after the battle a harry and ginny love story part 1

Created by n1ginnyfan on Friday, December 19, 2008


Harry lay awake at his aunt and uncles house. Over the summer they had accepted that he was as welcomed as Dudley in the familly. It pleased Harry but he couldn't get used to it. After the battle at Hogwarts he had left right after Remus, Tonks and Fred's funeral. Ron told him he'd be coming to get him today so he could hardly wait. His sister, Ginny, had been his girlfriend for a year but he had decided to end it so he could go on his quest to kill Voldemort. Her red silky hair was like no other.
Her frekles. Her skin. What ever he could say about her was grand.He had had feelings for her he never knew exsisted. Today he would be leaving for good, never would he look back upon this place unless his aunt and uncle invited him wich was unlikely to happen. His trunk was packed, His new owl ready for a trip. He had his wand, the miror fragment his god father had given him, the maraudors map. Yes he had everything. He heard the door bell ring and he rushed down the stairs. When he got to the door he saw that it wasn't Ron. It was Ginny. She was whearing a yellow t and very short Jeans.
'Ginny?' Asked Harry.
'Hi Harry.' Said Ginny. She hugged and kissed him.
'Come on lets go.' Said Harry. He took her hand ad they disaparated to the Burrow.
When they got there she took her hand away from his right away.

‘Harry, I have a boyfriend now so I don’t think we can see each other.’ Said Ginny

‘I understand.’ He sighed. Ginny could hear the disapointment in his voice and it made her feal very bad about herself.

‘So, who’s the lucky guy?’ Asked Harry.

‘His name is Alex. He was a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts.’ Said Ginny.

‘Was? You mean he’s older than you?’ Asked Harry.

‘Well yeah, he’s twenty years old.’

“Holy crap how can she date a guy four years older than her?” Taught Harry.

They went for there walk down in Diagon alley where they met Neville.

*Ginny’s POV*

She didn’t know why she kissed Harry. After all, she did have a boyfriend but when they kissed it had felt like a dream.When she was in his arms she felt protected and-

“No I can’t be in love with him. Alex is my boyfriend not Harry.” She taught.

‘Ginny? Are you there? You seam a bit odd.’ Said Harry. Neville and Harry were both looking at her with puzzeld looks on there faces.

‘I’m fine I was just thinking.’ Said Ginny.

They looked around in the shops and they stoped at quality quidditch suppley where a big crowd was forming.

‘Must be a new broom.’ Said Ginny.

‘Lets go see. I need a new broom anyway.’ Said Harry.

And there it was, the new firebolt 360. A broom faster than anything Harry had ever been on.

‘Wow 360 galleons. I have more than enough for 20 models. I’m buying two. One for you Ginny and one for me.’ Said Harry.

‘Oh thanks Harry.’ Said Ginny. She hugged him and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

People watched as Harry bought two firebolt 360’s and went off in the air with Ginny. Ginny had a hard time controling it at first but got the hang of it in no time. Harry on the other hand flew with ease.

‘Ginny your going to catch the snitch very fast with this broom!’ Said Harry once they had landed.

‘I hope so.’ Said Ginny.

‘Hey Ginny.’ Said Somebody. Ginny turned around and said.

‘Alex!’ She gave him a kiss and Harry felt a pang of jelousy. Maybe he should hex him!

‘I want you to meet Harry Potter.’ Said Ginny pointing at Harry.

‘Ah hello.’ Said Alex. They shook hands and harry saw that Alex didn’t have any muscles at all. He could probably overpower him by pinching him. He was tall, maybe 5”9 had short brown hair, has blue eyes and always has a stupid velvet vest on.

‘I’ve heard of your actions Harry, thank you very much. I don’t know if you remember but Mrs. Catermole is my mother and you helped her escape the ministry.’ Said Alex.

‘Yes I remember.’ Said Harry.

‘Well I got to go. Do you want to come Ginny?’ Said Alex.

‘Sure. See you later Harry.’ Said Ginny. She and Alex got lost in the crowd and Harry made a not to self that maybe the next time he see’s Alex he should enlarge his nose.

Harry went back to the Burrow feeling a little gloom of having lost Ginny that quick. Mrs.Weasley noticed.

‘Don’t worry Harry, I know she still loves you.’ Said Mrs.Weasley. ‘Now let me fatten you up.’

Mrs.Weasley had made him so many things that he taught he would burst open after eating all of it. But surprisingly nothing happened except he had an awful stomach ache. But he didn’t care. He went for a broom ride all over london for the hell of it and spent the rest of the day reading a book. By the time Ginny came home it was nearly supper time and Harry was up in his room putting away his clothes.

‘Harry?’ Ginny knocked on the door.

‘Oh hi Ginny.’ Said Harry.

Ginny noticed that Harry sounded gloom so she asked.

‘Whats wrong?’

‘Nothing.’ He lied.

‘Don’t lie to me Harry and please tell me whats on your mind.’ Said Ginny.

‘No really Gin I’m fine.’ He lied again.

‘No your not Harry! Tell me whats wrong!’ Said Ginny.

There was a loud crack and Harry was gone.

*Harry’s POV*

He wouldn’t stand there, being asked by Ginny to reveal his feelings made him angry. He knew that he couldn’t have her and that if he tried she would reject him and it would affect there friendship. He disapparated outside Ron’s flat and knocked on the door.

‘Harry?’ Asked Ron.

‘Yeah, can I come in?’ Asked Harry.

‘Sure, Hermione’s here too.’ Said Ron.

‘Hi Harry!’ Said Hermione. She gave him a hug and they went to the kitchen. He recounted what had happened at the Burrow. When he was finished Hermione said.

‘But Harry you should have told her how you feel. She would have understood and dumped that jerk Alex.’

‘No, she’s crazy for him. I saw that twinkle in her eye she used to have when we were dating.’ Said Harry.

‘Oh Harry don’t say that. She probably did it to all her boyfriends.’ Said Hermione.

‘No. I was always spying on every one of them when she was with them and I never saw that twinkle in her eye except when she was dating Harry.’ Said Ron.

‘Yeah but- Hey wait a minute, you were spying on me and Ginny back at Hogwarts?!’ Asked Harry.

‘Uh yeah so?’ Asked Ron.

‘Never mind, I just need a place to hide for the rest of my life.’ Said Harry.

‘Why? You have a great life!’ Said Hermione.

‘Because, all that I love is gone. Fred Remus Tonks my parents my god father and now Ginny. I might as well kill myself now.’ Said Harry.

‘Harry what the hell are we?! What did we do for seven years with you eh?!’ Asked Ron.

‘I didn’t mean it in that way. You’ve always helped me but now that the war is over we barely see each other.’ Said Harry.

‘I think you better leave now.’ Said Ron.

‘Fine!’ Said Harry and he disapparated to who knows where.

Ok lets pause here for a sec. Harry’s mad now and he’s going to who knoes where and Ginny is debating on who she loves because she is madly in love with both of them but you know me she’s going to chose Harry but now lets get back to the story to find out how she choses Harry over Alex.

*Ginny’s POV*

She was on her bed crying. The man she loved was gone but there was another for her wich she was dating. But she couldn’t get over Harry because of how he held her, made her feel safe, warm, happy and could make her tears go away in a blink of an eye. How could she chose between emerald green eyes or sickening blue eyes? (F.Y.I. I have blue eyes) She loved both Harry and Alex but she had to chose, She would never be able to rest without chosing.

“I need to move on. I got over Harry last year when he left me alone here in this very same room.” She taught.

Ginny got up and walked out of her room. But at the same time there was a crack and...........................................

‘Harry!’ Said Ginny.

‘You rat bastard! You walked out on me!’ Said Ginny and she started punching him even tough she was happy.

‘OW! Ginny sto- OW OW OW!’ Said Harry.

‘You ass hole! You git! You fu- MMMHHH!’ Said Ginny as Harry kissed her. Ginny pulled away and said.

‘How dare you!?!’

‘Like this.’ Said Harry and he kissed her again. This time Ginny waited two seconds before pulling away.

‘You walk out on me then you come back and start kissing a girl who has a boyfriend!? Your going to pay for that Potter!’ Said Ginny. She went into her pocket but found no wand.

‘Looking for this?’ Asked Harry holding up Ginny’s wand.

‘You stole my wand?’ Asked Ginny as she punched him more.

‘No- Ow- I- Ow- Took-Ow-AAAAAAGGRRHHH!’ His sentence was stopped as Ginny kicked him in the nuts. She took back her wand.

(Me: Yay! You show him Ginny!)

‘What the hell was that for!??!’ Asked Harry as he rolled onto the floor clutching onto his manhood.

‘For stealling my wand and kissing me you prat!’ Said Ginny.

Harry got up and took Ginny in his arms. She struggled to get out of his grip but her instincts told her it was OK. Harry kissed her again and this time Ginny didn’t try to run but she didn’t know why.

‘You ass how dare you?! I have a boyfriend who’s ten times the wizard you are!’ Asked Ginny.

‘Maybe in brains but he has tinny little arms that can’t give you the comfort and protection mine give.’Said Harry as he tried to give her another kiss but this time he got one hell of a slap in the face wich left a nice red mark.

‘Holly mother of Merlin!’ Said Harry. ‘You know he’s going to break your heart so why are you dating him?’

‘Now listen to me! I love you but I have to move on. You wouldn’t even look at me for six years. Now all of a sudden you want me back again. I’m sorry Harry but its not going to work that way. Good bye.’ Said Ginny. She pushed him out of her room and started crying into her pillow again.

(In my opinion she should have covered his face in bat bogeyes but she’s under age so I couldnt.)

Harry didn’t speak to Ginny again until they went to bed that night.

‘Ginny I’m sorry for what I did today. I was just really messed up and I had a weird day.’ Said Harry.

‘Its ok I understand. You know what you did was wrong and you admit it.’ Said Ginny.

‘I just... Its that I still have a lot of feelings for you and it bothers me to see you with another man when we were so happy together back at Hogwarts.’ Said Harry.

‘I know Harry, I... I still love you and I always will but I can’t Harry.’ Said Ginny.

‘I understand.’ Said Harry. He kissed her on the cheek and said. ‘Good night.’

‘Good night Harry.’ Said Ginny. She went into her room and Harry went into his.

Harry didn’t sleep well that night. Dreams of Ginny being kissed by Allex while he watched filled his head all night. When he woke up it was nearl eight so he got up and went down for breakfast. Ginny was already up and was reading a letter she had gotten from Alex that morning.

‘Hi Harry. Alex and I are going on a pic-nic today so its going to be just you and mum.’ Said Ginny.

‘Oh... when are you going?’ Asked Harry.

‘At noon but I’m going to surprise him by going right away.’ Said Ginny.

‘I hope you go when he’s kissing some other person.’ Harry said under his breath.

‘What?’ Asked Ginny.

‘What? Oh nothing sorry.’ Said Harry.

Ginny gave him an I-don’t-beleive-you look and went upstairs to get dressed. She came back down wearing very short jeans wich cut off about a foot over her knees and a yellow Hollyhead harpies shirt.

‘Harry what are you looking at?’ Asked Ginny.

‘What?’ Asked Harry. He had been starring at her chest.

‘Never mind.’ She laughed. ‘See you later.’


Ginny left but didn’t come back. All day Harry read a stupid book and at 10pm Mrs.Weasley asked with a worried look on her face.

‘Harry could you wait up until Ginny comes home?’

‘Sure Mrs.Weasley.’ Said Harry.

‘Thank you dear.’ Said Mrs.Weasley. She made her way up the stairs talking to herself and an hour later Ginny came home crying.

‘Ginny whats wrong!?’ Asked Harry.

Ginny didn’t answer and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Harry found her kneeling in front of the toilet and throwing up.

‘Oh my god Ginny what wrong?!’ Asked Harry.

‘I... I... I went to Alex’s house and when I came in he was kissing some blonde bitch!’ Said Ginny.

‘And why are you throwing up?’ Asked Harry.

‘After I went to the leaky cauldron and I drank until I couldn’t stand up. It took 25 butterbeers before I could stand comming home without barfing my brains out.’ She cried and Harry held her in his arms.

‘I warned you he was going to break your heart.’ Said Harry as he rubbed her back. It made her stop crying instantly and she said.

‘I know but I was to stupid to realise it.’

‘Don’t say that Gin, your not stupid, your the most inteligent girl I know.’ Said Harry.

‘Except Hermione.’ Laughed Ginny as she hugged him harder. She knew what she had to do. Harry had alaways been there for her.

‘Right.’ Laughed Harry.

Harry brought her back downstairs and made her a cup of tee. It calmed her down and she was able to think traight again.

‘Feeling better?’ Asked Harry.

‘Yeah, thanks.’ Said Ginny

‘Do you want to talk about what happened?’ Asked Harry.

‘No. I want to forget all about Alex.’ Said Ginny.

‘Don’t worry I’ll give him a long nose the next ttime we meat and I’ll punch him until he falls unconcius.’ Said Harry.

‘Thanks.’ Laughed Ginny.

‘Its good to see you laughing.’ Said Harry.

‘And its good to see you smilling.’ Said Ginny. ‘Even if I smiled I’m an ugly mutant goat.’

‘Don’t say that. Your beautiful and Alex was undeserving of you. And don’t look at me like that you really are a beautiful person.’ Said Harry.

‘Thanks Harry. Now lets go to bed.’ Said Ginny.

‘OK.’ Said Harry. He took her hand and led her up to the rooms. He brought her into her’s, layde her down, pulled the covers over her and was about to leave when she took his hand and said.

‘Don’t leave Harry.’

‘Are you sure?’ Asked Harry.

‘Yes. I want you to be with me.’ Said Ginny. She moved so he would have some space on the bed.

‘Ginny you know whats going to happen I hope?’ Asked Harry.

‘What?’ Asked Ginny.

‘I’m going to get into bed with you, I’m going to hug you and kiss you. And I’ll never be able to let you go.’ Said Harry.

‘Oh Harry. Get in.’ Said Ginny.

Harry got in and said.

‘Now for what I was going to do.’

He took her in his arms and slowly brought her to him and when there lips touched it was like they became one. They stayed like that for two whole minutes. Ginny said.

‘That was weird.’

‘You felt it too?’ Asked Harry.

‘Yeah.’ Said Ginny.

‘Kiss me again.’ Said Harry.

She kissed him again and they became one once more. This time they snogged instead of just kissing.

‘Harry?’ Asked Ginny after a half hour of snogging.


‘I... I...-‘

‘Shhh. I know but It can wait.’ Said Harry.

‘Ok.’ Said Ginny.

Ginny closed her eyes and slept.

“Just one more minute, one more minute, one more mi-“ Tought Harry before he too, fell asleep

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