20 HILARIOUS Ways to get kicked out of Wal-Mart

these are 20 extremely funny ways to get kicked out of Wal-Mart...or at least yelled at! People will be saying "BEHAVE YOURSELF" & you'll just laugh & run! If you're brave enough...you should try some! ;-)

Created by 1katie25 on Friday, January 02, 2009


1. Knock down all the toys in the toy section
2. (with friends) Take down the little bikes or the tricicles & ride them around the store
3. Growl at the little kids who get in front of you
4. Glare at anyone who looks at you like your crazy
5. Throw things into other people's carts
6. Walk up to random people & act like you've known them your whole life (if they play along sream "STALKER" as loud as you can)
7. Go up & down the aisle singing & dancing (badly)
8. Put on the really big hats & walk around sreaming in a british accent
9. Get a chair & put it next to one of the cash registers where someone is working & start a conversation (ignore the person being checked out even if you're in their way)
10. Scream at the top of your lungs "Where's My Mommy!" when someone trys to help you find her sream "KID NAPPER!"
11. Wear the dumbest outfit ever. Go up to random people & say "Don't I look perty!" & if they don't answer follow them around the store. If they say no start screaming stuff that isn't even a word like "SHABA LABA DING DONG"!
12. Ask a worker where the meat is & once they show you say "Oh Thanks. I think my brother is going to love it hear." & if they ask why look at them like your crazy & say "thats for me to know, & nobody to find out. I'm to young to go to jail!" Then scream "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
13. Go around the kids department sreaming "murderer!" with the Elmo doll sitting on the ground with a water gun in his hand!
14. Play hide & seek. Hide in people's shopping carts!
15. Ask a worker where the cups are & when they show you pick one up & sream "THIS IS NOT MY BATMAN CUP!!!"
16. Go over to the food. (meat if there is any) & start screaming "DO NOT SHOOT YOUR MEATLOF!" if someone says who are you talking to say "My friend BOB" if they say where is Bob. You say "THATS VERY RUDE HE'S STANDING RIGHT HERE! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT! WE'RE INSULTED!" then go tell the manager that they were making fun of your friend for being 'different'!
17. Talk randomly to yourself & if someone says are you talking to me scream "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!! I JUST WANNA BE A NORMAL GIRL!"
18. Where all black. Go around the store like your on a mission. When someone asks you what are you doing say "Oh no! The enemy spotted me! Code red code red get me outta here!
19. Go up to all the old men, wave & say "HEY BABY! ARE YOU FREE TONIGHT?!"
20. Wear a crazy & mixed matched outfit. Go to the front of the store in front of the video cameras & scream "DONT YOU WISH YOU WERE HOT LIKE ME! DONT YA! DONT YA BABY DONT YA!" & when an old man walks past wave flirtaciously & wink at him!

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