short scary story (Click, Click, Slide)

theres a lot of tales to this legend, and it normally told when camping.

Created by ArayaSaynomi on Sunday, November 23, 2008


Click Click Slide

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this guy. The tale has been said in many different ways, but his name is common with out. The stories are famous for the one noise. Click Click Slide. Now as I said, there are many different versions. Like some say it’s a she who used to be a model up until she got into a car accident, some say it’s a he, who used to be a soldier until his legs were amputated, and he went missing. The tales go on and on.

I am here to tell you my story. I don’t know how Click Click Slide came to be, so I can only tell you one of the few events that he was… how do I say this… involved in.

A scream was heard through the dead woods, soon followed by a “Ty you moron! What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?!” The blonde-haired girl with the bright blue eyes screamed at the seventeen-year-old boy with the brown hair and dark eyes.

“Sorry, the opportunity was there, I couldn’t resist” the kid laughed.

“Nate! Say something!” The girl whined.

“Stop being so sour Kat, it’s just a joke.” Kat crossed her arms over her chest and looked the other way with a “Humph”.

The three teens had been walking for an hour. It was now nine pm. They had been planning on spending the night under the stars. They had been looking for a perfect spot to set up their sleeping bags, so they could lie down and watch the stars, just the three of them. Out of nowhere Ty ran into the middle of a clearing, threw his sleeping bag down and sat on it.

“I want to sleep here!” Ty shouted in a childish voice.

“This seems nice, it has a good view of the sky,” Nate looked up at the darkening overhead.

“Yeah fine whatever,” Kat dropped her gear and plopped down next to it.

“Kat, I was only fooling around. It’s not my fault that you leaned back into my tree hand.” Ty stated, and in his own way apologized.

Kat sighed and waved a small fragile hand in the air showing that she was fine, and the little joke was in the past now.

“Well now that, that’s settled, let’s set up camp.” Nate started, “Ty, the river that we passed, go get some water from it. Kat, go find some firewood. I’ll stay here and get the area set up.” Kat and Ty nodded and left quickly to get their items.

Kat was the first to return, arms full of over-sized sticks. Nate walked over to her and took some of her load. The blond-haired girl looked around the camp. She saw the three sleeping bags, a circle of stones with dried leaves in the middle (in other words the fire pit), and all their backpacks neatly leaning against a tall old maple tree, but no Ty. Funny, he should have been back before her. He just went to get water. The river was not even that far away either. Just five minutes walk from here. The girl shook her head. She was worrying for nothing. Know the dark-eyed boy, he was just goofing off and being an idiot some where. But still there was something……..that was not right. Kat just ignored the feeling for now.

It was now 11:15pm. A black blanket fell over the sky, with little glistening white dots shining through. But there was still no sign of Ty. Nate and Kat had been waiting patiently. They both thought this could just be one of his pranks. But now worry came over them. Where could he be? This prank had gone on long enough. Maybe he was lost?

“Let’s go find him.” The male stood up from his sitting position.

“Do you think he’s lost?” The blue-eyed girl asked him, her voice laced with worry.

“More than likely,” Nate sighed.

The two quickly went back through the dense woods, backtracking from where they had come before, hoping to come across the river. It was quiet, and not much could be heard except for the crunching of leaves and sticks from under the teens’ feet. It didn’t take them long to find their destination, there was the river and the buckets that Ty took with him to get the water, but once again, no Ty. Now Ty was not completely irresponsible. He would have at least filled up the buckets and brought them with him, but there they sat next to the river. Nate walked over to them to see if he even filled them. They were filled all right, and he stuck his hand in to see they were filled an inch away from the top. Nate was confused, what was in the bucket? It didn’t feel like water, it was too thick, syrupy even. He took his hand out to examine what it was.

Kat watched as the male’s face went from serious, to curious, then to sick. Her eyes followed his movements to the bushes. He bent over and vomited. Once he was done he scampered over to the river to wash his hands. Curiosity got the best of the blue-eyed girl, and she went to the buckets to see what was in them to give that kind of reaction to the calm cool, collected Nate. She stuck her fingertips into the liquid. It was not water, it was much too thick. She pulled her fingers out to examine what it was and then she understood the young man’s reaction. The buckets were full, not of water but of blood. Kat followed suit of Nate’s actions.

“That’s gross!” The blonde girl coughed out disgusted

“You think that’s bad, come and look at this” Nate called over his shoulder, kneeling over something. Kat made her way over to him and froze when she realized what it was he was kneeling over, a trail of blood. Nate rose and began to follow it. Kat, not wanting to be alone followed him even though she knew something bad had happened. It did not take them long before they came into a clearing where, in the middle, laid a dark heap. Nate shone the flashlight in that direction, and his face paled at what he saw. They finally found Ty, or at least what was left of him.

He was pale, sheet white pale, but other then that his face was the same. As for the rest of him, the skin on his arms were ripped and shredded with the bone clearly sticking out in the middle. It kind of resembled a cheese string, you know where you take the outside pieces and pull them back, and there’s one left standing in the middle. The remaining part of him looked like a bear or a pack of wolves had attacked him. His legs had been gnawed off, skin and bone.

The two, not wanting to see anymore, quickly headed back towards the campsite. Three minutes later on the way, the flashlight dimmed and went out. Click click slide. Kat begin to freak! What was that noise, just then? Click click slide. Nate looked towards the bushes, of which the sound was coming from. Click click slide. The two remanding teens looked at each other’s eyes. It was like looking into a mirror. Fear and worry was in their eyes. Click click slide. Was this the thing that killed Ty? Click click slide. The blond was petrified, and had enough of this. She took off blindly through the woods.

“Kat! What are you doing?! Where are you going!?” Nate tried to shout after her but she was too far away. Click click slide, was the last noise he heard.

The blond girl ran through the dark cold woods--not looking back once. Her legs felt like they were on fire, and her breathing was now coming out fast and ragged. She could hear the faintest of noise from behind her where Nate was. It sounded like ripping and tearing, and then there was a final painful scream. Now, there was silence. Her legs finally gave way, and she fell to the hard floor of the forest. Click click slide. The noise was back. Click click slide. And it was getting closer. Click click slide. The blue-eyed girl was now praying. Willing to do any thing to insure her life’s safety.

The noise stopped. Was that it? Why did it stop? She heard a voice start to call out ‘Is anybody out there? Are you alright?’ Feeling that she was now out of harm’s way, she let herself pass out.

Kat is alive; I got the story from her. She’s not doing too well though. She is in a mental hospital. She tried to explain to the police what happened when they asked her, but they thought that she was crazy and locked her up. I believe her though. After all, the claw marks on Nate, where made by a hand with long nails.

Note: Click click slide is a guy with his legs cut off, and really long nails. The click noise is from him digging his nails in the ground, and the slide noise is from him dragging his body. Hence the name Click click slide.

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