Please dont daddy!

when will they leave?

Created by dizzydazzle on Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This story is about one of my bestfriends who had a horriable life untill her parents were gone...


5 years old.

only child.

this is her story:

it was december the 5th a very cold frosty morning.
Laura woke up at five.
In the darkness she took her only teddy bear and went down stairs to get a drink this was the biggest mistake of her life.
Everyday her mum would wake her at half nine now because she woke earliar she did not know her mother was being beaten by her hero the man she loved-her father.
She got to the kitchen there was blood dripping her father screaming she cried stop daddy daddy stop he didnt listen to her..
he just left.
her mum was angry she told laura never to come downstairs without her permission litte laura only five years old tried to explainbut her mother wouldnt listen she hit her on her bum with a wooden spoon go and get dressed she screamed
That day they went to the supermarket as usual her mum and dad were acting as if nothing happened usually she walked behind them quietly daydreaming
today she seen her bestfriend aoife.
Aoife came over to her and gave her a hug.
But laura seen her dads piercing stare and backed away
Laura was frightened.
She asked could she go to the toilet but her father said no she begged and pleaded saying she'd come straight back but they got angry and said no.
Soon after she wet herself they said nothing justlaughed at her and made her take of her shoes as a punishment
When she got home her dad locked her in the boot of his car.
She was happy there because she felt safer.
after about 5 hours her dad came and dragged her into the house he then hit her around the living room he made her take a bath in freezing water even though there was warm water...
then he told her to go to bed without dinner
Laura did as was told.
When in bed she heard screaming and shouting
and banging and breaking
she put the pillow over her head to stop it.
After 2 hours the sound was gone her dad had gone to the pub.
She crept downstairs to take a apple out of the fruit basket.
Little did she know it was her mum who walked out who left them afraid of her father
her father caught her and said she was a little brat sneaking to eat good food when she had eat much to much today.
She cried he beated.
The next day she did not leave her bed.
She longed for her mother.
After about a week she found out her mother had killed herself now she was left with her father

One day after school she arrived home drenched nobody was there she did her homework and had her bath but she was still a bad person in her dads eyes.
He came home drunk and he beat her she was bruised black and blue
when aoife asked what had happened in school she didnt answer..
the teaher wondered but didnt say anything one day they were writing about people they admire poor laura wrote about her mother and how much she missed her..
When she got home her dad found the paper he beat her again saying she wasnt to mention her mother again to anyone and that she was not to eat for 3 days as a punishment
This poor little girl got more skinny everyday.
One day she came home from school her father was in a better mood he said i brought you your communion dress he den handed her a black plastic bag.
She said thank-you where is the dress he said your holding it.
She cried and said i wanted a white one he said you got a black one you cheeky mare...
and cut her little wrist...
he through a plate at her and it cut her head.
She ran to her room in devastation.
Her little dog wasnt on her bed she went downstairs and her dad was about to cut its head...
Nooo oh please dont daddy please please she begged
have me not him//
Her dad agreeded as he was already lifeless and just as he was going to shoot his harmless now seven year old daughter a neighbour walked in and rescued her at once the police came an he got arrested..
now laura lives happily with her mothers sister...
she will never forget those seven years of trauma though.

laura is so pretty and funny and down to earth and i love her and think shes very brave.
please tel me if you liked this story sorry about it being so long.

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