Chapter 5 : Sunshine Kisses: Green World [5](Werewolf Story.)

Chapter 5 : Sunshine Kisses: Green World [5](Werewolf Story.)

Created by galloprider on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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I soon found that I could sleep. The errie feeling left me uncomfortable, but I could survive it. I just wasn't use to life here yet.

Grumpy, I climbed back up into the bunk and drifted off into a soundful sleep.

This little town in Maine was quiet. Not huge like Texas, or as populated. A side from the yankees, it was refreshing, and I wasn't looking forward to leaving at the end of the summer. I enjoyed being encased by nothing but green trees, and dark patches of rocks.

Light streamed into the room, pulling us from our sleeps. I wasn't use to being in a bunk. With effort, I managed to smack Riley, one the hundreth try, hard enough with my pillow to wake the lazy patato. I relished in his grunt of annoyance till he finally helped me down.

The smell of pancakes assaulted us, and there was no way I'd deny my belly that meal. Wild blueberry pancakes were enough to shut my stomach up. My folks decided today they were going to just relax at the cabin, which left me with the car.

I loped down the stairs, grabbing a pair of black guy's workout shorts, a black under-armuor shirt, and my black 'Ranger' hoodie. I was decked out in black, from head to toe, with my honey blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. Didn't know a little girl could work out, did ya? My feet felt good in my black nike shocks. I grabbed the ipod, wallet, keys, and sunglasses, heading out for the car.

Go figure, Riley's lazy ass would never get up and run with me. So I was on my own. I waved good bye and headed out. The early morning was crisp and new, yellow finches fighting over the feeder again. I climbed in and rolled all the windows down. Cranking the music would have to wait. My folks would kill me if they heard it.

I backed out and headed down the dirt road, waiting to spot the pavement. A dirt bike came zipping out of the woods, riding along side my car. I recognized the kid from Alec's group.

"What's up?" I called to him, seeing as he was right outside the window and staring at me, "Where are ya headed? Thought you'd be with Alec today." He replied, a wolfish grin, like Alec's, appeared on his lips. I shrugged.

"I'm going for a run, maybe find some trails to explore. I figured Alec would still be sleeping. Its pretty early. From what I've learned and witnessed, males tend to call noon morning if you catch my drift."

He laughed, and it was like liquid. Addicting, just like the others. But Alec held something more.

"Well sorry, but up here we're all up before the sun. Alec I'm sure is chilling at his house waiting for you." I felt a stab of excitement, and it must of shown in my eyes. Jack grinned and motioned for me to follow him.

We arrived at a logged cabin, pushed back in the woods. Mudd bikes were scattered around the lawns. Jack parked his bike, and I did the same, climbing out and closing my door. There was a garage on the side, and the sound of manly laughter filtered out. I grinned coyly at Jack. He snickered and led the way.

We walked to the opening, and Jack danced in, passing the guys and dropping like a bag of rocks into a seat. The other guys patted him, and went back to talking. There were five of them. Further back, a dirt bike was on a stand, and a brown haired boy was dipped over, working on the engine. grease stains covered his muscled arms, and sweat beaded his forehead. I smirked.

Only Alec would be this dirty in the early morning. I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned on the port frame of the garage. None of them noticed me, except Jack. When the laughter died down, my voice cut through the air like a singing finch, "Hey tough guy. Do I need to dump you in the lake and clean you up?"

Alec's head jerked up, snapping over to where I was. Jack laughed, the other four were taken as much by surprise as Alec was.

I arched a brow at him, a questioning but challenging glint was in my eyes. He knew it. Wiping his hands on his jeans, he grinned and weaved his way over to me. The other guys grinned and went on with their talking. The smell of pine and sweat overpowered me. Alec, not really caring he was all dirty, took me up in his arms, "Only if you come with me, Princess."

I growled at the nickname he gave me. I wasn't a fragile princess barbie.

He grinned, "Stop it, I'm kidding." He was sorry at least.

I pretended to glare at him before a lunged forward. He almost stopped me before he realized I was going to kiss him. Our lips met, and we both grinned stupidly. It didn't last long, we had an audience.

"I'm going for a run, maybe look for some trails to wonder along."

Something flashed under Alec's eyes, like fear, but my attention was drawn to a bulky blond haired boy, "Why don't you just go to the mall or something? Why the woods?"

"Good terrain to run on." I replied with a shrug. I noticed most eyes were on Alec. He was tense.

I turned back to him, worry creasing my face, "What's wrong Alec?"

His face smoothed over into his lazy, calm expression. He grinned at me, "Nothing. Mind if I tag along?"

I challenged him with a look, "Things would go smoother that way. I don't want to beat you down infront of the boys and stuff you into my car."

Alec shook his head, "You wouldn't even land a hit on me sweetheart. Wait here, I'm gonna go change and clean up. I'll be right back." He pecked my lips before heading back through the mesh of men, and into the back door. I guess the laudry room was back there.

A tall, firm build boy followed him. He was adverage hight (6.0'), with black shaggy hair. His eyes were a smokey gold, or so I thought. But that was impossible. It was probably hazel. He wasn't as tone as Alec, but something about him had the other boys casting nervous glances his way. Dominance seemed to leak off him and Alec.

Both boys were out of view, and I shifted uncomfortably, "Tell Alec I'll be waiting at the car." I said to the remaining three. Turning I walked out into the crisp morning air. The sun kissed my skin softly. I soon realized I wasn't alone. Jack bound after me, his surfer styled blond hair, covering his eyes before he shook it a side, "Whats wrong Chloe?"

I got right to the point, "Who was that?"

Jack seemed to know who i was talking about, "Erm. . . Jason?"

"Yeah, him." I leaned a hip against my car, crossing my arms to watch Jack.

"Jason is just like that sometimes. You'll get use to it." Jack didn't really answer my question as to why Jason was acting like that. But there was no time to ask. Alec was strolling up, his face relaying a pinch of anger, "Jack." His voice was soft, but I could feel the fear fly of Jack. He snapped up and waved at Alec, "See ya Chloe." With that, he trotted back to the garage, disappearing.

I unlocked the car doors and climbed in, "What was that about?" I snapped. Alec ignored me, "Nothing." And that was all I could pry from him.

Alec told me of some great trails to take, so we headed for them, windows down, and him leading the way, pointing to the roads i needed to turn and take. It was great, keeping Alec with me. I would grin at him as we chattered, learning about him, where he was born, where he goes to school. Even his latest fan girls. I was jealous, of course, but I couldn't blame them. Alec was yummy.

The scene around us was so beautiful. It took an hour of driving, passing a few small towns along the way till we pulled onto a dirt road. We drove for a good five minutes before we came to a dead end, dirt parking lot for about five cars total. We were the only ones. I rolled up the windows and locked the car. Before I had my door closed, Alec was already there, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close, "I'm sorry about Jason."

"I sighed, not wanting to dwell, "Its alright. Just don't block me out like that, okay? Next time just talk to me."

He grunted in response. Tipical guy.

Hand in hand we started down the trail. Only a few feet in, I felt Alec stiffen.

Something was wrong.

Very wrong.

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