My Secret Love Affair EP 1 [Dougie Poynter]

My New Story ! Next one will be out soon !

Created by XxNikki0125xX on Sunday, November 23, 2008

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My Secret Love Affair[ Dougie Poynter ]
Nikki's POV:

"We're going on tour with McFly!" Said Scott, my boyfriend, he was in a band called Avenue. (they are a real band, opening act of Mcfly!)

"Really? For how long" I asked him, I was so upset..

I wasnt going to see the guy I loved for a week (I guessed) because he was out singing with other guys..

"Just a month" He replied. What?!, I guess not a week.. a MONTH!

"Dont worry, i'll see if i could take you!" He reassured me.

"They wont let you, im gonna miss staring at your blue eyes every night.."

"Aww, same.. ill miss looking at my eyes too" he laughed.

"Hello!? Crisis, i love you.."

"Um... the rest of the band are coming over soon, we should kinda get this over with" He said.

I was disgusted.

"You know! Sometimes i think you dont even care!" And i grabbed my bag and walked out the door, I saw the rest of the band getting out of their car.

"Hey Nikki, whats up?" Ross, one of his bandmates asked.

"NOTHING!" I screamed, and i went up to Scott's car and kicked it.

I faced away and mouthed "Ow" but i walked off.



"You know i have TOLD YOU he's not right for you!" Megan, one of my best friends said, she was dating Jonny, my 3 best friends all at my house at the moment, were all dating people from Avenue.

"Yeah totally!" Said Jazzie, she was dating Andy,

"Um, Yeah totally!" Said Suzane, she was dating Max.

"I just said that!" Jazzie said.

"Oh" Suzane just replied, no sorry, she's always been that way.

Megan just scoffed.

I agreed... mentally of course.

Then my phone rang.

Megan and Jazzie looked at me with an uncomfortable look.

"Scott?" Megan asked, I looked at the phone, It read.

"Calling: Georgeous Scott"

"Yeah its Scott..."

"Dont answer it!" Said Jazzie

"I have to, he's my boyfriend.."

N: Hello?

S: Hi its Scott!

N: Oh hi..

S: Look im sorry.. but i have good news!

N: What..

S: I asked the people from the tour and we have 4 extra beds on the tour bus we are all going in. And i want you to come ontour with me!

N: What?! When do we leave..

S: Tommorow.. Look please come.. I love you.

(I went in to the other room)

N: I love you too! Of course i'll be there, i guess Sue, Meg and Jazz are coming too?

S: Yeah, the guy want them to go.

N: Oh Ok.. ill see you tommorow morning.

S: Or you could stay the night.

(I knew what this meant, i wanted to stay the night but i didnt want that yet... oh i know Scott wouldnt do it..)

N: Sure but ive got to go shopping first.

S: Haha ok.. speak to you soon.

I hung up.

Then suddenly all the other girls phones started ringing..

"Its Jonny" Said Megan.

"It's Andy" Said Jazzie.

"It's Max" Said Suzane.

They all got up and went into seperate rooms.

"It's Vacation time.." i whispered sitting on a chair.

And i squealed with excitement!

Soon after they all came out.

"Shopping" Said Megan.

"Shopping" Said Jazzie.

"Uh not with YOU guys, I have enough clothes to last me a year" and Suzane just left.

"SNOB!" Me, Megan and Jazzie all said.



I turned up at Scott's house in a taxi, the other girls went to there boyfriends house.

I dragged my suitcase along the path and opened the door with my extra key.

"Hello?... HELLOOOOO!" I Said.

"Boo!" He said from behind me.

"EEEK!" I screamed.

"Woah, princess dont hurt yourself" He laughed.

"Its YOUR fault!" I whined like a little kid, he laughed more.

I hugged him and I stared into his eyes...

It turned into a kiss.

We ended up on his couch.

But we stopped later on.

After I got everything i needed, i turned on the telly and watched any program that was on.

Scott joined me and brung down a quilt.

"So.. excited?" Scott asked.

"I dunno, ive heard McFly's songs but i dont know what they look like"

"Well whatever you do.. no hacking off with other guys.. theres another opening act too, and theres 4 of them in THAT band.."

"As if... I love you!" I said.

"Yeah i know, come on bed time haha" He replied.

And we sealed it with a kiss...


Any concerns about this please tell me, the next episode will defo be out soon !

Thanks for reading !!!

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