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"Wake up, Hitomi!" Sakura was shaking you up.

"What time is it?" you groaned.

"8:00 in the morning! Now get up and take a shower, oh and put your bikini under your clothes or wear it or something but hurry up!"

"Fine, fine, fine, just stop talking!" you got up out of bed and walked toward the bathroom. "Oh by the way ,Sakura."


"Can you bring my clothes to wear on top of my clothes?"

"Sure!" she started searching through your walk-in closet.

"Nothing too revealing"

"Yeah, yeah"

You walked inside the master bathroom half asleep. You didn't care who was there, you were about to fall unconscious. You stripped down and entered the shower. You took a quick shower and saw that someone opened the door.

[It's Sakura, right?]

"Hey Sakura! I need my clothes!" you said.

"Hm?" the person outside the glass door said out of confusion.

"This is Sakura, right?" you asked

"No. It's Sasuke."

"Well get out!"

"No, it's my bath room too you know!" he said brushing his teeth.

"Oh my gosh! You have got to be freaken kidding me!" you yelled out of frustration.

"Relax, it's not like I can see you." he said calmly.

[True but... why the hell is he here?]

"SAKURA!" You yelled at the top of your lungs

"Ah! Don't scream! You're giving me head-aches!"

Then the pink haired girl barged through the door.

"Ohmygosh, what happened?" she asked.

"Give me a towel!" you yelled.

"Um, ok!" she grabbed the white towel and gave it to you from the glass blurry door.

You grabbed it and wrapped yourself around it you looked like this:


You came out of the shower and Sasuke stared at you wide-eyed. You blushed. Which made you look even more cuter. That's it! He couldn't hold it anymore! That gave him a nosebleed.

"F*ck" you heard him say as he rushed out of the bathroom and to the kitchen holding his nose, where you heard the sink go off. You grinned. And Sakura just stared enviously at the reaction that Sasuke got from seeing you.

"I'm going to change." she left your bathroom and went to her own. (me: everyone has their own bathroom except for you and Sasuke!)

You went to your room and locked the doors. You put on your bikini, then clothes on top of it. These were the clothes:


Then you looked at your eyes in the mirror. They turned the darkest blue. Almost onyx. Like Sasuke’s eyes. You smiled to yourself and left your room.

"Hey! Is everyone ready?" you asked

"Yup!" TenTen answered.
--> -->
--> --> -->
--> --> --> -->
"Ah~!" Sakura stretched.
"It feels so good to be out in the sand!" TenTen said while setting up a towl on the yellow sand and an umbrella.
"hm~ It feels good on your skin dosn't it?" Hinata said softly.
"What does, Hinata?"
"The sun." [Hn. It does actually. I feel warm outside. Maybe a little inside.]
Kiba clapped his hands together.
"Bikini time!"
You sighed. You knew this time would come eventually.
The others stripped without hesetation. Well, except you and Hinata, which you still wore your clothes.

Kiba- *whistle*
Naruto- *whoop*
Neji- hn... loos VERY SLIGHTLY turned on...lol
Sasuke- ...?


Kiba: *whistles*
Naruto- smirks
Neji- blushes slightly
Sasuke- *looks away boredly*

"And what about you girls?" Kiba asked you and Hinata. "We arn't going to change." you said bluntly
"What?!?" Naruto yelled.
You could see disapontment in Sasuke's eyes when you said that you wern't going to be in a bikini. [Hell... if I' misirable anyway... maight as well...]
You whispered something to Hinata.
"It's ok! They won't bite you or anything. You could do it Hinata"
"B-but Naruto is there and what if he laughs?"
"... Are you serious? He didn't laugh when Sakura took off her shirt! And she's nearly flat!"
Hinata gigled at that. Then she had the confidence! And she took of her shirt. (dude that sounds so wierd)


Kiba- *blushing madly* *on verdge of nose bleed*
Naruto- You look hott!
Neji- *mad at all the boys that are staring at his cousin*
Sasuke- raises an eyebrow.

"H-Hitomi! It's your turn!" Hinata was still blushing a little.
"Ugh, don't remind me."
"Take it off! Take it off!" Kiba screamed.
Sasuke waked him over the head.
"What was that for?" he asked rubbing his head.
"For being a moron." Sasuke responded.
"So how do I look?" you ask the guys
Kiba- Nosebleed attack
Naruto- *drool* *about to nosebleed*
Neji- *nose bleed*
Sasuke- *eyes wide* *blush madly* *nose bleed*
I take it I look good!" you said.
"Ohmygosh! So much better than good! And when did you get the tatoo?" Ten-Ten asked.
"Um... It was a birthday gift for my 16th birthday!" you responded.
--> -->
--> --> -->
--> --> --> -->
You laughed along with Sasuke as he splashed yuo in the ocean. You slashed him and he splased you back. Suddently something happened that you landed on top of him and he lost his balance and ended up under water with you and you were kissing each other, You closed your eyes and so did he and he held you closer. You needed air so you pulled away and got up to the surface. He did as well and he looked at your now pink eyes. So much compassion overfilled his eyes. He was about to kiss you again but Naruto bomped you guuys over the head with the beach ball.
"Naruto! You're ganna die!" you and Sasuke yell at the same tie.
--> -->
--> --> -->
--> --> --> -->
Kiba stuffed the hotdog down his throught while Akumaru played with a babydemon doghe found a little while ago. The owner was pretty cute too so they hit it off no doubt. Her name was Kiki... or something like that...
We all laughed as Neji's boxers/truncks got stolen by Naruto and KIba.
We all felt sad for when Akamaru's heart was brokeen by Lala (demon dog)
We all felt loved when we gave each other that bone crushing hug.
We all had a wierd beach day.
You started walking to the car. Kiba said bye to his new girlfriend Kiki, and you gave Sasuke a kiss in the cheek before anyone could see. I guess now you two were sorta together. I don't know. You all got home and it was 12:30 am. You all went to bed except you and Sasuke. You guys were on the couch watching TV.
"Hey Sasuke,"
"I'm going to take a bath, mkay?"
"I'll come with you" he smirked.
"I don't think so. You should rrest."
"Yeah yeah. Night."
"Night" you said and reeched his face and kissed his cheek. But he moved his head and you ended up kissing his lips. You still didn't let go. But all good things come to an end. "Goodnight I said." you smirked at Sasuke.
"Want me to sleep with you tonight?" he asked.
"Ok.. see you in a little while."
You left for the bathroom and you took a nice hot steamy bath. Just as you were in the bathtube. Someone opened the door and barged in. Whoever it was made a huge noice because they slammed the door opened. You opened your eyes to se.............

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