

He studied my face momentarily as if contemplating whether to tell me or not. I guess he didn't have to grant my wishes, he wasn't a genie. He clicked his fingers.

"When I was younger I fell in love with my ma's job and everything that came with it. Fame and fortune basically. You might have seen her in that 'Cinderella' story. I've always wanted fame in your world, attention is what I thrive on and I don't really get a lot of it here seeing as only clients can see me."

"Clients?" I asked.

"The people we come to help. Your a client." He answered then continued. "When my ma' learnt that I wanted to follow in her footsteps she flipped out. She wanted her only son to be one of the Prince Charmings in our world, leave the fairy godmother role to my sisters. That's why the job is called Fairy Godmother. So before she chucked me out of the house to find a noble steed and damsel in distress I ransacked her office and stole one of her case files. I decided that I wanted to prove to her I could be just as good as her, or even better." He explained.

"You stole from your mother to prove you could be better than her?" It all sounded a bit farfetched to me.

"Relax, I only took a case file. I’ll give it back when I’m finished.." He said using wild hand gestures all the while.

"So what’s with the plastic fairy wings?" I asked. That had really been bugging me.

"I just want to look the part. We don’t really have wings.”

"Your mind works in strange ways boy."

He looked relieved. "So your not mad?"


"I am kind of using you to get back at my mother." He said sheepishly.

"Well I'm going to kind of use you for lot's and lot's of wishes." I grinned.

"Even Stevens then?" He extended his hand.

"Even Stevens." I said and shook his hand.

"So, what's your first real wish gonna’ be?" He asked evidently pleased with our truce.

"Hmm." I thought. I honestly couldn't think of anything spectacular. I looked around. I noticed it was raining once again.

"I wish it would be hot this summer."

And then he snapped his fingers.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Feedback would be appreciated. I love to hear constructive critisism. :)
P.S. Your ALL ace.

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