Love Is A Mysterious Thing... [Jasper Hale Love Story]

Hey, okay I'm kinda new at this people so bare with me! LOL, this is a jasper hale love story because jasper rocks! rate and message me if you like it!!!

Created by LoveSlowlyKills on Monday, December 29, 2008

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4.jpg 2306174.jpg[her eye color]
Name: Amethyst Smith
Age: 19 forever
Status: Vampire
Descrition: long, mid-back black hair, purple eyes, pale skin, short and thin but has a perfect figure
Personality: calm, quiet, romantic, has a temper, stands up for herself and her friends, likes to keep to herself, loving, mysterious
Powers: she can turn completely invisable, you can't see or smell her.
Hobbies: dancing, listening to music, fixing cars, reading, writting, watching movies
Loves: rain, dancing, night time, romance, cars
Hates: preps, pink, hip hop, snobby people
Backround: she was born in the year 1893 in Italy where she lived until she was 19. when she turned 19 she went aboard the legendary 'Titanic', she was turned as the boat was sinking and managed to surive. she went to America where she met her best friend Daisy and together they traveled from place to place. She drinks animal blood, but she can only take some blood and has to leave the animal with enough to live because Daisy is very protective over animals.
4973.jpg Emo_Eyes.jpg
Name: Daisy Connors
Age: 19 forever
Status: Fariy
Description: kind of long bright orange hair, pink eyes, tiny and pixie like,kind of tanskin, perfect figure
Personality: fun, happy, loud, bubbly, stands up for her friends, loving, caring, nice
Powers: since she is a fariy she can do magic
Hobbies: singing, reading, listening to music, dancing, going for walks
Loves: nature, animals, sunlight, singing
Hates: preps, sad things, quiet, animal abusers
Backround: She was born in the year 1900 in an unknown town near the forest. when she was 19 she was going though the woods one day and got lost, she met a nice looking woman but the woman tried to kill her. when she was dieing, some faries found her and transformed her intoa fariy. she met Amethyst in New York and became best friends.
Note: Alice is in this story but her and Jasper are not together just close in a brother sister type relationship. Message me if you like the story!!!!

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