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Name: Aya Sohma Age: 16 Familly: Hatori's daughter Zodiac: Horse Xtra: Akito's slave................................... I hope you like it Iris!!! love, Yumi-chan

Created by seto-kaiba-rocks on Sunday, December 21, 2008

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A sight left my lips as i stared out of the window.
i looked up at Hatori and smiled.
"Hai otou-san?" I answered.
Hatori smiled before he pushed a boy infront of him.
"Aya-chan, I want you to meet Yuki-kun" he informed me.
My 3-year old eyes scanned the boy infront of my father.
I smiled and walked up to them.
"Konichiwa, yuki-kun! Watashi wa Sohma Aya (hello, yuki-kun, My name's Sohma Aya)" i greeted
Yuki smiled and gave a light bow.
"Konichiwa Aya-san, Watashi wa Sohma Yuki" he answered.
i grinned and hugged him before pulling him of with me.
"Let's go play, Yuki-san!" I yelled.
A sight left my lips as I watched the leaves fall.
"I want to meet her"
Hatori's eyes widened at those words.
"Why, Akito-sama?" he questioned.
Akito didn't turn his eyes away from the two kids playing outside.
"Do i have to have a reason?" he asked.
Hatori noticed the subtle thread laced into the words.
"ofcourse not, Akito-sama"
The wind played around with them before they touched the ground
"Catch me if you can, Yuki-kun!"
We were playing in the park of the Sohma estate.
Suddenly I tripped and landed on top of a boy.
My eyes widened as my body turned into that of a Pony's.
I queckly ran leaving Yuki to grab my clothes.
"Aya-chan, what happened?" Hatori asked as soon as I approached him.
I layed my head in his lap as he petted it.
"I tripped" I cried.
We didn't notice Akito hiding.
Yuki ran up to us with my kimono in his hands.
I took my kimono from Yuki and turned my back to them.
What I didn't realise was that I had turned to Akito.
I calmly placed the kimono over my 4-year old body before I turned back to them.
Voices hit the air. My father's was one of them.
Everyone was silent as Akito stared out of the window.
He had summoned us.
Hatori was sitting behind me to my left while Yuki sat further to my right.
Akito stood up and walked over to me.
He ignored the exposure of his skin as he stared down at me.
I stared back up at him, my eyes scanning his body.
He was beautiful.
I blushed and turned my eyes back to the ground.
"She'll be staying with me" he informed.
"D-Demo" I started.
Suddenly he grabbed my hair pulling me up a bit.
Immediatly Hatori's hand was on Akito's arm trying to stop him.
I winced at the pain it caused.
"Akito-sama, release her" he ordered.
Akito growled a bit.
"I wan't her! I'm the head of the familly and you will do what I say!" he yelled.
"Please, she's my only daughter" hatori objected.
Yuki kept silent as he stared at us in shock.
I whimpered.
Suddenly Akito used his other arm and knocked Hatori into a wall.
"Otou-san, stop" i whispered.
Akito's hold on my hair loosened for a moment.
Hatori followed my request but Yuki didn't.
He shot up and tryed to pull Akito away from me.
"She's mine!" Akito yelled
"She does not have the right to be happy without my doing!" he added.
My eyes widened at those words.
Small tears trinkled out of my eyes.
"Stop it, I'll be with you" I whispered.
Yuki released Akito as he did the same to me.
I staggered to my feet and looked at the ground.
"I'll stay with Akito-san" I informed them.
I turned my eyes away from the tree as I saw Shigure and some girl.
She must have been Honda Tohru.
The girl that lived with Shigure, Yuki and Kyo.
Shigure looked up feeling eyes on him.
"Aya-chan!" he exclaimed seeing me.
It was normal...
No one from the familly saw me now a days...
I gave a soft smile and waved a bit.
"Hey, Shigure-kun, Tohru-san" i called.
Shigure smiled.
"My,my. You sure have grown, Aya-chan" he stated
I smiled
"Tohru-chan, This is Sohma Aya." Shigure said.
Tohru turned her eyes away and looked at me.
"Is she one of the zodiac?" she asked.
Shigure nodded.
"She's the year of the Horse" Shigure informed Tohru.
"Isn't that AKito's house?" she questioned.
Shigure gulped.
"Well, you see Aya-chan is Akito's-" he stopped.
Suddenly an arm wrapped itself around my shoulder.
I gulped and looked at Akito.
I bowed down.
"Gomen, Akito-sama" I apologised.
His friendly movements changed as he grabbed a hold of my hair.
"What did I tell you?!?" he questioned angrilly pulling me into the room.
Tohru gasped seeing how Akito behaved.
"You're mine. So you should listen to your master, Slave!" he exclaimed.
Shigure sighted as Tohru had tears in her eyes.
"Slave?" she questioned.
I looked up at Akito.
There was a dull pain in my scalp but i was used to it.
After all the beatings I had receaved from him.
He suddenly released me and looke down at my form.
"I'm so sorry, Aya" he whispered as he dropped down infront of me.
I looked at him my eyes wdide with shock.
They searched his face for something.
Than I realised that he was telling the truth.
I gave him a small smile.
"It's okay, Akito-sama" I whispered.
Over the years I realized that I fell in love with him.
I didn't want to admit it but I loved him.
He slowly took my face in his hands and tilted it up to his.
"A-Akito-sama" I whispered shocked.
He gave me a soft smile before he covered my lips with his own.
When he pulled back I was still blushing.
I slowly reached up and touched my lips amazed.
Why would this gorgeous being kiss me?
He smiled and pushed some of my hair out of my face.
"God, you're beautiul Aya" he whispered.
This cause my blush to turn brighter.
The Akito Sohma thought of me as beautiful....
He slowly pecked my forehead in a loving kiss.
"You'll sleep with me tonight"
His voice had some sort of edge to it but I didn't realize.
I was just so naive...
How could I have known?
That he really meant it...
Lemon!!! Lemon!!! Lemon!!!

High up at the sky a bright moon was shining down.
While inside Akito slowly sat up.
He smiled when he saw the girl next to him.
Biting his lip he slowly ran his hand over her body.
She was laying on her back making it easyer for him.
He started at the top with her neck.
She shivered and moaned as his hand brushed her breast.
Akito bit his lip, he could already feel himself grow from excitement at her reactions.
His hand ran over her stomach and stopped at her covered warmth.
He glanced up to see that she was still in a deep sleep.
If anything would happen now she would deem it part of her dream.
Smirking he pulled her shorts of, her top soon joined it on the floor.
Akito stopped for a moment to marvel at the beauty of Aya's body.
The way her breasts moved with each breath she took.
Looking wasn't enough
He wanted her
With or without permission
He queckly got rid of his own clothing and entered her.
Aya whimpered at the pain but she didn't wake up.
Biting his lip Akito began to trust in and out of her.
Suddenly Aya woke up while a moan escaped her lips.
She stared up at Akito in shock as he kept trusting into her.
She screamed a bit and tryed to push him of.
He just grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed as he took her.
Tears started forming but he didn't care.
He wanted her
If she allowed it or not
He'd have her.
Because she tried to shut her legs his trusts became more and more painful for her.
Akito pulled one of his hands back and carresed the side of her face as he made hushing sounds.
"Don't cry" he whispered.
"Relax... It won't hurt if you relax"
But she didn't
She did the opposite.
Hearing his words she tryed harder to get him of.
"Damn it, Aya! You're so tight!" he yelled out as he bit his lip.
Her struggling turned him on even more and that made his trusts faster, harder and more painful for her.
She started screaming.
Even though it turned him on Akito realised that he had to shut her up before the entire familly was there.
He roughly pressed his lips onto hers muffling her screams.
Tears were still pouring down her cheeks as he banged into her.
His breath was ragged and shallow, his body sweaty and sticky cuz of his efforts.
He groaned loudly as he came releasing his seeds into her warmth.
He breathed in deeply and rolled off of her.
Aya was silent but she was still crying.
He looked down under the curtains to see that some blood had dripped onto the sheets.
"Clean that up in the morning" he ordered.
Turning around he fell back asleep leaving her to cry her heart out.
Finish Lemon!
I sniffed and crawled out of the bed.
Akito was sound asleep I had checked and double checked it.
It pained so much to walk.
I immediatly slipped my top and shorts back on before I ran to Shigure's house.
My feet were torn and bloody because I had forgotten to slip my shoe's on.
Tears were still streaming down my cheek's as I ran through the woods.
Suddenly I tripped.
I gave a small scream as I fell down on the muddy soil.
I whimpered and pushed my body up.
I had to go to yuki.
I needed him right now!
He was the only one that could help me!
i sniffed.
Why had he done it?
Why had he raped me?
i can't believe I used to have a crush on him...
I was still crying when I knocked on the door of Shigur's house.
Ofcourse the one to open it had to be Shigure.
He had probally been writing on his next book....
He gasped seeing me like that.
He softly wrapped an arm around my shoulders and guided me inside not even asking why I was there or why I looked like I did.
He sat me down and sat down next to me.
he slowly hugged me but I cringed away from his touch.
I couldn't stand another man touching me right now.
Only yuki would be good enough.
Footsteps were heard and the door slit open.
Tohru gasped as she saw me like that.
"Get yuki" Shigure told her.
Tohru nodded and ran of to get yuki.
A few seconds later Yuki raced down the stairs and pulled me into his arms.
I sobbed and nuzzled my head into his chest gripping his shirt with my hands.
"Aya-chan, what happened?" he softly asked.
I sniffed.
"Akito,He...He raped me, Yuki-kun!" I answered my voice weak.
Shigure gasped and stood up.
Behind me I heard Kyo do the same.
Yuki released me.
"Honda-san, stay with Aya" yuki said.
Tohru nodded.
i shaked my head and shot up.
"Don't!" I yelled at the three of them.
I sniffed and looked down for a second.
"He...He'll kill you!" I exclaimed.
yuki shaked his head and hugged me.
"Probally. But he has to pay for what he did to you" he muttered
I shaked my head.
"No! If you go now it'll all be my fault" I whimpered.
Kyo sighted a bit and petted my head.
"What he did isn't right, Aya-chan" he told me.
I shaked my head again and wiped my eyes.
"No, please stay with me. Don't go!" i yelled
They all sighted giving up and nodded.
I sighted relieved at their reactions.
"I'll call Hatori-kun first thing tomorrow" Shigure said.
I gasped and looked at him.
"You want to call my dad?!?!?" I asked
Tohru's eyes widened hearing that I was Hatori's daughter.
"Please, don't!" I begged.
Shigure shaked his head.
"I'm sorry, Aya-chan. But there is the possibility that you're pregnant" he told me.
I sighted giving up and stalked upstairs to yuki's room.
Tohru followed me and gave me some of her clothes to wear.
"You can sleep in this. And you can wear this tomorrow" she told me.
I gave her a grateful smile and tryed to pull my shirt of.
I whimpered at the painI got from such simple movements.
Tohru nodded and looked at me concerned.
"Let me help you, Aya-san" she told me.
I gave a small nod and allowed her to help me get changed.
She gasped seeing the bruises and wounds I had recieved from Akito's actions.
Once I was changed she tucked me in and softly kissed my forehead.
I gave a soft smile as numbness began to take over.
"okaa-san used to that" I whispered.
Tohru gave a small smile and smoothed my hair out of my face.
"Go to sleep" she whispered.
And I did...
I fell asleep
But it was filled with memory's of what my former crush had done to me...

"Aya-chan wake up"
I opened my eyes to Yuki's face.
"Hatori's here" he told me.
I gave a small nod.
"Could Tohru stay here?" i asked silently.
Yuki softly nodded and left.
Hatori entered with Tohru behind him.
Tohru immediatly came to my side and ran her fingers through my hair worried.
Hatori sighted and kissed my forehead.
He softly pulled the blanket off of my body.
The first thing he noticed were my wrists.
Due to the pressure that Akito had put on them they had turne purple-ish, blue-ish.
Hatori sighted and bandaged them for me.
Before he could go any further I felt sick.
I stood up and raced to the nearest bathroom.
Hunching over the toilet I disposed all my food from yesterday.
Once I had finished barfing I washed my face and brushed my teeth.
I gulped and went back to Yuki's room.
Tohru and Hatori looked at me worried as i sat back down on the bed.
"Hunny, did he use protection?" Hatori asked.
I sniffed and shaked my head.
"No, dad. He didn't" I cried.
Tohru and Hatori looked at eachother.
It was a look that said that they were thinking the same thing.
Tohru softly rubbed my back as Hatori gave me an apologetic look.
"Sweetheart, i think you're pregnant" he said.
My eyes widened in shock.
From Akito?!?
It only took a few seconds before tears started to stream down my face again.
"Aya, this is really important" Tohru started.
I looked at her through my eyelashes.
"We need to know if you want to keep the baby or not" she requested.
I gulped
Did I want to keep it?
It was the result of a rape....
But it was also Akito's child...
My child....
How could I be able to steal a life?
I'd keep it.
"I wanna keep the baby" I whispered.
Hatori gave a nod.
"Hunny, we need to get you out of the country... Akito was pissed when he found that you weren't there this morning. He isn't planning anything good for you when he sees you again" he told me.
I gulped and sobbed.
"It's for the best, Aya-chan" Tohru whispered.
I sniffed and nodded.
"I know" I whispered.
"You'll have to leave tonight" Hatori told me.
I sniffed and nodded before i stood up.
Tohru went to her room and packed some of her clothes for me.
I went downstairs.
Noticing by the looks on the faces of Shigure, Kyo and Yuki... Hatori had told them about it.
i sniffed a bit and ate breakfast with them.

That day they did everything to make it how I'd like it.
They did everything for me.
And when it was time to leave they all waved me off.
Dad and Tohru cried the most when we said goodbye.
Yuki had been sad while Kyo looked as if he didn't care but I knew that deep down he did.
When he had hugged me goodbye he had whispered something in my ear.
"Be careful and keep that little one safe"
And Shigure....
He promised to visit me frequently.
It was hard to adjust to the live in America.
But I did
And no one ever found out about my curse.
It felt so good when it was lifted.
Shigure had told me how it had been lifted.
I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
He looked exactly like his father.
I named him Ware (Wicked).
Sohma Ware...
And than that one day Hatori called.
It was a few day's after Ware's third birthday.
I had planned to come back to Japan to let Akito see the son he had.
"Aya-chan, Sweetheart. Akito died.."
those words hit me hard.
I know they shouldn't have but they did.

"I'm sorry, Akito-kun" I whispered staring at the headstone.
"Mommy, where is daddy now?"
I looked down at the boy that was holding my hand and gave a small smile.
"Daddy's in heaven now, with the other Angels" i answered him.
Ware smile and looked at the stone.
"I love you, daddy" he whispered.
I sniffed.
"He loves you to, Ware-kun. More than you'll ever know" I muttered.
"Aya-chan, you ready?"
I looked up as an arm was wrapped around my waist.
I smiled up at my new husband.
There was still pain and sadness hidden in my eyes but he didn't see it.
I nodded.
"I'm ready Yuki-kun." I whispered.
He smiled and kissed my forehead.
"C'mon. Don't forget you're the head of the familly now" he told me.
I nodded as we left.
The perfect familly to some....
A bad to others....
But I alway's wondered one thing....
What if Akito hadn't been sick?
Would it have been him at my side instead of Yuki?
A person can't help but wonder, right?

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