Slave to King Cannibal... and I think he's hungry (14)

Okay, chapter fourteen ! Just a quick disclaimer : I update MUCH more freuently during the weekends, and lately, I'm getting more four-day school weeks :D I got one last week, and another this week. So huzzah.

Created by thexlaughingxvampire on Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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I hesitated. There wasn't really much I had to say about the situation... some part of me was apprehensive, but the other was slightly exited and nervous at the same time. I wes curious. Finally, after a while, I managed to speak again.

"Who else is coming?" I asked.

"Ryan. Some palace guards. A groomsman, a few maids, and the chariot. Not much. Maybe fifty?" he answered, looking at me straight in the eye.

I burst out laughing.

And immediately regretted it.

"What's so funny?" he roared,

"N-Nothing, my l-liege. Nothing," I said. I'd almost managed to keep a straight face; then I snorted.

"Tell me the truth !" he roared again, and I couldn't help but flinch.

"You- you said not many people are coming," I said quickly. "And - and then you said fifty people are. You lied," I added.

"Fifty people isn't much," Isaac growled. I gaped at him.

"There are fifty three people that currently live in my birth home," I said. "You inviteda whole city of people to accompany you."

"Village, more like," Isaac muttered, and I glared at him. He gave me a smug smirk and I sighed pointedly.

"Whatever. Is there anything I should know, my liege?"

"Can you use a bow and arrow?" he asked, smiling wryly.

All I could do was smile right back at him.
Okay, before you kill me, I know it was short.
I'll make up for it in the next chapter; they're leaving then and I have a whole hunting scene I have to write.
And I shall update more; I promise an update by this Friday, probably more.
Message, rate.

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