I In love with my STEP-BROTHER!!!

sorry its SO short but i'll try to make the next one lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0onger=]

Created by usedtolovehim25 on Monday, December 01, 2008

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"mark, thomas, brian say hello to Mackenzie"
"Hello Mackenzie" they all say in unison.
"We are going to head up to the new house and Brian is going to stay here with you and help you finish packing, aren't you Brian?"
"i guess so"he said looking you up and down smiling. you couldn't help but blush so you looked down and turned up toward your room.
"Whatever" once you got into your room you couldn't help but smile to yourself.
"Mackenzie we're leaving now, we'll see you in the morning" your dad called through the car window.
"Whatever" you mumbled slightly to loud.
"Hey Mac can i come in now?"
"hold on" you unlockedyour bedroom door and sat back downon your bed.
"so what?" you asked trying your best not to sound happy about him being in here.
"I was justwondering if you were single"
"Is that some sort of come on because if it is i swear-"
"its not i was just wondering"
"Yesiam single, are you?"
"Soon to be"
"Why are you breaking up with her?"
"she's cheating on me with the star drummer"
"O." you replied looking down. he put hisfingers under your chin and lifted it up.
"Your pretty you know that?"

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