Tattoo (One Shot) Criss Angel

Now this is the actual one shotand hopefully you read the info because it is important.i may take one shot requests but if i do they may take a while to be published. Enjoy...

Created by LunaDiabla619 on Thursday, December 18, 2008

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I couldnt believe it. I was going to visit my (practically twin sister) best friend at her tattoo shop in Las Vegas! I havent seen her since last summer when I visited her. I know, it doesnt seem like a long time, but when you have a friend that is basically your long lost sister seperated at birth, its a really long time. I was so excited! Her name is TammyLee, but I call her TamTam.
She calls me KiKi so we`re even. After I boarded the plane I took out my Ipod and listened to Mindfreak by Criss Angel (ironic huh?) while staring out the window. I hated flying. It was just a survere pain listening to everyone. I never fell asleep cause the plane flight didn`t take too long, even though I was just in Washington. Well when the plane finally landed I jumped up knowing she would be waiting for me to get off the plane. As soon as I was Off the plane and in the building I saw a swirl of colored hair dash towards me. I braced myself for her attack and soon enough I was crashed into with her squealing "KiKi!!!!" I squealed back "TamTam!!!!"."come on follow me quickly" After we had gathered my bags we ran to the parking lot fast laughing like maniacs. She left my bags with me so she could pull her car around. It was a cool night and I shivered slightly. Not cause it was cold, but because it felt as if someone was watching me. On my Ipod the song The Future Never dies by the Scorpions came on. My head snapped around when the doors behind me opened, but I relaxed a little when I saw a young couple walk out arm in arm. I turned back around and jumped slightly startled. A (totally hott/sexy) young man was standing infront of me. I blinked then gasped as he disappeared. Tammy finally pulls up and help me loads mysuitcases into the back of her dark silver HUMMER(sick ride)! She showed me her shop and which room of her house I could stay in.
~ 1 week later ~
My week here was fun. Saddened by the fact I would be leaving in two days, TammyLee and I were spending every minute with each other. Today was Friday the 13th. We were in TamTam`s tattoo shop and I was watching her tattoo a heart with her name in it onto her boyfriend`s shoulder. The bell rang, meaning someone entered the shop even though it isclosed. "KiKI be a sweety and go tell them to get the hell out of here" TamTam told me. "Aww, that is SOOOO cute." I squealed. "What is?" they both asked. "Tammy wants some ALONE time with her boyfriend in the back of her shop!" I stated, laughing at her angry protests. "Hey whoever the hell you are, get the hell out of here, can`t you see the shop sign?! If you can`t it says CLOSED now get the HELL OUT!!!!!" I screamed the last part because I looked up and saw that it was the guy who had been following me the hole week. He took a step towards me, an evil expression on his gorgeous face. As I carefully watched his every step, he lunged foward and caught my lips in a passionate kiss. I tensed up as he placed his hands on the sides of my neck. The moment his hand touched my skin, on the left side of my neck, a searing pain shot through his hand and into my neck. I hissed and tried to pull back, but his other hand held me close to him. I heard a gasp and then Tammy screamed "OH MY GOD IT`S CRISS ANGEL!!!" The dude kissing me bolted out the door ina blink of an eye. "What the hell just happened?" I looked at TammyLee. "Are you positive that was Criss Angel?" She just nodded. I stood up and headed for the door. "Where are you going?" Tammy asked. "To find Criss Angel. See you soon TamTam." And with that I jumped into my borrowed black Hummer. I drove straight to the Luxor. "Hello I`m wondering if you could tell me when the next Criss Angel sighting or show would be?" I ased sweetly. The hotel clerk was dumbfounded " Angel should be appearing in the cassino bar" He said, staring at me thank you." I walked away and towards the cassino bar. "And entering the cassino bar now, CRISS ANGEL!!!" I heard a bunc of fangirlish squeals, screams, and screeches. I peeked around the corner and, seeing how the security guards were distracted, slipped into the elavator quietly. Once in i whispered "Well that was easy." The elevator door opened at the top floor. I entered Criss Angel`s room, waiting for him to return. As I opened the door Hammy sprang into my arms. "Why hello Hammy" I cooed to the cat as i sat down on the couch cross-legged. Hammy stretched out in my lap, purring, as I stroked his head peacefully. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the back of the couch.I heard the door open and close softly. Someone gasped quietly as they entered the room I was in. Hammy merely lifted his head. The couch disappeared from beneath me as I was placed on something more comfortable. I slightly opened my eyes before I rolled off of him. I glared up at him crouching in the position I landed in and growled. "Why have you been following me? Why did you kiss me? What the hell did you do to my neck? Why me?" I stopped talking, but continued glaring at him. "You interest me.I like that about you.I added something and because your different." He simply answered all my questions before picking me up by th waist and placing me back on his lap. I struggled against him, but it was useless.
~a few hours later~
I had been thinking about him and everything happening while he watched the tv. I suddenly realised that I had a HUGE crush on him. I turned my head and stared at him, examining his whole face. He glanced at me then back to the tv. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear "I`m suprised, the great Criss Angel could have an extraordinary person he wants, but instead wants an ordinary boring person like me." After I said that he turned his head to answer me, but instead crashed our lips together. Parting slightly, he responded "to me, you are extraordinary and everyone else is ordinary boring people" A one minute pause came between us before Criss asked "Kira Thorn, will you be my girlfriend?" I gasped slightly and he took the chance to slip his toungue in and kiss/make out with me. "Of course, I mean, who would want to dissappoint Criss Angel" I laughed at his expression "Don`t worry I was joking ...but yes i would love tobe your girlfriend" "Great" he said smiling. I adjusted myself in his lap so I was more comfortable, then slowly drifted off to sleep. Before I fell into a deep slumber, I heard Criss say "By the way, what I did to your neck was mark you as mine permenantly with a tattoo of my symbol..." "thanks I`ll get you back later..." And with that he picked me up and placed me on his bed before laying himself down next to me. "Goodnight Kira" He whispered to my sleeping form shutting the lights off.
finally its over. I will take requests but they would take awhile to publish see ya

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