I'm in love with my STEPBROTHER!!! 2

okay here it is people!

Created by usedtolovehim25 on Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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"No i didn't"
"well you are and we should start gettin packed i'll take the dresser!" he said running towards your dresser.
"Oh no no no no no i don't think so" you said standing in his way.
"Closet" you said pointing toward the closet.
"Fine" he walked toward the closet and squweeled (sp?).
"What?" you said turning around. he pulled up a pink and black thong and smiled.
"Give that here!" you said taking it out of his hands.
"Your such a baby" he said smiling.
"And your a perve, but i'm not whinning now am i?"
"well no-"
"exactly now GROW UP and start packing"
"Well well well what do we have here?" what did you find.
"Whose boxers?"
"They're my ex's"
"So i take it your not a virgin" he said cocking an eyebrow.
"Nope" you said smiling.
'what is happening to me, i'm blurting out crap to a guy i just met and he's going to be my step-brother' you thought looking down at your suitcase.
"Does daddy know?"
"You can't say a word"
"why not i'm sure he'd love to know his princess isn't a virgin"
"What do i have to do?" he looked and you and smirked.
"Kiss me" he said flatly.
"You heard me, if you don't want daddy to find out then you have to kiss me"
you started thinking and then you felt hands on your hips.
"Well?" you started to lean up and wrap your arms around his neck when he pulled you up and crashed his lips on yours. The kiss was passionate and felt perfect. When you pulled away he was smirking.
"You a good kisser too, you know?"
"Not so bad your self"
you mentally slapped yourself'why am i flirting with him!'...
"yes Brian"
"Are you okay"
"Yea fine why"
"What are those!" he said pointing to your arm.
"Those they look like, NO you cut yourself!?" you jerked your hand away and pulled your sleeve back down.
"I...not anymore"
"Mackenzie you could've hit a vein, and you could've bled to death!, does anyone know?"
"No so you better keep your mought shut!" you said poking him hard in the chest.
"Fine but you have to promise me one thing!"
"DON"T do it again, UNDERSTOOD?!"
"Yes daddy" you said throwing your stuff into your suit case and shoving past him.
"Mackenzie" he said grabbing your arm.
"What?" you said trying to free your arm. he looked you in the eye.
"Your hurting me!" he didn't let go he just stared at you.
"LET GO!!" you screamed. he let go.
"Mackenzie i'm worried about you"
"Why do you care?!"
"Because your my soon-to-be sis and that's my job"
"key word SOON-TO-BE" you said slapping him and running out of the room. he came running after you and pinned you to the wall.
"let me go"
"Not until you apoligize"
"Mackenzie!" he said squeezing harder.
"Fine i'm sorry" he lt you go and you fell to the floor. you looked at your arms and saw that they were purple.
""you a** hole!"
"look what you did!'" you screamed pointing to your arms. his eyes got big and he bent down and picked you up (bridal style).
"Mackenzie i am SO sorry"
"Apoligy NOT excepted, wait until i tell your mom and my dad"
"You wouldn't dare"
"Wanna bet"
"Please don't i'll be sent off to a camp or something, what do i have to do?"
"Nothing i'll save this and wait till later touse it"
"So your not gonna tell?"
"Thank-you so much"
"okay nowput me down and lets finish packing.
After you finished packing you made him a spotin your king sizedbed, and you went and slept in your fathersqueen sized bed. that night itwas was thundering and lightning and you werescared.Youtriedyour best not to go to your roombut you heardoneREALLY loud clap of thunder and you took off running to your room. you shook Brian's arm alittle bit when you got into your room.
"Hey are youawake?"
"I am now, what is it?"
"of what"
"thestorm......can i sleep with you?" you were expecting a smart remark but whatyou heard next shocked the hell out of you.
"Yea come on" he scooted over and you slid in.
"Hey Brian"
"you are wearing pants aren't you?"
"yea why?"
"just wonderin"
"hey Mackenzie?"
"are you wearing underwear"
"cause i lied"
"i'm just kidding Mackenzie i have pants on"
"are you lying?" you asked curiously.
"No i am not" you felt to strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you close to him.
"What are you doing?"
"shhhh go to sleep" he whispered in your ear kissing your forehead and then going back to sleep.

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