Naruto highschool

Created by lexibexi on Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WOOHOO! shouted naruto as he, sasuke,hinata, and sakura walked to school. first day of highschool for us!naruto said happly. i-i wonder what it will be like. said hinata. it'll be great! CHAA! said sakura. i hope naruto dosent get detenoin on his first day. sasuke teased. shut it emo. said naruto. you wont even make it cause you are a freshmen.said naruto. we allare freshmen dingdong. sasuke said. they arrived at school and the first thing they saw made them jump. rocklee (a freshmen) was getting a major wedgie from kiba (a senior). AHHHHHH! LET ME GO! shouted rocklee trying to grab his underwear out of kiba's grip. no way green. freshmen that look retarded like you always get this! said kiba. then he hung rocklee on a poll then left to get to class. hinata,sakura,naruto, and sasuke walked up to rocklee and got him down. kiba, what a jerk. said sakura. i wish some poeple here where nice. yeah. said naruto and sasuke. I-I think it is very rude. said hinata. we all agree with that. said naruto. not me. somone said. then all of a sudden sasuke and naruto's underwear shot up there butt. AHHHHHHHH! they screamed. they turned there head and saw neji and kiba (seniors) giving them atomic wedgies. freshmen always get these. said neji. exept the girls. only girl bullys give girls wedgie's. said kiba. then hinata and sakura's thongs shot up there butts. AIE! sakura shouted. she turned and saw it wasent hinata getting a wedgie. it was rocklee. then all of the bullys let go and thier underwear shot up there butt and they where hung on tree's. (ok the girl bullys are tenten and ino).AHHHHHHH! the bullys shouted. ring!ring! went the bell. well see ya later. said hinata as the gang and rocklee left for 1st period. when 1st period was over naruto and sasuke went to the locker room. then they got hanging wedgie's by neji and kiba. well well well. said neji. looks like we have freshmen that havent been giveing there greating.then he took out a wodden paddle from his locker and began to hit sasuke and narutos butt while they where hanging from a locker. AHHHH! they shouted. then rocklee punched kiba and neji and hung them on a locker and took naruto and sasuke down. to be countinued...

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