Tickle Monster (A Twilight Fanfic)

What happens when Emmett wonders where Bella's tickle spot is? Read to find out!

Created by SweeneyLovett on Saturday, December 13, 2008


"Beeeelllllaaaaa....?" Emmett asked, stretching out my name and sounding more like a 5 year old than a 100 something year old vampire. Edward and the rest of his family were out hunting, while I was stuck at their house with Emmett. We were both sitting on the couch. I was reading a book while he watched a football game on tv. "Yes, Emmett?" I said, not looking up from my book. "I was wondering..." I was beginning to get inpatient. "What do you want, Emmett?" "Are you ticklish?" He practically yelled. I looked up to see Emmett with a goofy grin spread all across his face. "What? Why?" He shrugged. "So....Are you?" I sighed. "Emmett..." I said shaking my head. "Please, leave me alone." "What?! Why?!" I rolled my eyes. "Because! You keep asking me the stupidest questions while I'm trying to read!" I yelled, getting up to go to Edward's room.

"BUT BELLLLLLLAAAAA!!!" Emmett screeched, sounding, once again, just like an annoying 5 year old. I ignored him and kept on walking, but when I made it to the stairs, something tackled me. What the hell?! The book flew out of my hands as I fell to the floor. I saw Emmett on top of me, still smiling like a retard. Then he started tickling me! At first, I didn't feel anything, but then he got to my side. In a matter of minutes I was laughing so hard I could swear I was red. I could barely breathe! "Em...*laughs really hard*....EMME.......*laughs some more* STOP!!" By now I was laughing so hard that my vision was blurred. "So....This is your tickle spot?" Emmett mused, still tickling me. "Emm....*laughs uncontrollably*.....Emmett......*laughs*......Please stop! " Finally he did, seeing that I couldn't breathe. I sat up and looked at him, taking in deep breaths. After all this time he still had that stupid grin. I felt like slapping him, but I knew it would just result in me being more injured than him."I can't wait to tell Edward!" He said, clapping his hands together. I just shook my head, slightly smiling. Well, I thought. That's Emmett for you.

Ok, ok. I know that wasn't that good, but whatever. Review and message please!

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