Secret lesbian affair

two best friends discover a steamy attraction to each other but they hide it from their friends and family

Created by ItsComplicated on Thursday, January 01, 2009


I sat on the bed in our hotel room. Michelle was in the shower and Crystal had just left for the game. She would probably be gone for a few hours. Since we were seniors, we weren't required to have a sponser in the room with us. We didn't have anything planned until tomorrow, so we got the night to relax. A night of relaxing is just what I needed, after all, driving sixteen hours to Chicago could wear anyone out.

I turned on the tv as I heard the shower go off. I flipped through the channels until I found an old episode of Home Improvement. We both loved that show. Michelle walked out wrapped in her towel, her short, dark hair dripping water onto her shoulders. I watched her walk over to her suitcase and grab some pajamas. I quickly looked away as she turned around to face me.

"No peeking!" She giggled as she walked over to the bathroom to get dressed. She left the door slightly open. I would love to walk over and sneek a peek, but I knew better than that. Michelle was straight, very straight. And she had no idea that I was bi, and had a little crush on her. Ok, thats a lie, I have a big crush on her. She has been one of my best friends since we were in middle school.

She finally walked out of the bathroom in her baggy pajama pants and old t-shirt. She looked so cute. She climbed on the bed and sat next to me. She let out a little squeel of excitement.

"Oh my gosh Stephanie, we are gonna have so much fun on this trip. I can't believe it's our senior year!" She linked arms with me and grinned. I just laughed and agreed with her. Just than she jumped up and grabbed her bag. She pulled out her radio.

"What are you doing?" I got up and walked toward her.

"I'm going to put on some music and you should get out your video camera and record us dancing around."

"Ok! Than we can put it on my computer and make a funny video with it." I grabbed my camera out of my back pack and turned it on. I pointed it at her and told her to do something funny.

"No! You have to get in here with me!" She laughed and grabbed my camera and set it up on top of the tv. She than turned her radio on to kj. Touch my body by mariah carry had just come on. We both laughed and started dancing 'sexy'. We started goofing around with each other, I took her hand and spun her around. She tripped and fell on me, making us both fall onto the floor, her on top. We were laughing too hard to get up. When she finally stopped laughing, she just looked at me.

"Stephanie, what would you do if I kissed you?" We usually ask weird questions like that, just to be silly. for some reason I don't think she was joking this time.

"Um, I don't know. I would probably be too surprised to do anything." That was a lie, I would definitely kiss her back. I figured that my answer was the safest thing to say without giving anything away.

She looked at me as she started inching closer. Her face was only about an inch from mine. a moment I have dreamed about for a very long time. Just than, someone knocked on the door. I don't think I have ever been so mad in my life, but we got up and I composed myself before opening the door. It was Ms. Lind checking to see that everyone was in their rooms. When she left, I shut the door and turned around. Michelle was sitting on the bed staring at the floor, she had already turned her radio off. She must regret getting so close to me. I didn't want to drive her away, so I sat on the edge of the bed as far from her as I could be. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes, so I decided to break the silence.

"You want me to change the channel? I could find us a movie or something.." My voice trailed off as I looked away, afraid that she would look at me and see how nervous I was.

"No, I'm pretty tired, you mind if we just go to bed?" Oh no, we had already drawn straws to see who got the bed to themselves, Crystal won. Michelle and I were going to have to share a bed. I knew that, and I could tell by her tenseness that she knew that.

"Sure, I'm just going to brush my teeth." I got my toiletries and went into the bathroom. I took as much time as I could, but I knew I would have to go back in there eventually. I turned the light off and walked back to my bag. When I turned around, I saw that Michelle was already in bed with all the lights off but one, the lamp by my side of the bed. I walked slowly to the bed and carefully layed down. I tryed to stay on the edge of the bed, so I don't freak her out. I turned the lamp off and tried not to move too much.

"Do I smell or something?" Her voice rang out in the dark room.


"You act like I stink or something. You don't have to lay so far away, I won't bite." I could swear I heard a bit of mischouf in that last part. I relaxed a little and rolled over on my back, a little closer to her.

"Sorry." I whispered. I layed there still untill I heard her breathing steady. I relaxed a little after that, but it still took me at least an hour to fall asleep. I dreamed of nothing but her.

The next morning, I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 7:30. Crystal was in her bed, her and Michelle were still asleep. I turned over and looked at Michelle. She looked so beautiful, it must have been a dream. She would never almost kiss me. It was too good to be true. I layed there for a while. Than at about 8, I got up and got dressed. We were scheduled for a wake up call at 9, so I decided to explore the hotel a little. I walked around for a while, but quickly got bored by myself. I walked back up to the room. Before I opened the door, I heard talking. Michelle and Crystal must be awake. Than a thought occured to me, what if Michelle told Crystal that we almost kissed. What if she told her I'm gay or something. I took a deep breath, she wouldn't do that. After all, she had almost kissed me, and she knows how Crystal is. Crystal is very religious and thinks gays are gross. Not that she wouldn't be nice to them or anything, but if she found out about me, she would probably be weird around me, thinking I was hitting on her all the time or something. So I slid in my door key and opened the door. Michelle was still in bed and Crystal was up getting some clothes out of her bag.

"Well morning sunshine, where have you been?" Crystal threw a sock at me.

"I got bored waiting for you two lazy buts to wake up, so I went walking. How was the game?"

"It was awesome! You should have been there." She than told me every detail of the whole entire night, I felt like I was there by the time she finished. Michelle had gotten dressed in the bathroom while Crystal was telling her story. I noticed that she shut the door this time. I was getting worried, I didn't want what happened to ruin our trip, or our friendship. When she came out though, looking great I might add, she seemed like normal. Ms. Lind came knocking on everyone's doors telling us to come down for breakfast.

Once we were all down at our tables, Ms. Lind told us all that we would be sightseeing today. I was really excited. We would be able to walk around an outdoors mall all day and shop and look around. So after we ate, everyone piled on the bus and we headed for the mall. There were all kinds of stores there, coffee shops, souvonere shops, clothing outlets, and lots more. When we got off the bus, everyone scattered off in different directions. Crystal, Michelle and me all decided to go into the clothing boutique fairly close to us. We were having so much fun I had almost completely forgot about the previous night, almost. We all picked out crazy outfits and went into the dressing rooms. After alot of laughs and alot of clothes, Crystal said she needed something to drink, so she was going to the juice place across the street. Michelle had alot of clothes she wanted to buy and asked if I would stay there with her and help her carry them. I didn't mind, so Crystal left and Michelle walked back over to the racks.

"Hey I just want to try this one more shirt on and than we can go." She dragged me back to the dressing rooms and made me stand outside her door. After a few minutes I heard her laughing and calling for me to come help her. I opened the door and almost die laughing.

"Shut the door!" I shut the door quickly. She had appearently gotten the wrong size and got it stuck over her head trying to get it off.

"Help me please," she said through her laughter. I was a little hesitant to touch her, but she started begging so I grabbed the shirt and tried to pull it off. I was stuck pretty good, so I inched closer, pressing my body against hers, and grabbed more of the shirt. One hard tug and I got it off. At that point, she was shirtless and I was pressed against her.

I didn't move for a second, not wanting to waste this opportunity again. So I leaned my lips closer to hers, never losing eye contact. I was waiting for her to stop me, but she didn't. I slowly got closer and finally I pressed my lips against hers. It was like all the tension that we didn't even realize we were feeling was released. I grabbed the back of her neck, deepening the kiss. She wrapperd her arms around my waist and pulled her body tightly against mine. I slid my tongue along her bottom lip and just as it was getting good, we were interrupted.

"Are you guys still trying on clothes? Come on, I want to go to that jewelry shop down the street." Crystal knocked on the door.

"Hold on, we are coming." So Michelle put her shirt back on and we walked out laughing telling Crystal about the shirt getting stuck, leaving out the part about us passionately kissing of course. So after exchanging some weird glances, we all walked out and Crystal was none the wiser.

After a few more hours of shopping, we all got hungry and headed to the little sandwich shop around the corner. Finally when it was time to go back to the hotel for the evening, we all got back on the bus. Michelle sat with me and Crystal sat by herself in front of us listening to her ipod. The seats on the bus we were using were very tall. Plus we sat in the very back, so really no one could see us. Well, they couldn't see when Michelle grabbed my hand and held it. I sneaked a quick smile at her and squeezed her hand. We rode the whole way back to the hotel like that. When we finally got back up to our room, we all got into our pajamas. I know me and Michelle were thinking the same thing, that we wanted to share a bed again. Crystal, however, might find that weird. I went to turn on the tv and sat at the edge of the bed, Michelle sat next to me. Crystal than jumped on her bed and spread out.

"Ok, you guys can share a bed again and I will have this one all to myself!" She laughed.

"Crystal your a loser!" Me and Michelle laughed, but crawled up into the bed with Michelle anyways.

"I was just kidding, one of you guys can sleep over here." Before I could answer, Michelle cut in.

"Nah, I am already comfortable. Hey, lets see if there are any good movies on!" I'm thankful that Michelle changed the subject. After an hour or so of wathching dumb shows and laughing our buts off, we all decided it was late and we wanted to go to bed. So we turned the lights off and said good night. I felt around until I found Michelle's hand, I started rubbing it gently. We stayed like that, and after a while, we heard Crystal's heavy breathing and knew she was asleep. I whispered her name just to make sure. No response, she must really be out.

"I think she's sleeeeeeeeeping." Michelle giggled, I loved making her laugh. Than she leaned over and lightly kissed my neck, than she worked her way up my jaw and to my lips. I reached over and put my hand on her side, I pulled her closer to me. I lightly slipped my hand up her shirt and started rubbing her stomach. She started rubbing my arm, just than I gently slid my hand up and cupped her breast. She ghasped allowing me to slip my tongue in. I massaged her tongue with mine. Appearently she liked it because she started getting a little more aggresive. She pulled my shirt off in one quick movement, than started massaging my breasts. It took all of my will power to keep from letting out a moan. I rolled her over and got on top of her, I slipped her shirt over her head and started kissing down her neck. Than I moved down to her chest and reached underneith her and unstrapped her bra. Before I pulled it off though, I stopped. I didn't want to pressure her or make her feel like she had to do this. I felt her fingers tangle through my hair though.

"Don't stop, please." She whispered. So I kept going. I pulled her bra off and started planting gentle kisses around her breasts. I moved in closer and I couldn't contain myself any longer. I started licking and sucking her breasts. My sudden change must have startled her, but not for long. She was soon arching her back and breathing heavily. I kissed and licked down her stomach stopping at the waistline of her pants. Just as I started kissing along her panty line, we heard Crystal say something and roll over, we layed frozen for a few minutes.

"Crystal..are you awake?" Michelle whispered.

"Crystal?" I said it a bit louder, but still no reply.

"I think she was talking in her sleep." Michelle giggled.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this with her in here, I really don't want her to wake up." I didn't want to stop, but I knew what would happen if Crystal woke up and figured out what we were doing.

"Yeah, your probably right." She sounded dissapointed. I'm not sure why, but that made me a little happier.

So I crawled up and felt around until I found our discarded shirts. I couldn't tell which was which in the dark, so I just handed her one. I layed back down next to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She nuzzled her body closer to mine until we fit together like one body. I don't think I have ever been so comfortable, I could lay like that forever. I kissed her neck lightly.

"Goodnight." I whispered in her ear. She turned her head slightly toward me and kissed my lips.

"Goodnight." She layed her head back down and we fell asleep like that. We must have switched possitions in the middle of the night, because when we woke up, Michelle was behind me with her arms around my waist. Luckily we woke up before Crystal did and she didn't get the chance to see us.

The next couple of days were filled with secret hand holding, sneeked kisses and lots of giggles. We laugh alot anyway, so I don't think Crystal noticed. All in all it was an amazing trip. I got to spend 5 days with my two best friends, one of them just happen to be the girl I was crazy about. The drive back, Michelle sat with crystal whil I slept by myself. We couldn't sit together all the time, that might blow our cover. I woke up to Michelle whispering in my ear. I smiled at her and sat up.

"Where are we?" I said groggily.

"We are about 15 minutes from the school. Crystal fell asleep so I decided to sit with you." She grabbed my hand. I looked down at our hands and I thought occured to me.

"So whats going to happen at school?" I didn't look at her, I had an idea what the answer was going to be.

"Stephanie, I love this, being with you I mean. But I'm not ready to tell everyone. I mean, I don't even know what this means. Am I gay, bi..I don't know..." Her voice trailed off.

"So does that mean your still going to date guys and stuff?" I looked up at her this time, she was smiling.

"No, I want to be with you. Wait..are you lesbian or bi?" She looked at me curiously. I laughed.

"I'm bi. I still like guys. Your probably bi too, I mean you still like guys right?"

"Yeah, I do. But I don't think I have ever been attracted to a girl, besides you."

"Well maybe you just havn't met the right girl," I teased.

"Hmm, maybe your right." We laughed.

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