Cute: Sasuke and Sakura Story

A Fanfiction story of Sasuke and Sakura. This was a time when Sasuke killed Itachi and Orochimaru. Then he's next goal was to destroy Konoha. Then Sakura stopped him. Then he felled in love with her and they were boyfriend and girlfriend... the rest read it!!!

Created by uchihasheila on Monday, December 08, 2008


"Sasuke, I'm scared." said Sakura in a whining voice. "It's alright Sakura..." Sasuke said in such a sexy tone.
"What would happen if I died?"Sakura asked in such a nervous tone. Sasuke replied with a romantic phrase"Sakura, if you die, I'll die..."
Sakura blushed. Before she could even asked another negative question, the nurse interrupted her with a "Sakura Haruno... Are you ready?"
"Yes..." Sakura answered. Suddenly the doctor came in with a few people. Who were Naruto and simply Ino.
"Where's your Hinata, Naruto?" Sasuke asked. "She's busy. SAS-KAY!" Naruto answered. Such a rude answer made Sasuke glared at him.
Then Naruto glared at him doing a raspberry. As Sakura was sbout to speak, her stomach was starting get pain,then screamed"Agh... IT HURTS!!!"
Then the doctor and nurse quickly got prepared. Then the doctor said" We"ll be starting now!!!" Sasuke quickly grabbed Sakura's right hand.
"Okay" said the nurse. "PUSH!!!" said the doctor. "AAAAHHHH!!!" Sakura screamed. Ino gravel back in fear as she saw the blood coming out and so did Naruto.
Then Sasuke said"Come on Sakura! You can do it!!!" Suddenly Naruto ran over there and said" Sasuke! What kind of boyfriend are you? Is that all You got?" Suddenly Sasuke squeezed Sakura's hand.
And said"Hmph! Better than you!" Then Naruto said"Whatever. I'll show you what I got." Then Naruto opened his mouth so big and said"COME ONE SAKURA!!! ACT LIKE YOU'LL LOSE SASUKE FROM INO!!!
AND ACT LIKE INO IS GOING TO GET A KID INSTEAD OF YOU." Suddenly Sakura frowned. Then Sasuke glared at him like he wanted to kill him.
Then Naruto opened his mouth again and said" AND IT WAS FROM SASUKE!!!" Suddenly Ino fell to the ground and started drooling.
Then Sasuke said" Grr... NARUTO! You are going to get it!!!" Suddenly Sakura widened her eyes with an evil smile and was screaming"CHA!!! THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO LOSE MY SASUKE!!! CHA!CHA!CHA!!!"
It was a miracle when the baby finally came out. Then Naruto said" See Sasuke? I'm good right??? " Then he sticked out his hand and said"Start paying. " Sasuke grabbed his hand in a red, steamed, mad face. Then threw Naruto
to the ground. "Hey what was that fo-" Naruto said as Sasuke came closer."Oh, Naruto... Your gonna GET IT!!!" Then started punching Naruto until a sweet angel-voiced girl called out" Sasuke take a look at our baby."
Sasuke stopped and ran to Sakura. Then looked at the baby"So?......"he said. Then Sakura said"It's a boy..." Then smiled. Sasuke replied"Whoa... he looks kinda like me." Suddenly Sasuke smiled and said"Sakura..."
"Yes, Sasuke?" said Sakura. Then Sasuke looked at her"I love you Sakura..." Then Sakura started to get silent tears for happiness. Then Sasuke said again" I love you...I want to spend my life with you forever..."
Then Sakura hugged him and Sasuke hugged her back. Then Naruto and Ino said"Aww...." Then Sasuke looked and them in a mad face but the same time blushing. Then Sasuke turned back to Sakura and said" So what's the name?"
Sakura said" I want him to be Sasuke...Sasuke Jr." Sasuke smiled. "Then Sakura let Sasuke hold the baby then stand up. Sasuke was playing with the baby and was saying" Hey, Jr.... Like me? Your daddy?" Sasuke smiled then gave the baby back to Sakura.
Then Ino and Naruto held the baby and was fighting for it. When Sasuke and Sakura were having a small conversation, Sasuke stopped Sakura from talking and said"Sakura.."
"Huh?" said Sakura in a puzzled look.Suddenly Sasuke kneeled down while he was pulling out something from his pocket. Suddenly Sakura blushed and said in her mind*NO WAY! HE'S GONNA-!* Then Naruto and Ino looked at them. Then Sasuke told Sakura
"Sakura...Will you marry me?" As he pulled out a diamond ring. Suddenly Sakura cried"OH SASUKE!!! I WILL! I LOVE YOU!" Then Sakura hugged him. Then Sasuke smiled. Naruto and Ino said again"AWW!!!" but in a louder tone.

They got home then suddenly when Sakura and Sasuke got home, they threw a surpise party. And everyone was there. Sasuke told everyone" Sakura and I are engaged. We will get married in 2 months. Then everyone was starting to get watery eyes and also said"AWW!!!"
Everyone was also fighting for the baby. When the party was over, everyone went home and then Sasuke and Sakura went to put Jr. in a cradle. Then Sakura and Sasuke went to their room and fell sleep together hugging each other.

Sakura and Sasuke got married. And well their kid was 2 months old. And he knew how to walk already.(me: Smart little Sasuke Jr.) When they got home, they put Jr. into bed and let him sleep. Sasuke changed. Then went to his bed, laying down and putting the blanket over him.
As Sakura was changing. Suddenly Sasuke noticed that Sakura didn't change her clothes... She was stripping her clothes out. Then Sasuke couldn't move. She caught him off guard. Then Sakura went on top of him with no clothes on. Sasuke was really blushing. Then Sakura said
" I want a big family, Sasuke..." Sasuke couldn't stand her and just pulled her to his stoned- chest and was doing a French kiss. While that, Sakura was pulling Sasuke's clothes out. Then Sasuke got on top of her and started humping(heheh...) her with great force(jokes LOL). Then
Sakura moaned"Ugh. Ow!" Then Sasuke apologized then continued doing it. After an hour, It was over(pretty long sex).

Sakura found out she was pregnant...AGAIN. She told Sasuke during the morning in breakfast time...
"Sasuke! Breakfast!" Sakura said as she was holding Jr. Then Sasuke came down the stairs and grabbed his breakfast. Then took a bite of his riceball. "Sasuke... I have something to say..." Sasuke continued sipping his coffee and said"Hn?" Sakura made a bright smile and said
"I'm pregnant." Sasuke spitted his coffee out then said"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" He looked mad at first. Then gave a big smile that shined too
" SAKURA! I'M HAPPY!!!" Then Sakura putted Jr. down to his baby chair. Suddenly Sasuke ran to her and carried her, and kissed her."I love you..." then kissed her again"Sakura" and gave her another kiss. Sakura stopped his mouth from giving her another kiss and said" I get. I get. Okay put me down!"
Then smiled and laughed. Then Sasuke grabbed her hand and said" We'll be a happy family..." Sakura blushed and tried to ignore it.
Suddenly Jr. opened his mouth and said"Fam-ma-mi" Then Sakura grabbed him and said" Sasuke! His first word!!!" Sasuke smiled and said" Smart boy... Maybe you'll be like me."
Then took Jr. and said " But don't make the same mistake I did... Leaving your friends. And the ones that loved you..." Then Sasuke started to frown." I left your mother... for power...I was stupid." Then Sakura said"Sasuke...Sasuke...Please stop..."
Then Sasuke ignored and said" I loved your mother that time..." Then Sakura said"huh? no you didn-" Sasuke interrupted and said" Even though I didn't know it..." Sakura suddenly started to have wide eyes then rested it.
Then Sasuke smiled and looked at Sakura and said"Sakura... I love you...." Then sakura said " I love you too!" Then hugged Sasuke.
Then Jr. Said again"Fam-am-mi!" Then Sasuke and Sakura let each other go and started to laugh.

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