wolf girl and dog boy (a kibe love story)part 46

ok so heres chapter 46! Hope you guys like it and please forgive me for posting it so long after the one I posted at the starting of the month!=D

Created by lizard196 on Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dedications for this chapter go to: vampire-crazed, Johnny’sRockchick, ilovemypeeps1415, aaneetiee, narutopicslover, Amelia12396, kimiko12, hotttuii, SoCceRCuTaY02, lovexXxforever, EpicPsycho510, blonde0lemons and midnight523!!! Thank you guys for all of your support and please keep giving it because, its cuz of you guys that I realized that I needed to get off of my fat ass and right another chapter!=P ^^

Recap: I won’t go into detail since not much happened but, you had it with kiba, you started the war made a safe zone for the injured or exhausted and are about to reveal who the mysterious person who is making you nervous is! So without further a do on with the story!=P ^^

Story start your p.o.v

You couldn’t believe him out of all people had to run into you instead of someone more capable like jiraiya or tsunade. It was the king of bastards himself orochimaru and his nerdy little fuck buddy kabuto! You growled menacingly at him and he just laughed that stupid fucked up laugh of his. Ya you pretty much thought every move he made was fucked up but in your defence they really we’re and not to mention he looks and acts like a pedophile who prefers boys if you know what I mean. You looked him dead in the eye and he smirked a satisfied smirk, confused as to why he did this you didn’t notice your owns body moving on its own. It was only until you felt yourself being turned around that you realized that he had taken complete control of your body.

Orochimaru: oh no its not what your thinking at all, your doing this all on your own, I’ve simply awakened a thought in your head you would of never thought of thinking about before and boom in a matter of minutes you’ll be acting upon it mind and body. *cackles evilly*

You: Ok first of all cackle ling is freakin’ lame mister evil man *air quotes* and second of all you suck at evil plans, you could’ve just killed me and all the barriers would’ve disappeared and you would’ve won dumbass!

He looked slightly pissed at the way you had insulted his plan, your smirk suddenly faded though as you started to get confused by your own thoughts, you started thinking things like *are they really my friends, or are they just using me and my village for our powers?* *what if they secretly want to kill us and are planning on doing it accidentally during this war?!* your eyes went dark and those thoughts drove you to want to kill every last one of them, you took out a sword and ran at a konoha ninja his eyes widened when he saw it was you, but before you could even swing you we’re thrown across the field by jiraiya, he grabbed you by the arms and widened his eyes when he looked into yours. He mumbled something about you being brain washed or being mind controlled as you thrashed wildly into his arms. You finally got free and struck him in the stomac with a hard punch, he doubled over and dodged your next few on coming attacks, you we’re stuck on him trying to kill you and couldn’t get those ideas out of your head even if you wanted to. You looked around and saw your friends you growled and kicked tenten in the gut, she went flying into a tree and groaned in pain, you had instantly cracked one of her ribs. Neji and sasuke seeing this seen looked confused and slightly scared but ran at you to try and hold you down as soon as they got out of the shock of it all.

You: Let me go, you’ll never kill me even if you try!

Neji: What are you talking about! We’re not trying to kill you! And why did you attack tenten she’s your friend and comerad!

You: You we’re all lying and are going to try and kill me and my can members after the war you used us for! Your all lying bastards-

Neji had punched you in the face a look of hurt and anger flashed threw his eyes and you momentarily came back to your senses, but just as soon as it came it went away again. It was just enough time for neji to come to the same conclusion jiraiya had before you punched him. You broke out of his arms and both him and sasuke made a quick escape out of your quickly executed phoenix flower jutsu. Three of them grazed against the both of them as they tried to dodge them, they yelped in pain and both managed to somehow dodge your next attack, you growled again and got on all four before charging at them, you bit neji in the shoulder as he screamed in agony. Hearing the screams tenten came back to her sense and ran at you with her scrolls opened and ready, a look of dread came upon her face as she realized she was going to have to hurt you. You swiftly ran over to her and snapped her wrists braking them before she could even blink, she cried out in pain and fell to the ground useless with ought her hands. You kicked her in the gut as she went flying, a sun village ninja tried to attack you as you destroyed his face with one punch, you looked over and smirked as you saw disbelief flash threw orochimaru’s eyes.

Your thoughts: That bastard thought I would help him in his quest to kill konoha did he? Tisk the idiot, I’m going to kill everyone here and pull it into the shadows along with the whole forest that connects to the secret passage way, our village needs an extension. Humph we could probably even conquer other villages to and turn our village into a country.

You smirked at the thought but thought it was weird that you hadn’t heard from your elder living in your head the whole time, usually she would give you her opinion here and there. You quickly shook the thought away as you performed a few more jutsu’s turning your main goal on destroying the sun and sound ninja first to get them out of your way. Within 5 minutes orochimaru had called his troops away because you had killed every single last sun village nin. You then started to attack the leaf ninja, the 11 genin stopped and tried to block your attacks but you nocked them all unconscious before they could even think, you would’ve killed them if the other ninja didn’t get in your way and bring them away to some temporarily safe spot. You could here jiraiya telling tsunade that you we’re being brained washed and heard her give out a few orders for some sort of medical technique set up. You growled but yours eyes suddenly widened in shock as you realized the exact moment you we’re in was the same scene you had in your dream. You clutched your head in pain and screamed out in agony, you we’re all of a sudden thrown in threw many trees by a violent punch. You got up as if nothing had happened and looked up to see who had done it, you gulped as you saw naruto’s fox form in front of you. His eyes we’re slanted, his whisker like things had gotten thicker and he had a menacing orange glow around him. He bared his teeth at you and started to speak.

Naruto: Snap out of it shikyru! Granny tsunade told us you we’re under some stupid jutsu orochimaru put you in! you don’t really want to hurt any of us and if you don’t stop I know you well enough that you won’t be able to forgive yourself. I don’t want to hurt you but if I have to nock you uncurious and drag you back so they can take that jutsu off I will!

You: Jutsu?! *laughs sarcastically* ya right and then your going to tell me that you guys give two shits about me and my village and don’t think of us as a bunch of freaks?!

Naruto: Your comrades are the ones who asked us to help you!

Your eyes widened at the statement and that few seconds of a clear mind came back but the jutsu fought it off and you we’re back to the killer intent shikyru. You houled loudly and attacked him, your wolves came beside him and growled at you, your heart broke a little but your body and mind wouldn’t stop as you punched them threw a few trees out of the way. Tears streamed out of your face as you heard them yelp, your subconscious side that was barely there understood everything that was happening. Naruto dodged your attack and plunged his elbow into your back, you spit out blood and wiped your mouth in shock, no one had ever been able to do that.

Your thoughts: I’m slower and weaker then usual! What the hell is happening to my body!

Your thoughts we’re disrupted as another blow hit your face this time, you flew across the field and got caught into some sort of magical field. You thrashed and punched the thing but nothing seemed to work, you cried out in frustration. Your mind started to feel fussy as everything became a blur, you could feel a light powdery sort of feeling caress your skin as you fell into unconsciousness.

A few weeks later kiba’s p.o.v

You we’re on your way to shikyru’s funeral again, the spell they had used couldn’t take shikyru’s strength and imploded on her overflowing her with chakra and shutting down her system completely, you cried a little as you remembered the peaceful look on her face as the powdery chakra flew around her almost like snow glitter, it was so pure and you could do nothing to stop her from getting hurt. Once you got there, you saw everyone looking gloomy knowing it was them who killed her only made it worse, out of all the people here you knew it was tsunade who felt the worse because she’s the one who miss calculated the amount of chakra shikyru had and didn’t put enough power into the technique. You looked at her peaceful face and saw everything freeze as she came back to life and kept on repeated that it was all your fault. You screamed that it wasn’t true as you suddenly fell off of the bed and woke up from your dream, you looked around your room and sighed in frustration, you had dreamed of it again. Shikyru had been brought back to her village where they’re healing techniques we’re more advanced and so far you hadn’t heard back from them and it was worrying everyone sick. You got out of your mess of tangled up blankets and took a shower, once you we’re done you got dressed and sighed before leaving to got training. You doubted you guys would get far, your team hasn’t been as focused as they should be ever since shikyru’s incident, she was after all part of your team once upon a time. You punched the nearest none get into trouble if you break it type object and made a huge dent into it as you remembered the thoughts that bastard had made her believe, it had originally made you cry when you heard it but now you know that she didn’t want to think about it and it was all because of that transvestite that she felt that way towards all of you. You looked up as you heard hinata shouting your name happily, you hadn’t even realized that you had made it to the training area until she scrame you over. You lightly jogged to her with a perplexed look, she never looked this happy lately, something good must of happened to even make shino who was currently beside her smile to.

You: What’s up with the cheerful attitudes all of a sudden?

Hinata: They sent us a shadow messenger we we’re just waiting for you to get here to open it! And guess what its from shikyru herself! The mini letter on top said that she wanted to write to us herself to make us feel better about opening it so we didn’t think it was bad news!

Your eyes widened and your lips turned upwards into a huge smile as you heard that the letter was from shikyru herself, that definitely meant she was well and alright. You quickly grabbed it and opened it up, then you started to read it outloud.

You: “hey guys what’s up yo? I heard you guys haven’t been stop bugging my parents and siblings about how I was doing eh! Well I’m doing great actually, they finally found the source of it after I had apparently been sleeping for 3 weeks! 3 weeks can you believe that?! Well that also could’ve been thanks to that blow to the head and chest naruto gave me…man that kid is strong when he gets pissed off enough! Anyways I feel super guilty about what I did and would like to apologize sincerely to all of you and the whole village for the problems I caused you all! I really didn’t expect something like this and I feel really bad for not anticipating this and training extra hard especially to avoid stuff like this. Well you should rest assured that I’m training against my mom consent mind you extremely hard to block out things like this, so that the next time I fight the bastard I’ll be ready to reflect the attack right back at him! Hell ya can’t wait to see what happens then!=P well anyways just thought I should update you guys on this before you die of worry, as tsunade-sama explained everyone in the village was doing when she came to the village yesterday to help speed up the healing process when they found a cure. Say thanks to her again for me! She speeded up the process 3 days for me!=D well go to go my grandma will get mad if she catches me goofing off as she says instead of training! Love you kiba and love all of you other peeps over there as friends!=P ^^ Shikyru Shistumai the soon to be ultimate ruler of the shadow village! XP

You all laughed and you made a quick mental note to hit naruto across the head for injuring your baby so badly.

Kurunei: Its such a relief to know she’s doing better, I was worried sick about this whole situation the minute they told me she was brain washed by orochimaru on the battle field!

You: That wouldn’t of happened if I was there for her, I could’ve done something to stop it! Its my fault!

Shino: Calm down, its no ones fault, no one could’ve guessed something like this would’ve happened and you know that, your just stuck in this stupid idea that she hates you and its all your fault.

You looked up to him shocked, how did he know? You had been having dreams like that for the past 2 weeks ever since you started to worry about her coming out of it or not. You looked down because you knew he was right and you knew you had to stop blaming yourself. Shikyru had always told you to not blame yourself for anything that happened to her, that it was probably her being her normal idiotic self, you smiled at the memory. She was always trying to make you happy and always trying to take the blame off of you for everything, not to mention the millions of times she saved you from sakura’s everlasting growing strength. That girl seriously needed to stop training with tsunade before she kills someone with those punches of hers. You looked up to him and smiled a little to show him you knew he was right before you all started your training, this time though you guys we’re giving it your all to be able to help shikyru out the next time something like this happens.

Your thoughts: We should’ve started thinking about training to be able to help her out from the start, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to train harder then training less when something like that happened to one of your friends and you weren’t strong enough to help out.

You thought about it and agreed that shikyru would probably hit you on the head pretty hard for doing something so stupid, you side happily and dodge a few more of hinata’s attacks.

Your p.o.v

You looked around the white hospital room you had been sneaking in and out of to train with your grandma and sighed in boredom, your grandma had went on a mission not to long ago so you couldn’t train with her anymore. You started to remember the dumbstruck faces those losers made when they heard she was your grandma, they had apparently forgotten that demons and mythical creatures don’t age physically after a certain age depending on their race, most stopped around 17-23 and lived until they got killed in battle or murdered by some freak jutsu gone wrong accident. You sighed that was one of the problems with your relationship with kiba, you one wouldn’t age after the age of 17 because that was the age limit for aging in your family and two you would probably live for an eternity considering you don’t die in the battle field.

Your thoughts’: A girl your age shouldn’t be worrying about such adult like things, you are simply 14.

Your thoughts: Hey I’m turning 15 in a few months so meh! *sticks out tongue*

Your thoughts’: You do know nobody else knows you can talk to me so if someone walked in on you sticking out your tongue they would think you have mental problems right?

Your thoughts: Pshhh they already think I have mental problems, we established that a loooooong time a ago there girl, your just a tad bit late. Oh! I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a while now. Where did you go when I was brained washed?

Your thoughts’: I don’t really know…it was like something was pushing me out of your mind then everything went black, it thought I was definitely being killed out of your mind for a while, well until not to long ago when I woke back up in your sleeping mind. You really had me scared for a sec, I thought you weren’t going to wake up and die on me.

You shook your head at her words and looked up at the medical nin that had just entered the room, she smiled at you and started taking her daily tests. You sighed and simply sat in your bed waiting for her to be done, they still hadn’t told you when you we’re going to be able to get out. In your opinion you should’ve been able to get out the day after they fixed you, considering you now have the strength to hide your training wounds. The girl looked up at you and smiled, she told you she would be right back with the information on when you could get out, its almost as if she read your mind. If she did you wouldn’t be surprised, she was a vampire after all and you didn’t know whether she was a young one of an older one, that was one of the down parts on stopping the aging process after a while, you never knew what age someone was unless you asked them. She came back in and you sat up eager to hear when you could get out of this white walled hell.

Medical nin: Well the charts say nothing’s wrong with you and you can actually get out of here today when your mom or dad signs the forms, but uh…you don’t really have to listen to the rules considering who you are so technically your free to go!

You jumped up at the news and squeezed the life out of her, she squeaked and you ran to the closet to put on your freshly cleaned clothes and left right after you did. Even if your grandma wasn’t here it didn’t mean you couldn’t train physically or improve and invent some jutsu’s right? You went to your little secret training area you had made and set up a few extra resistant special made targets. You well needed them since you would destroy the other ones to easy if you didn’t, you we’re inventing some pretty fucking awesome techniques lately but you couldn’t use them in that war because it was more one on one battle jutsu’s and you didn’t really feel like getting stabbed in the back when you we’re using it on someone else. You practiced for about 7 hours until you locked at the sun and saw it was about time to go eat super, wiping the seat off of your face with a towel you had brought you headed home while waving at as many people you could. You got home a bit late considering everyone was talking to you and we’re asking how you felt since they hadn’t heard from you in a while and didn’t know you we’re out of the hospital yet. Once you got inside everybody was overly excited and wouldn’t leave you alone with all the details on what was happening the whole night until they finally let you go and get some sleep.

Orochimaru’s p.o.v (lol I know but you’ll see why! XD)

You we’re pacing around your newest lair pissed off at the current downfall, that brat had not only not killed anyone from konoha, came out alive herself but killed every single last sun village ninja there and almost all of your ninja, so you was now stuck with practically no ninja and had to yet again get new ones. This made a major dent into your planning time, you didn’t expect her to be this defiant against your total control, you thought that she would submit to you completely but the only thing she seemed to listen to was that the others we’re lying to her and secretly hated her. Kabuto was still recovering from the blows he had gotten from her and didn’t seem like he would be able to go out anytime soon so it was up to you to go recruit some new people. You sighed in frustration as you went threw some village ninja files you had stolen while you was passing by and looked for some suitable ones, you also searched threw the civilian files to see if you could train any of them, either way you had at least a year of doing this a head of you and won’t be able to attack those damned leaf and shadow village’s anytime soon. But you would get his revenge, you would not let them get away with this mockery! Slamming you fist hard against the desk breaking it in two you decided you needed a nice relaxing shower, so you took a towel and headed for the bathroom, you we’re so pissed off since you had gotten back from the war that you hadn’t even realized that you weren’t the only one in your shadow.

Your p.o.v

It had been about a week since you got out of the hospital and your mom said that tsunade-sama wanted to speak with you about something, your grandma had come back a few days ago and had continued training with you, she didn’t want you to leave with ought completing your training but she couldn’t go against the leader of the village’s orders, even if it was her daughter and she was the one who resigned to her in the first place. You smiled at the thought of those two, they we’re always bickering and disagreeing on what you should do all the time. You thought it was cute how they thought they’re the ones who controlled your life! Psh ya right, you could see you and your mom doing that for the child you pick in your children to take over you when you get to bored of being restricted in the village. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to stay in the village all of eternity and neither could any of the female generations in your family, which is why they always give up there post to the girl they picked out of they’re children as soon as they think they’re ready for it. You laughed at how irresponsible and immature your family is and always will be, no one in your family is serious and there’s always plenty of jokes being passed around the village about thing you guys did. You sighed and breathed in deep as you jumped out of the secret passage way and into konoha woods. It felt so good to be back and this time you knew you wouldn’t be getting confronted by any war created by the sun or sound village considering your shadow spies still haven’t been found out and according to what they told you those two village’s weren’t going to be causing trouble anytime soon. You got to konoha gates and waltzed in with ought a care, the people at the gate ran at you and tried to stop you, you dodged them and started to speak teasingly.

You: Jeez I’ve only been away from this village for a month and you guys already forget what I look like? I feel sad now, I think I’ll just turn around and go back to-

They both objected at the same time as you laughed and told them you we’re kidding they relaxed and the three of you conversed for a good 2 hours before you told them you had to go meet tsunade-sama about something, they smiled and nodded leaving you to go talk to her. You tried to hide as much as you could from the villager’s because you we’re sure they say you trying to kill everyone while you we’re in the air, but instead of being mad they all thanked you and apologized for not being able to help out with the curse orochimaru had put on you. You smiled and instantly felt more at ease in the village, you we’re grateful that everyone here was so excepting of you. You walked up the steps to the hokage’s office and knocked on her door a few times before entering it after you heard her say come in. You walked in and smiled sadly at her, she saw this and shook her head in disapproval of your smile.

Tsunade: It wasn’t your fault that you acted the way you did and we should be thanking you for not letting yourself be taken completely under control of him or konoha would be a city of debris and ashes right now. You saved us and got rid of one of our biggest threats for a year or more, you should feel proud not ashamed of what you did. Oh and nobody died just like you had planned, they’re all healthy and well, a few of them took a little more attention because you pounded them a little harder then the others and tenten still needs to keep some bandages and guarders on her wrist but other then that everything is fine.

You: I still can’t believe I snapped her wrist like that! I feel so bad even thought I know no one is mad at me I still feel really horrible about it all. I just didn’t think he would do something like that and you should rest assured that my grandmother is helping me train to resist against it right now and we’re making a similar jutsu to use it against him or any other ennemi in case of an emergency. Come to think of it that would come in handy if we needed to spy on other village’s or people wouldn’t it?

Tsunade: Yes it was but no one blames you so leave it be and be happy ok? I brought you hear because I need you to help out team 7 with a mission, your old team will join you guys in the second part, I need you to be ready by tomorrow at 4:30 am got it?

You nodded and smiled it felt good to receive orders from her again, it felt really good to have a real mission and be ale to live here again for a bit. You had forgotten how good it felt to be under konoha’s roof, you walked towards your house and felt a pair of eyes boring into your back as you turned to go into the road that led to your house, you spun around and looked to see a shocked looking tsume. She smiled widely and ran at you grabbing you into a huge and strong hug, you chocked a bit before she let you go tears in her eyes.

Tsume: Its so good to see you healthy and alive! We thought fer sure we had lost you that day, you took a huge hit, but I guess we underestimated your village’s advanced ways.

You: Ya it took me way longer to recover from that then anything I went threw before though so it shocked my whole village and they we’re pretty scared to. I feel really bad for scaring so many people now, I never saw something like that coming, but like I told tsunade-sama I’m training my mind to resist it more and me and my grandma are working on a similar technique that will surely come in handy during battles or if we ever need to steal information.

Tsume: That’s good to hear and you guys should show us how to do it after your finished I’m sure we could use it with all the threats that have been coming after us one after the other lately. The other village’s seem to be getting jealous of the fire country being number one of the map and konoha is the main source of power so they’ve been targeting us none stop. *sigh* I just wish we could all get along and not have to need military force for anything but rogue ninja or other tasks, not war.

You: Ya I wish we could to but you know as well as I do that no matter how much the world evolves there will always be war between the different nations. *sigh* Its just something that none of us can prevent, power is something that makes people greedy and gives them a will to fight, sometimes its just the fact of wanting to be number one to like you said, jealousy is a huge problem these days. Hey how’s kiba been doing lately? I sent my old team a letter after I sent tsunade one, did they get it?

Tsume: Yes they did get it and kiba was extremely happy that day when they came back from practice come to think of it, they’re team practice went way better to. Ever since you fell ill the whole village seemed to be waiting in anticipation for the golden letter telling us you we’re alright and no one seemed to be training that strongly. Well that is until now, they all have been training extra hard to try and be able to help you out next time in battle, especially naruto, he seemed a bit mad that he had to resort to using the nine tailed fox’s power to contain you and didn’t feel any better when he heard your extra stay in the hospital was to heal your wounds.

You: Well the only thing in reality that could hurt me would be a powerful demon like that so it was bound to happen one day I got my just desserts for being so cocky during battle anyways. I really need to shut my mouth actually, everybody must of rolled their eyes a hundred times during battles behind my back for that.

She smiled at you and the two of you talked a bit more before you told her you needed to get home and not to tell kiba you we’re here just yet. She giggled at that comment and went on about doing what she was doing before you two ran into each other. It would feel good to be home again in your opinion.

Ok I’m ending it here for today, hope you guys liked it and please message and comment, I know I haven’t been very active lately but I’ve been caught up in a lot of things and even though that’s not an excuse for it all I’m still truly sorry!=P ^^

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