Drunk minds speak sober hearts (Synyster Gates) 1

OOOOh, brian so sexy. :P okay; new story, brian haner, aka the famous synyster gates, ya dig? its immature, (not amateur lmao) and if you don't like grown people acting like 5 year olds, don't read this, GOT IT?!??

Created by paleXgreenXbutterfly on Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Main Character -
Nicole Durenberger "Nik"
Sarcastic, Spaz, Hyper, Funny, doesn't take things seriously, childish, a little mental (but not in a bad way), immature, carefree, nice, good at making people laugh, and fruity.
Is in a band as the lead singer, and lead guitarist.
Has an older brother, and a younger sister.
Amber Durenberger
Loud, obnoxious, blonde, boy crazy, not the brightest child around, doesn't get things easily, and doesn't have the best sense of humor.
Is the sister of Nik, and she's going to be in some one the chapters.
Brian Haner Jr. "Synyster Gates" or "Syn"
Drunk. Loud. Cocky.
Matthew Sanders "M. Shadows"
Thoughtful. Fun. Child-like.
Zachary Baker. "Zacky Vengeance"
Child-like. Sweet. Random.
James Sullivan "The Rev"
Funny. Mental. Out there.
Jonathan Steward "Johnny Christ"
(I don't know anything about little Johnny here :( sorry. he's going to be quiet in my story.)
Quiet. Shy. Sweet.
I hate my sister. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I dislike her very much. At times, she's cool, sure. But most of the time, she's a total fake ass barbie bitch. Why am I complaining about her at this very moment? Well, me being the good child, I'm taking her out to a bar for her twenty-first birthday, but she wants to go to a bar near a hotel, that way if she gets too drunk, we could go to the hotel and sleep in the fucking hotel. She was really getting on my nerves, but it's her twenty-first birthday, so I'm going to try to be the best sister that I could.
"Nikki! I want to go to that bar right there! It's right by that hotel!" she complained. I tighted my grip on the steering wheel, and twitched my eyebrow. I took a deep breath, controlling myself from snapping her neck. "You know what, Amber? Fine. We'll go to that fucking bar that's near the fucking hotel, so if you get your fucking skank ass drunk, you can go inside the fucking hotel and sleep in a fucking hotel room." I said, and she grew silent. "Exactly." she finally said, and I gave up. I pulled into the bar's parking lot, and parked the car in the front. We got out of the car, and walked over to the front door. Amber was about to open it, but I stopped her. She gave me a quizical look. I sighed. "Listen, Amber. Don't be getting too drunk now that your liegally allowed to drink. I don't want you to be doing something you'd regret." Psh, yeah I would. She shrugged. "Okay." she said, and I allowed her to open the door. Her face dropped when she saw that there was more bikers than there were hott guys in their twenties. "Wasn't expecting this, weren't you?" I asked with a smug look. She frowned. "Let's go to another bar." she said. "No way. I tried to warn you, but you wanted the bar near the hotel. You got what you wanted. Happy birthday." I smirked, and she glared at me. "Wow, what a wonderful gift." she said sarcastically. I walked to the counter, and sat in a stool. Amber was close behind me, obviously scared. Ah, this was better than I expected.
"What can I get for you pretty ladies?" the guy behind the counter asked. "I'd like a Jack Daniels with Coke." I said, and he nodded. "And for you, missy?" he asked looking at Amber. "Just a Margarita." she said trying to not make eye contact with him. It was hilarious. I shot the guy a sympathetic look, and he chuckled. "She's never been in a biker bar, huh?" he asked me quietly, leaning on the counter. "It's her first time here. She chose the place." I laughed, and he laughed along. He got me my Jack Daniels and Coke, and Amber's Margarita. Guys were eyeing her skanky outfit, and taking second looks at me. She was wearing a short short jean skirt, a very low cut black tank top, and stilettos. And me, black jeans, a grey spaghetti strap tank top, and a studded belt. Nothing too fancy. Someone tapped my shoulder, and I turned around, and faced a younger looking man. I smiled at him. "Hello." I said brightly. "H-hi. Your the lead singer of Onyxia's Layer, aren't you?" he asked, and I nodded smiling. He had the hugest smile on his face."Wow. Can I have your autograph, and maybe a picture with you?" he asked star-struck. "Of course!" I practically yelled, and he got out his camera. We did our pose, and the flash snapped. I signed this shirt, and gave him a hug before he walked away.
"Geez, you really are famous." Amber said, slightly amused. "What can I say? I'm hot." I teased, and she rolled her eyes. We all knew that she was the hotter one. She bragged about it. "Hey, those gentlemen over there bought you guys a beer." the man behind the counter, who I learn that his name was Paul, said while handing us each a beer. "Really? What guys?" I asked, amused. "Those guys over there with the eyeliner and other girl shit." he laughed, and I looked at the five men in the booth by the corner. I raised an eyebrow at them. They all looked familiar. "Well, free beer." I said, finishing my Jack Daniels, so I could drink up the beer. It took me only a few seconds till I slammed the beer on the counter. Amber looked at me in disgust. "Here, take mine." she said sliding it over like it was a cut off finger or something. I shrugged, and drank that down too.
She stared at me. "What?" I asked. "Your not drunk yet?" she asked amazed. "No, actually. Just a bit tipsy." I said honestly. She shook her head. "And I'm already seeing double from this Margarita." she mumbled. "Looks like you just cant take it." I smirked, poking her side, and she jumped. "You know I hate it when you do that!" she spat. I rolled my eyes, and the man behind the counter came back again. "They want to know if you'd like to join them." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Well if they really want our company, then they'd better stop sending the man behind the counter to talk to us, and come over here themselves!" I said loud enough for them to hear. I winked at the man, and glanced over at the other men at the booth. They were laughing, and one of them got up. He was damn tall, compared to me. I was tiny. I'm only 5'1 1/2.
He moved swiftly over here, and stopped in front of us. "Now, those ladies over there would like to know if you freakishly gorgeous women would like to come join us for a couple of drinks." he said. Ha, I liked him already. "Well, seeing as they are some freakishly large ladies, you sure they would beat us up for being so freakishly gorgeous?" I asked smiling, and he grinned from ear to ear. "I LIKE YOU!" he exclaimed, and I laughed. That was the kind of personality I enjoyed. "I like you too!" I yelled back, and he laughed. "So I'll take that as a yes. Come now, dear ladies. Join us for a drink or two. Maybe three or seven." he said with a fake british accent. I grinned, and nodded. Amber didn't look to happy with my dicision. "Come on, Amber, let's go see those pretty ladies over there." I said grabbing her hand. I might've been a bit drunk. Just a little.
She groaned, and followed. I followed the guy to the booth they were at, and he sat down. "There, I fetched these fine ladies for you not so fine ladies." he said, and I laughed. Amber managed a small laugh, seriously not seeing the humor. "Well I'm Nik, and this is my sister Amber. She just turned twenty-one." I said grinning like a fool. "Oh is that so? So your legal?" the one with shoulder length shaggy hair said, and I got the joke right away, but didn't think it was funny. Amber scratched the back of her neck, and looked at me. "Nik, I'm tired. I think I should go to the hotel." she said. "But we just got here." I said, and she shook her head. "I think I've had enough tonight. You can stay. But I'm leaving." she said walking out. I watched her leave, and turned back at the guys. "Well, um.. that's Amber for you. A total bitch." I said shrugging. "OH! By the way, I'm Jimmy, that's Brian, and that's Zacky, Matt, and Johnny." the tall one, who's name I just learned is Jimmy, said. "Cool." I said smiling. "Here, take a seat." Matt said patting the spot next to him. I smiled, and sat down. "Haven't I seen you around before?" Matt asked. "Yeah, you really do look familiar." Jimmy said. "Aren't you the girl from Onyxia's Layer?" Brian asked. "Yep." I grinned, and Zacky slapped Johnny's arm. "See, I told you that was her! And you thought she was the blonde chick with the rockin body from that super porno you were watching last night." he said, grinning. "That was you!" Brian, Jimmy, and Johnny said at the same time. "Wow. That's uh.. too much information." I said, ang they laughed. "But I am also that blonde chick in that super porno that you watched." I smirked. Their jaws drppped. "I'm kidding!" I said, and they laughed. "Shit..." Zacky mumbled, and that made me laugh more. I was really beginning to like these boys.
"Wait, if your the girl from Onyxia's Layer, then do you know who we are?" Jimmy asked. I looked at him confused. "Uh.. Jimmy Matt Brian Johnny and Zacky?" I asked without any commas. They laughed. "No, I mean.. We're a band. Ever heard of Avenged Sevenfold?" Jimmy asked. I began to shake my head, but stopped as a bell rang in my head. "NUH UH, I'M TOURING WITH YOU GUYS!"

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