Plot- Tips for writing a Naruto fanfiction/roleplay

The part of my fanfiction/roleplaying guide for Naruto that covers the plot. Go to part one for character-related assistance.

Created by ChaosSoda on Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The plot of fanfictions and roleplays can be rather difficult to come up with these days, since so many good ideas have been used up and made cliche.
Plot elementsto avoid:
~Instantaneous love with any character
~Convincing Sasuke not to leave Konoha (the Leaf Village) because he loves your OC/RPC so much

~Turning the Akatsuki into "good guys" and making everyone friends
I'd only do this in a non-serious, just for your own entertainment thing- many writers of 7 mins. in heaven quizzes do this- and it's fine there, since getting ninjas of any kind to play that game is highly unlikely as it is.
~Being the long lost sibling of any canon character, especially Naruto or Sasuke
See chapter one, there's a HUGE section on this there.
~Completely and totally re-writing the plot of the original anime/manga, keeping nothing but the characters
Why bother? It isn't Naruto without the Naruto storyline. Even when I roleplay with my best friend, I don't change the storyline beyond recognition- there are some differences (ex. My character exists, certain people don't die, or die a little later, although those that don't die don't really affect the storyline that much, if at all.)
~Making your character a non-ninja
All I can say is "WHAT THE HELL?!" Naruto is a NINJA anime, and if your character wants a chance at a relationship, friendship, or even a chance of meeting any of the shinobi that populate the series, he or she had better be a ninja. IT IS, HOWEVER, OK TO BE A RETIRED NINJA, OR TO BE A KID THAT GROWS UP TO BECOME A NINJA.

~Making your character a vampire, elf, demon, angel, fairy, neko, etc.
They don't exist in Naruto. That is all.

Plot that could pass, but I wouldn't personally reccomend:
~Pairings that would never happen
Yes, I know, it's your fanfiction, not mine. That's why this isn't in the "HELL NO! DON'T DO IT!!" section. While it makes me die a little inside when I see character like Sasuke and Itachi paired together, if you really want to, I guess you can, though it's not believable at all (Sasuke wan't to KILL Itachi, not have an incestuous relationship with him...) Some unlikely or non-canon pairings are better than others, and more likely (Ex. Sakura likes Sasuke, but after he leaves, you could pair her with Naruto, Lee, or an OC/RPC if you wanted to)
To be honest, I'm not a fan of lemons, especially when the characters are (like in Naruto) only 12 or 13. Even in Shippuuden, it's a *little* scary when you have the characters participating in a lemon, especially if it's people like, oh, I don't know, Kakashi and Sakura together. You can do it if you want *shudder*, but make sure you mark it as being for mature audiences only. We don't want 13 year olds (or younger!)reading lemons. Hell, I have a younger sister who uses the site, andwould be horrified if she found one by mistake, and I'd be pissed at whoever left it unmarked.
Plot devices that might be nice:

~ Having an OC/RPC with an interesting past join in at any point in the original storyline
~ Making your own plot twists that are an offshoot of the original storyline
~ Anything else you can think of that would be new and refreshing, and wouldn't kill the original plot

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