I Don't Belong to You. [Hidan X Oc Fan-Fic] Chapter One.

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Created by SarcasticProdigy on Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Chapter One: Unknown.

It was pretty dark. . . I couldn’t see very well and I was basically running blind. My limbs were bleeding badly and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. You would be attacked one against thousands if you killed a Kage of one of the Neighboring Lands. I quickly jumped into a tree and crouched there silently, seeing if I could here the other Shinobi’s footsteps. Usually others could not hear them because they are so stealthy, but that was different for me. As I listened, the rustling steps seemed to fade away into the night. I looked up and saw the moon shining brightly. My left eye started to hurt . . . it was my Kekkei Genkai. I had my hand over it; when the pain stopped, I took my hand off of my eye and stared at the dry lines of blood on my hands. That was one of the faults of my damn blood trait. . .

Pain didn’t really faze me at all, well, not anymore. I’ve been hurt so many times; I think I’ve lost interest in reacting to it at all. My long hair was being a bother at this very moment. With that thought in mind, I took my blade in hand and cut it short enough to make the look good on me. Now that I was positive that the ninja were gone, I went ahead and jumped off the high tree and continued to walk in the dark.

That was one of Kurosora’s abilities, to be able to see in the dark, as well as create darkness itself. It was quite a useful ability, but at times, it did deem itself useless to whatever that situation might be. As I continued to walk ahead, there was a large lake. The moon shone a bright white in the water. Taking the time to rest for a while, I walked over near the water and bent down, with my finger, I made ripples on the surface, just to test out how cold the water was. When I tested it, the water was actually quite warm, not really my taste, but I went ahead and washed myself with it. I tore off a piece of my clothing and used it as a rag to wipe the large amount of dry blood all over my body. I enjoyed murdering one of the Kage’s, they seem powerful, but they’re really not. Maybe I should go and try for the real Shinobi at Konohagakure.

As I continued to wipe myself down, I heard a rustle in the bushes. It was quite rude to sneak on somebody while they’re sitting down, don’t you think? Nevertheless, I just sat there, trying to get the blood off. A girl like me all alone? This could be troublesome . . . for them at least. I tightened the grip I had on my Katana and stared blankly at the water, staring at the reflection it gave off just to see if they were coming forward or not. It seemed like they did.

Four people emerged, a Jounin smoking a cigarette, a loud blonde, a fat moron, and a male with a pony-tail. Talk about awkward when you’re in the unknown forest. I stayed calm and tried to distinguish what village they came from. I squinted my eyes to try and make out what symbol their headbands gave off. . . as I continued to look, all three of them came from behind and tapped me on the shoulder, “What are you doing out here all alone?” asked the Jounin; the smoke from his cigarette made me cough a little. It was a smell that I hated very much; musty and burnt . . . it just pissed me off the way he was blowing it into my face! I had a mind to kill him, but I think I should keep low for a little while.

I also remembered that I had to answer his question, I stuttered at first to make it seem that I was innocent, “A-am. . . I causing you four trouble?” just as I expected, I sounded so good right there! All four of them gave me looks of confusion and just continued to stare at me. They even saw the parts of my body that was still covered in blood, “Hey, are you okay?” asked the blonde. Her voice was annoying as hell, but I couldn’t complain . . . not yet. I nodded my head in agreement to her question instead. She backed off as the one with the pony-tail picked me up bridal-style and sighed, I got mad, “My leg is not broken, damn it!”

“W-what are you doing . . .?” I asked aloud in that innocent voice again. He replied, “With the way you were sitting on the floor, accompanied by all the blood loss I assumed you had, you probably lost feelings in your legs.”

“No I didn’t-“ I struggled to get out of his arms, and he let me go without any objection. I smirked in triumph, but he was right, I couldn’t feel my legs. I stumbled toward the ground, but he caught me before I did, in my mind, I thought, “Smart bastard. . .”

“What did I tell you?”

“Okay, okay, so you were right. Big deal.” As he picked me up again, I crossed my arms in disapproval of the whole thing. Here I was, being carried to a village I don’t even know! I never got a look at their headbands! They just took me away. . .

They were going half the speed I always go whenever I want a leisurely exercise, but I couldn’t blame them. The seconds I counted turned into minutes, and those minutes turned into hours. It wasn’t like me to fall asleep, I hardly ever did, but now, I had the need to daze off. To my disappointment, my eyes closed as I tried to resist, and I was soon off into a long sleep.

It was a long dream I had. There were a group of people around me. They looked like they were in a cult or something. They wore the same outfits; I wouldn’t be surprised if they were shadow clones of just one person. They were talking amongst themselves, and I was left out. In my dream, I fiddled with my fingers until I was spoken to. There was blood on my hands when I looked at them, and then when I returned to gaze to the ceiling once again, a man with silver hair was above me. I stared at him with cold, emotion-less eyes, just as he did to me. I have never seen anyone like him before. Nor do I think I want to. He seemed like the person to piss me off really quick. The man got closer to me and invaded my personal space, but I didn’t even back off, I just continued to stare at him. His lips continued to get closer to mine, but our lips never met. It was like he was teasing my fictional self. . . He smirked devilishly and. . . .

. . . That was it.

I awoke from that dream and found myself on a medical bed in a place I have never seen before. Guessing all the wires hooked up to me, I was in a medical treatment facility. The noises around me were quite annoying. I struggled to get out of all the wires and see where I was. When I tried, a voice came from my left, “You shouldn’t be doing that.” It was that guy with the pony-tail. I rolled my eyes when he wasn’t looking and laid on the gurney with no fight against it. I stared towards my right, so I wouldn’t meet his gaze, I replied to him, “I felt fine before you guys came.”

“You may have just ignored the pain. That’s why you didn’t react so quickly.”

“So you guys just come and take me away?”

“We had a mission to dispose of the killer of the Mizukage. When we finally gave up searching, then we found you. You’re a wreck, and you have to agree with me on that.”

“Shut up, I don’t agree.”

He sighed and said, “Women are so troublesome. . .”


He got up from the seat next to me and made his way towards the door again, as he started to slide it open, a smirk appeared on his face. . . almost similar to the one in my dream . . . before it was cut off. I turned towards him and asked, “What is that for?” Just then, a group of people flooded into the room, being loud and annoying. . . I closed my eyes and gave that pony-tail boy a look of annoyance. Before he left, he told me, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. . .” that’s when he left the room.

There was another blonde (this time a boy), a girl with pink hair (odd), a boy with very pale skin (kind of creepy), and a silver-haired man (but not the one from my dream). They all had cards in their hands. That was weird because I had never seen any of these people in my life! I looked at them with very dull eyes and asked, “May I ask who all of you are?”

Each of them replied with their own answer added with a bit of their personality in it, first was the blonde, and he seemed very loud about it, “My name is Uzumaki, Naruto!” He gave me a wide smile and stared at me for a long time. It was rather awkward, so I decided to end it, “Anou. . . may I ask why you are staring?”

“Ino was right. . .”

“Right about what?” the silver-haired man asked.

Naruto pointed at me and replied, “She’s totally hot.” The pink-haired one smacked Naruto in the head and whispered, “You can’t just say that in front of her like that, especially if you just barely met!”

“Aw, Sakura-chan- you’re just jealous-“ that was when he got smacked in the head again. The girl quickly returned to her nice and polite posture and smiled at me, placing the card on the table beside me, “I’m Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you.”

She was pretty nice on the outside, but with the way she slugged Naruto, I was guessing that she was really different from what she seemed. I was started to like this treatment. I knew this feeling inside wasn’t an act. . . like it usually would be. Next was the silver-haired man with the mask, He carried a card just as Sakura, Naruto, and the other boy did, but he also held a book. I cocked my head to the side to read the title. . . there was an awkward silence as it was one of the those pervy books I always saw my uncle reading when I was little. He placed the card on the table behind Sakura and Naruto’s, and smiled at me (I could tell from his eyes), he began to speak, “My name is Hatake, Kakashi. It is nice to meet you as well.” I nodded in response and turned to the next boy, he seemed rather calm and just placed the card on the table with the others. “Sai.” He said simply. It was rather quick, but at least we have been introduced.

They each took seats that were scattered around the large room. I turned to my side and took all four cards in hand. I could tell which one was from who due to the order that they placed them in. The blue one was from Naruto, it had pictures of ramen all over it. . . odd. Sakura’s was the pink one. I disliked that color very much, but I didn’t want to offend. Her’s had flowers on it. I had just barely met these people and they give me cards? This was very interesting. . . I took Kakashi’s in hand and read it the words written inside. I should have guessed, but I didn’t really expect it. It was a written passage from Make-out Paradise added with an adult joke that I quickly understood. As I look towards his direction, I could already see him smiling from across the room.

I took the final card in hand. The one Sai brought. It was bland on the outside, but on the inside, there was a beautiful drawing of me. . . he must have been really talented to do this. . . I turned to him and asked, “How. . . – “ he cut me off by pointing out of the window beside me. I followed the direction his finger was pointing. There was a building across from this one, through that building’s window, I could see a stool and an easel. “From this distance huh. . .?” That was quite remarkable. As Sai smiled at me with that cute expression on his face, I gave him a quick hug and pulled away. From his pale skin, it was quite obvious that he was blushing.

I laughed a little and turned to the others who seemed surprised. Naruto seemed the most flustered about it, “Nani?! How come Sai gets special treatment from her?”

As he referred to me as ‘her’; I was quick to correct him, “My name is Hisoka.”

They all nodded in agreement to my response. “That’s a rather pretty name you got, Hisoka.” Kakashi said with a smile. There was question I had to ask them. . . “Why did you guys come to visit me today?” I was quite nervous at the response they might have given me.

Sakura was quick to answer that; she gave a nervous smile and continued, “We heard a raven-haired Shinobi was injured. Most of the descriptions given matched the appearances of one of our friends. Tsunade-Sama didn’t mention the gender though. . .”

Naruto took from there, “Sai was the first to tell us that it wasn’t Sasuke, but he only mentioned that after we bought the cards.”

All of them (except Sai), gave embarrassed looks.

For me, this was a basic anime moment. Everyone’s embarrassed as they unveil the truth to the person who was lied to in the beginning. “H-Hisoka-chan! Would like you like to go out sometime?” Naruto was pretty quick and to ask, but I felt famished. . . “Well, I wouldn’t really call it a date, but how’s about friends hanging out?”

Naruto seemed a bit disappointed at first, but he sucked it up and gave me thumbs up. After that, he came close to me and grabbed my wrist, “Let’s go then!”

“N-Naruto-Kun! I can’t!”

Sakura smiled and then turned to Kakashi, “Kakashi-Sensei, as a medical ninja, I think I have a say on if she’s healthy or not.”

“True, so . . . what do you think?”

“I think she’s perfectly fine, that is, unless I get to come with too!”

Naruto seemed a little flustered on the idea of others coming along, but he had no choice but to let the others come along for ramen. “I guess you guys could come. . .” After that was said, Sakura started to help me out of bed. I tried standing on my own again, but I stumbled at first, because of the wires of course. And just like before, a boy had to go and catch me, this time; it was Sai and not that pony-tail guy.

Another blush appeared on his face and I smiled. Now was the time for attempt number two. I used the bed post as support and finally managed to stay up by myself. I gave them a nervous smile and motioned the boys to get out of the room. They were confused at first, but I didn’t notice they were still in the room (I had assumed they exited) so I started to undress; they finally understood and they quickly ran out of the room. When I heard the door slam, a dark shade of crimson tinted my cheeks. Sakura giggled a bit and stared out the window.

My wardrobe consisted of the same garments I wore last night before being carried off to this village. This was surely Konohagakure if the White Fang was here. . . (Kakashi). Plus, I got a clear look on their headbands. My clothes were washed and cleaned. They felt nice . . . I wore a black shirt with a high collar that covered my mouth. I had tape on my arms and on my legs. I also wore black knee-length shorts. My katana rested on my side, and my Yukigakure head band was tried to my left arm nice and tight. I didn’t want the others to know that I was the one who killed the Mizukage last night; surely the news had gotten to every single neighboring land. Since I cut my hair short, it was hard to tell that I was that murderer. The description said long hair, so I was safe for now. Sakura turned back to me, “Hisoka-chan, you ready to leave?”

“Yes.” I replied. We both exited the room and met the three boys outside in the hall. At first, they looked in different directions until I addressed them, “Er . . . ready to leave?”

Kakashi was quite calm and gave me that smile again, while Sai and Naruto replied in unison, “Y-yeah. . .” I smiled and crossed my arms a little. Kakashi pulled out his book and waved, “I have business to attend to, so later~.” After had said that, he disappeared leaving the four us. I smirked a bit; Naruto and Sakura reacted to it like it was actually surprising or something, Sakura started to explain, “Sasuke-kun used to always do that!”

“Yeah Hisoka-chan! You’re like the female version of Sasuke!”

I gave them a nervous smile and wondered who this Sasuke person was. I really seem to be the spitting image of him . . . but I didn’t believe it fully. Maybe if Kakashi had added on to it, I might have done said action.

We walked together around Konohagakure. Naruto staring at me from the corner of his eye, Sai standing awfully close, Sakura on the other side of me; I was having fun.

Meanwhile. . . (Third Person)

“I think we should let her stay for a while.” Said Kakashi.

But we would be putting the whole village in trouble! The Akatsuki has been watching her for sometime; it won’t be long until they come for her. You know she’s the one who killed the Mizukage; you can not deny it Kakashi! You were a witness!” yelled Tsunade.

“Don’t be so quick to trust your assumptions. Yes, I’ve been watching her, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely inhumane. She does have a mind.”

“That is no excuse! Once a killer, always a killer, and that’s how it should be. No more, no less. I trust my assumptions and will trust it until you finally learn the truth yourself. It won’t be soon until she realizes her true past and finally snap at the mention of it all!”

“I’ll be able to stop her. I’ve learned her restraints.”

“Don’t be so cocky. No matter how many times you hurt her, she’ll just get up. She ignores the pain and you know it.”

“Then I’ll just have to think of something else then.”

“When you try, I’ll be there with the Anbu Black-Ops to watch you fail in your useless attempt. Kakashi . . . don’t do this.”

“We’ll just come to it and see what the true results are.”

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