Naruto & Hinata: Opposites Attract Love Story Chapter 6

Naruto & Hinata finally come together within this series. They've gone out on two beautiful dates, and spent time in a lovely clearing. A lemon will pop up eventually ;), but not too soon. The love between the shy Hinata and the headstrong Naruto is both beautiful and fun to write. I hope all new readers check out the other chapters, as well as my other works. I also like to write about Itachi. Anywho, read on with the love of the opposites.

Created by Wiccangixie on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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"SHIZUNAIIIIIIIIIIIII!" "I'm coming Lady Tsunade!!" We heard Lady Tsunade and Shizunai outside the door of the Hokage's office. Naruto set me down in front of the door, and he looked incredibly angry. I clasped his hand within mine, and I kissed him on the cheek. It didn't fully relax him, but he was beginning to settle down a little. I was beginning to suspect why Naruto was angry. I think a part of him blamed Lady Tsunade for Juraiya's death. When the Hokage could be heard from inside, Naruto clenched his teeth. That gave me an affirmation that my suspicions were right. I gently knocked on the door, and Shizunai answered. "Oh, Lady Tsunade, Naruto and Hinata are here." Lady Tsunade answered. "They're just in time, let them in Shizunai."

"I'm glad you both are here," she started to say. Several toads were in the room, along with the meambers of Team Kakashi. "Naruto, Fukasaku, or the Toad Sage, has confirmed that Juraiya died while in battle with Pain. Pain is the confirmed leader of the Akatsuki. "Now..." She was cut off by Naruto. He sounded pist. "Lady Tsunade!!!! Its your fault he's dead! You didn't send anyone to help him, and you let him die after all the things he's done for the village. YOU LET HIM DIE!!!!!" His face grew so tense it scared me. "Nn... Naruto." He stormed out of the office without even looking at me. It scared me. I heard Lady Tsunade call my name. "Please Hinata, please go find Naruto, and help to calm him down." At first she looked angry, then she looked as if she was thinking about what Naruto said. No one said anything else, except for the Hokage. She then started showing a pained, but small, smile. "He needs you now Hinata." For a minute, it almost sounded as if the Hokage gave a blessing for us to be together. "Th..Thank you, my, my Lady. I'll go find him, and then we'll come back. Please excuse him." I sounded a little stronger than usual, and with that spoken, I then bounded off to go find my love.

I stopped at Ichiraku's first, knowing that that was Naruto's favorite place to go, then I bolted off to check Naruto's apartment; he wasn't there. Sakura saw how troubled I was, and she started asking what was wrong. I told her about what happened. Affirmation was the look on her face. "You'll find him Hinata. Think of the place that you would most likely find him, other than Ichiraku's of course. I'll search through the rest of town to help. I know he's around." Then she smiled at me. "He's lucky to have you Hinata," then she quickly bounded off, and I started thinking about where to find Naruto. Of course. I knew just where to find him.

I was right. Naruto was back at the place we left from earlier, our little clearing. He was lieing on his back, staring at the sky. When we were younger, I used to wish that I could watch the sky openly with Naruto. Now, I finally have my chance, and of course he needs to talk. He saw me, but he didn't move. He didn't stir. "Naruto.." I said softly, and was almost too afraid to approach him. Somehow it didn't matter. He was too important to me. I moved to a spot beside him, and I chose to lie beside him. Neither of us spoke for a second, but then Naruto turned to face me. There were tears covering his cheeks. I moved my hand to brush them off his face. "Naruto. I love you Naruto. You can talk to me you know." He actually smiled a little. "I know," that was all he said.


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