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You drove out of your house and started going to the school grounds. You were driving at around, 100 miles per hour. Sasuke was holding on to door handel and his seat.

"Are you crazy?!?" he asked

"I have no idea what Karin's up to now and I need to make sure she dosn't get away with it."

"Well go slower! Do you want to get us killed?!".

"Just shut up and put on your seat belt" you said, with eyes on the rode

He chuckled, "You're one to talk! Put YOUR seat belt on"

"Kinda busy right now!" you said, gripping on the stearing wheel.

"Fine! I'll put yours on for you" he started to get up and grab your seat belt, causing you to lose balance for a minute

"ARE YOU MENTAL?!? I can put on my own goshdamn seat belt thank you!"


"I'm busy!" you passed a turn you were supposed to make

"You passed the turn!" Sasuke yelled

"ONLY BECAUSE YOU WERE BLOCKING MY WAY!" You made a sharp 'U' turn

"I feel sick" Sasuke admitted


You knocked the door down, "WHAT DID KARIN DO?!?!"

Everyone was with their bags and heading twoard the door, they all stopped and froze.

You raised an eye brow, "What the fu-?"

"Hitomi!" Sakura hugged you

"What are you...?"

Temari threw you your blue bag, "took you long enough"

"What? What happend with Karin? What did she do?"

Kiba said, "Nothing! We had to give a good reason for you to come here faster"

Sasuke glared, "You mean... that I was almost KILLED because of your LIE?!?"

Ino giggled, "Yeah pretty much"

You sighed and looked at your bag, "What's in this, Temari?"

"Your SPA tings... We're going to the Konoha SPA and resort today!" she answered.

You got out the mini bus Neji rented and threw your arms in the air,

"Finally! Are you sure this is the KONOHA spa and resort, Temari? Cause we took FIVE HOURS to get up here!"

"Of course w-we're sure," Hinata started,"M-my dad owns this resort... but it's just on a mountain, h-that's why i-it took so long, Hi-hitomi"

You sighed, "Okay... just tell me where this SPA thing is so I can sleep..."
You looked up and you saw:
(just imagine a big spa @ the edge ^^)

Your mouth dropped. "Hinata, are you freaken' rich?!"

She giggled and walked inside; everyone followed.

"Hello, Miss Hyuuga." A man in his early twenties greeted,

"Hi, um, we're going to stay here f-four t-two days tops" she answered

"Ok, Miss Hyuuga." Then he looked over at you, "Here's your room key, call me any time you need a little company" he winked

You got pissed off, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU MOTHER FU-"

"OKAY!" Temari put her hand to your mouth, "Thank you for the room key and we'll be going now! Good night!" You were just DIEING to hurt that dude... but... too many inosent people. So you let it go... FOR NOW!

Yougot inside Resort Hyuuga and entered our rooms. The girls shared a room, while the boys shared another room next door.

"Let's all go to the Hot Sptings!" Naruto yelled

"Naruto, it's 10:55 and everyone is tired... let's go tomorrow." TenTen yawned

He sighed but went to the hallway of your rooms. Everone said goodnight and whent inside; everyone except you and Sasuke.

"Sasuke, when arewe planning to tell them?"

"The sooner the better"

"True, well, good night"

"'Night" he smiled and grabbed your wrist before you opened the door, "Meet me later by the Hot Springs at around Midnight"

You smirked and shook your head mockingly, "Okay Sasuke... later"


You 'woke up' at 11:55. You got everything you needed and headed to the girls' changing room without waking anybody up.

You took off your clothes and replaced it with a white towel. You left your hair down and took a cool shower before you got inside the (Co-Ed) hot springs.

You saw Sasuke with his eyes closed and he seemed really relaxed, and you smirked to yourself.

"Hey Teddy"
he opened his eyes just a bit and turned red.

"What?" you asked

"N-nothing.. it's... it's just that it's hot.. that's all."

You sunk down to the water, "This feels good"

"y-yeah" he responded, blushing and sunk down deeper in the water so you could only see his eyes.

"Are you ok?" you asked

he moved slightly up, "yeah"

"You wanted to tell me something?"

"No, not really"

"Then why?"

"I just wanted to spend some time with you, that's all"

you smiled and closed your eyes, just enjoying the time.

"Hey Hitomi..."


"Let's play a game"

You raised your eye brow, "what kind of game?"

"I ask you10 questions about myself, and if you answer incorrectly you have to do whatever I say for each question you get wrong, you have to do those amount of tasks. Example: you get 5 wrong, you have to do any 5 requests..."

"And if I answer correctly?"

"Then I get to do whatever you want me to doand vise-versa... and then we'll flip flop."

You chuckled, "Alright, Uchiha. But I'm not going get any wrong..."

"Alright, I'll see about that."

"Okay, go on... What's the first question?"

He pndered for a moment, but then asked, "How many siblings do I have?"

"One" you answered without hesitation

"Number two: How tall am, I?"

"How the hell am I spposed to know that?"

"That's one wrong!"

"No wait.. um... 150.8 cm?"

He stared in shock, "lucky guess... Number 3:How much do I weigh?"

"42.2 Kg"

He sighed, "4: Where was I born?"

"Konoha! No duh!"

"5: When's my birthday?"

"July, 23"

"6: What's my blood type"


"How could you know that?!" He asked

you shrugged, "That's my blood typeso I just felt lucky"

he glared. He was determaned to win, "7: Who am I named after?"

"A legendary ninja"

he smirked, "8: What's his name?"

"Sarutobi Sasuke"

"9:What are my favorite colors?"

You rolled your eyes, "Black and blue... these are rally easy questions, Teddy!"

He smirked, yet again, "This last one isn't that easy" he moved closer to you

"Oh really?" you raised an eye brow and came closer to him as well, "Stop stalling and try me" you whispered (you were inches away from each other)

"10: Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?"

To be continued...

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