15 idiotic and random things to do in public {and other places}

Not really a story, but I was going for a laugh or to. Anyway, title pretty much says it. I had made one similar to this before the many changes to quizilla, and it had gotten screwed up some how.

Created by rachil on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1. When you go to a crowded area with a few little kids walking towards you, yell "HOLY ALIANS F**KING A PILLSBERRY cookie, IT'S THE MIGIT MOFIA!"

2. Slap your friends whenever they say "look at..."

3. Put a "caution- wet floor" sign right by a pool

4. Glue money to the floor. Laugh Obnosioiusly while pointing out the stupidity when they can't pick it up.

5. Try to put some skittles or a keychain on Layaway.

6. Make a scene if they don't let you.

7.Dive into clothing racks while singing mission impossible. More entertaining with extra people.

8. Make stupid faces, flick off, and do the hand gesture "i see you" at any store servailence camra you see.

9.Demand you get your money back when you don't win something from the claw machines. Loudly.

10. Make up a language and ask someone where the toilit is.

11. When you catch some one sleeping, draw a mustash on their forehad, and looser on their chin. that'll throw 'em for a loop.

12. If their still sleeping, staple their shirt to their pants. Make sure they drink alot of water.

13. Video tape their reaction, narrateing every move they make.

14. If someone say's hello, respod in one of three ways.


-"Check your fly."

-smack them, then say "Life comes at you fast. Should of had a V8."

15. Fork a friends yard and take a picture. Then do the same to Walmart.

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