My Arranged Marriage to Edward Cullen...

Trying to post a new chapter daily, at least... Oh yeah, and this is obviously as if Bella never existed....

Created by ThePirateChick on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Kera's POV(still)

I'm still in those arms, and my face is stinging painfully. My dad hit it really hard...I felt a cold hand on my cheek and I winced. "Sorry," A kind voice replied,"I'm Ed." I nodded,"I'm Kera."I listen as "Ed" is silent for a little while before running into a house,"Carlisle!?" He called. "Yes Edward?" My helper groaned and said,"Need some help down here.."Who I am guessing is Carlisle came down a flight of stairs, and I looked him over. Light blonde hair that seemed to cover one of his eyes perectly, gelled and neat. Deep ocher eyes, seeming to have centuries of knowledge hidden in their depths."Dad, this is Kera. Her dad is, well, to put it blunty, he planned to kill her tonight." Edward said, and then I made the connection of why he was helping me. "Ed-Edward Cullen?" I asked quietly. Edward nodded,"Kera Fra?" I nod, and he hugs me gently,"What a way to meet." A sarcastic voice says from the stairway, and a blonde haired girl with identical eyes to Carlisle came down. She was gorgeous, perfect face, perfect skin, perfect hair, everything was flat out perfect!"Go away Rose, no one needs you now." Edward replied harshly. "Touchy touchy, I was just going outside." The Rose person takes a deliberately long time walking out the back door and towards the woods, and Edward watches her the whole way. I put my head tentatively on Edward's shoulder, and he rubs my shoulders."Thank you.." I whispered,"I don't think I could've gotten dad to calm down this time.""Wait. This has happened before?!" Edward whispered harshly. I barely nodded and I felt him hug me again. I was still in shock that someone actually cared...

Edward's POV:

Ho-ly shit. I have never been this mad before! I mean, what did this, this human ever do to her father?! I cannot believe someone would just treat someone like that! She's never going back to that house without me being there. No. I won't allow it. It's just that simple. I mean, I'm sitting here and watching Carlisle treat this Kera for bones broken that didn't heal right because her father didn't take her to a hospital to have them treated! "Carlisle...She'll be ok, right?" I ask softly, only loud enough for my ''father'' to hear. He nodded, and I left out a small sigh of relief. Kera looked up at me curiously and I realized something. I'm looking at my future wife. I sit down across from her, taking her hand ever so gently in mine as I said,"I am not going to let you go back to that house alone. You are never going to live with that man again, as long as I live." Then Kera surprised me. She threw her arms around me, crying and hugging me. After an awkward milisecond, I hugged her as well, gently. Kera put her head on my shoulder and I started to hum a lullabye, a soft, quiet one.I felt Kera go limp in my arms as she fell asleep, and, once I saw Carlisle's nod of approval, I picked her up gently and carried her to my room, laying her on my sofa. I picked out a Debussy CD and played it quietly while she slept.

Kera's POV:


I dreamed that I was back at my house, and I felt my dad's foot kick my ribs. Then his arm come down on me, breaking bone it was so hard. I screamed, and that got me sent across the floor. I whimpered in pain as my dad towered over me...

(Real life)

I woke with a start, crying again. Edward was immediately next to me, his butterscotch eyes now ocher, like his father's.

"What is it, Kera?" He asked softly, sitting next to me. I struggled to explain mmy dream, and once he must have figured it out, he pulled me up into his lap and into a hug. I cried on his shoulder, and he simply stroked my hair as he tried to soothe me. I finally stopped crying and he asked,"How would you like a tour of Forks?" I simply nodded, and he helped me stand.

"C'mon, something of Alice's will probably fit you."


"My adopted sister."

"Oh." I nodded, and he led me to a room.

"This used to be my room, before my sis took it.." He said, smiling a little.

"Alice?" He called, and a small statured girl, about my size, flitted into the room.

"What Eddy? I've got a massive headache from those Qui... Oh hi!" She smiled at me, and I gave a small smile back.

"I'm Kera..." I said, and Alice nodded,"Ooh! Edward's little chicky!" She said shamelessly, and I noticed Edward glaring at her. Alice flitted towards her closet, and opened it. There were racks and racks and racks of clothes, more clothes then in a mall, and all the cute stuff. None of those hideous old lady clothes, but trendy, hip SouthPole clothes! I walked to the closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt, and Alice shook her head. "No no no! Those will look horrible on you! Try this!" She tossed me another pair of jeans and a dark blue polo shirt. "That, that will look good on you." She said, smiling. I slid into the bathroom to change, and I caught snippets of their conversation. "Edward, I saw you...." Her voice trailed off, and he replied,"No! I don't have the strength!" she said something quietly, and I heard Edward stomp out of the room. What the hell?

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