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Great. A sleep over. You totally forgot about that. You took another look at the people that were now in the living room with you:

(exept Ino and Sai and Choji... lmao sorry Ino/Sai/Choji fans)

[This is going to be a long night]
"Hey, I'm Temari. You?" a blonde haired girl asked while taking a seat next to you.
"Hitomi. Nice to meet you." you replied looked back to the TV.
"You don't want to be here right now do you?" she asked, sencing your anger.
"Now what makes you think that?" it was plain to see that you were being sarcastic.
"Yeah, Kankuro made me come to. That idiot." she murmered something else. You raised your eyebrow. [Kankuro?]
You met everyone. (me: yes, I'm too lazy to put down the meetings and greetings.)
You were sitting on the couch still with Temari and now Sasuke. Out of the corner of your eye you saw that Garaa was staring at you. But you just shrugged it off. Too busy "secretly" flirting with your new "boyfriend". It wasn't REALLY official but it was ovious.
--> -->
--> --> -->
--> --> --> -->
You were still talking to Temari. She seemed pretty cool. You were really deep into the conversation when you saw that Hinata was not there. "Hey, where's Hinata?" you asked.
"She went outside to order pizza," Ah, so the mistiryous red head speaks.
"Nice to FINNALLY hear your voice." you teesed.
"..." he just blushed slightly and looked away. Sasuke was starting to become angry. You giggled.
--> -->
--> --> -->
--> --> --> -->
"God I'm bored!" TenTen screamed, not pleased with this sleepover.
"Then what the hell do you want me to do about it?" you asked dully.
"Oh I know!" she and Sakura said in unison.
{Oh God! Please! Lord, please tell me they're not talking about playing...]
You rolled your eyes, got up from the couch, and did a peace sign with your fingures. "See ya!"
"Oh, you're not going anywhere!" Temeri said taking your hand and pushing you back into the couch.
"If I have to go through this tourcher, THEN SO DO YOU!"
"Fine. But I'm not going to like it." you said crossing your arms together.
"Neither am I."
Hinata came back and said that the pizza will be coming in 30 to 40 min. You all sat in a circle in the middle of the living room.
"So, w-who goes first?" Hinata asked in a shy voice.
"Oh, we need to make rules!" TenTen screamed.
"Ok!" Sakura agreed and went to a comp. and grabbed paper and a pen; the she ripped the paper in six diffrent pices and began to write something in each of them.
"What are you doing Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto, sounding confused.
"This is how the game is played:" she began, "You have to pick up a paper from this vase," she said holding up a clear glass vase, "There are six choices, oviously you know what to do if you get truth or dare..." she said.
"What about the other four?" It was Kankuro that asked that.
"Double Dare; when you AND that person have to do something,Truth AND dare, a card that you have to do EVERYTHING, and Forever Tomorrow." she sounded smart. For once.
"What's that?" Naruto asked even more confused. [What an idiot.]
TenTen interupted Sakura's explantion, "It something you have to do all day tomorrow, like whenever someone says the word yes you have to make-out with yourself or something like that..." "OH!" the oh's came from Kankuro, Naruto, and Kiba. Wow. Shocker. *rolls eyes*
"Let's begin!" Sakura said moving the Vase to... Hinata!
Sakura- Pick a paper any paper!
Hinata- U-um ok...
she reached out and grabbed Truth. She let out a sigh of relif.
Sakura- Who would you like to kiss right now?
Hinata blushed.
Hinata- N-Naruto...
You looked down embarressed by all of the -oh's- and -ah's- in the room. You saw Naruto grin and look at Hinata fondly. [Love is in the air]
Sakura passed the vase to Hinata and told her to make someone choose out of the pile.
Hinata- S-Sasuke. Pick. Um. Pick a card.
Sasuke- hn
he reached out and picked a card that said Truth AND Dare.
Hinata- Go up to the preetiest girl in the room and kiss her.
Sakura then fixed her hair and puckered her lips. Sasuke just moved his head and kissed you lightly on the lips. He smirked, and so did you. Then he pulled apart.
You saw Sakura giving you daggers and she seemed really sad. You couldn't help but feel A LITTLE sorry for her. She HAS been going after the same guy for a long time now.
Sasuke- Naruto. Pick.
Naruto- Ok.
he reached out and grabbed DARE
Sasuke- I dare you to sing your favorite song to the person you find the most attractive.
Naruto then walked up to Hinata and scarm: HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!
You all laughed histarically! [OMG! I havn't laughed this much in the longest time]
Nartuto- KANKURO! Since you can't control your laughter, pick a paper!
Kankuro- *rubs happy tear off eye* Ha ha! Ok Ok!
He reached out and grabbed Forever Tomorrow
Naruto- Everytime someone says the word like, you have to say you're gay and kiss the closest guy on the cheek!
Kankuro- NO WAY IN HELL....
You- Join the club.
Kankuro- Gaara, pick.
He reached over and got Double Dare.
Kankuro- I dare you to run outside without your shirt on and run screaming/singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time for a block, then come back.
Gaara- You do relise you have to do it too, right?
Kankuro- F*ck!
You- [idiot]
Gaara and Kankuro took off their shirts reviling a nice tight 6 pack. That didn't intrest you because Sasuke had a better one. Then Gaara ran outside the door first, followed by Kankuro. They started screaming/singing the song. You all laughed your butts off!
They came back and Gaara looked pissed, so did Kankuro.
TenTen- what's wrong?
Kankuro- Apperently it's illigal to run around campus half naken "disturbing the peace".
Gaara- You owe me 200 bucks Kankuro.
Kankuro- WTH DID I DO?!?
Gaara- This stupid dare was your idea.
Gaara- Since your so eager, you pick.
Sakura- FINE!
She got... Truth and Dare
Gaara- Who's the most hyperactive cute guy here?
Sakura- Na... Oh wait, you said cute... in that case... KIBA!
Gaara- Kiss him.
Sakura- WHAT?!? No! I'm not giving my fist kiss to HIM!
Sakura- I was saving it for Sasuke!
You- Yeah, at this rate you'll end up like the gil from "Never been Kissed"
Everyone laughed at your joke. Even Sasuke, Neji, and Gaara seemed amused. Sakura just seemed mad.
Gaara- Dot it.
Sakura- FINE!
She walked over to him and knelt down, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Temari- Whimp.
Sakura just stuck her toungh out.
Sakura- TenTen, pick a card!
TenTen got... Double Dare.
Sakura- I dare you to kiss the guy you like!
You- [That b*tch]
TenTen- *blush* Ok.
She went over to Neji, who seemed confused and a little freaked out. She kissed him on the lips and he just sat there.
TenTen- Sorry.
Then she took her seat.
Sakura- MY TURN!
She leaped over to Sasuke and wrapped her arms around his neck. She gave him a full blown passionit kiss, tounge and all! He didn't seem to be enjoying it. He sat there as if waiting for the kiss to be over. He seemed pissed. ALMOST as pissed as you were. And let me tell you, you were PISSED!

To Be Continued....

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