1 Horse, 1 Girl, 1 BIG Mystery


Created by moshi1223 on Thursday, November 27, 2008


20 years ago there was a girl named Milena. She lived in a small town in kentucky with a population of 70. One day she took her horse, Caricature, on a trail ride and never returned. That little town became heavily populated. 300 people now live there. Including the search teams. They will never find her. She was 10 and could have never survived. Her horse however was at a very young age and could have survived. Haley, a 10 year old girl, has decided to go on this trail with Machooka, her pinto, to see if she can find them and if she will return. Will she get pased the fences the search partys put up? If she does, will she find them? Will she make it back?

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