Seven Minutes In Heaven Death Note

This is probably like a prologue or something. I really wanted to do this, to make something of BB. He is awesomeness!!! X3 More soon, 'kay? ;)

Created by SABUROsluv on Monday, January 05, 2009

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Birthday, Beyond

You were pretty mad about Misa inviting...well EVERYONE here. It's not that big a deal to you, a birthday is a birthday, just another day. "You really didn't have to throw me a Birthday Party, Misa-chan." Misa only laughed, she waved her hand a few times, giggling nearly uncontrolably. "You're my friend, so I want what's best for you, 'kay?" "Friend"? She can't be serious. You never once considered her as a "Friend", you'd rather die than have someone like her as a friend. She's pretty stupid too. (LOL) Light sat on the couch, his arms and legs crossed over each other. He sat next to Ryuuzaki, who was happily eating sweets: cake, strawberries, animal crackers, ice cream. It's a wonder how he doesn't get so fat from that. You nearly laughed aloud from this thought.

Matt, as always, was occupied with another one of his games, he took a long, hard drag on his cigarette. He sighed exhaling a puff of smoke, Mello growled. He waved his hand back and forth, moving away a bit, the chocolate bar still in his mouth. He bit hard onto it, it fell, Matt tried not to laugh, but did. Which had earned him a whack to the head. Matt continued to play his game, ignoring the pain and the huge bump throbbing on his head. He could hear snickering coming from a few of the other party members.

Near lay there on his belly, playing with his small train set. We all knew he had one much bigger than that. Actually you were pretty jealous of Near. His intellect nearly rivaled L's, besides that, where was he getting all those great toys from!? You really wanted that huge pictureless puzzle of his. It really stood out, and it was amazing how he could make a decent pattern from it, or completely solve it in record-breaking time. Hm, you have to wonder if L could do that too. Well...sure he could, I bet.

Although most couldn't see them, the Shinigami were watching the others in the dark corner. Rem, and Ryuk were there, just watching. You could see them, you had touched the Death Note. Matsuda, Matt, and Mello could not see them. They haven't touched neither Light's nor Misa's Death Notes. That's why they couldn't see. You stared at Ryuk for a short period of time, before turning back to Misa-chan. "What is it, Misa-chan? There must be something, I mean if this is supposed to be a party, pfft, I think I'd have more fun dancing in a cemetary." Misa pouted, then thought of something that made you regret the words said. "How about we play Seven Minutes in Heaven? Alright?" You opened your mouth to protest, but you were totally out-voted.

You used an old, worn hat you found just hanging there in the closet. You had forgotten it was there, oh, well. You sighed reaching inside, you pulled out the first slip of paper your fingers touched. It was crumpled into a ball, so it was hard to tell what it said. You stared at the word once you could finally make it out. It startled you a bit, and you thought it might've came from one of the two Shinigami in the room. "Well, what does it say?" Misa-chan asked eagerly. You swallowed so hard, it nearly hurt your throat. You said aloud the word bloodbath. The room filled with slight murmur, apparently no one here had wrote that. "Let me see." Misa said grabbing it. It indeed said "Bloodbath". Misa stared in disbelief, but it was there in bright red letters. "It is mine." Said a gruff, hoarse voice coming from where the Shinigami were.

However none of the Shinigami had said it, a figure emerged from the shadows. "Who are you?" You asked, Misa spoke up. "Hey, you weren't invited here!!" The man ignored her words, "I am... Beyond Birthday." L stopped eating his sweets when that strange name was said. "How the hell did you get in here?" Mello asked, then was surprised when he stepped into the lighting, looking like L. However, everyone could tell it was not, more like his "Evil Twin Brother" or something. "I was bored. So, I let myself in." This Beyond Birthday person turned toward the Shinigami, and when he did the Shinigami were quite surprised. (I'm not sure if BB is able to see the Shinigami, he might be, I mean he was born with Shinigami eyes and all. Maybe he had some ties to the Shinigami World... it is a mystery for sure.) They saw his eyes glow crimson, clearly with the eyes of the Shinigami. They said not one word to each other, BB then turned and walked over to you. You were very frightened by this man. He looked exactly like L, but... "Shall we?" He asked leading you into the closet.

L got up, he opened his mouth to protest, and discontinue this otherwise pointless game, Light stopped him. "I don't think he's going to hurt anyone, let's just see how this plays out." Light said, Ryuuzaki stared with wide panda-like eyes. Mello closed the door behind you two, when it was dark inside the cramped closet, you became even more nervous. Your breathing was very uneasy, heavy, panting as if you had ran ten miles or so. Your heart was pounding, this man, this "Beyond Birthday" from the words he choose to write on that slip of paper. You could tell he had a twisted mind. Your fear amused him, he smiled, no smirked, but you could not see. It was pitch black in here. You felt as if you were trapped in here with a demon. He grabbed your arm, pulling you closer, he stared into your eyes. He was able to see your name, your lifespan. He could see it, with those eyes of his. "____." Your eyes widened. "How do you know my name?"

You nearly panicked, he held you there, you weren't going anywhere. Not until he was finished, even if it took longer than a mere seven minutes. He leaned forward, you turned your head. "Your hair smells nice." He said breathing almost as heavy as you were. You turned your head to look at him. You were slightly confused, "T-thank you." His grip on your arm loosened up a bit, but he never let go. He used his free hand and reached in his back pocket. He pulled out a blade, and held it up so you could see. Unsure of his intentions, you thought he was going to kill you, you struggled again, in turn causing his grip to tighten again to hold you there. He pricked his thumb on the tip of the blade. The crimson liquid pouring out of the small wound staining the blade. He flipped the knife in his hand, and pressed his bleeding thumb against your lips. The metalic taste was in a word, disgusting, you wanted to turn away. He pushed you up against the wall having more restraint on you.

He forced you to pretty much drink his blood, he smiled, now holding the knife near your neck. "P-please, don't kill me." You pleaded once he removed his thumb. "I won't kill you, just spill a little blood." Your heart raced to speeds you never thought imaginable. The cold steel, slashed at your flesh causing it to bleed. He licked the blood with his long tongue. He put the bloody knife away, sucking at the wound like a thristy vampire. Once he was done, he pressed his lips roughly against yours, in your first bloody kiss. His tongue glides against your lips in a begging way. You had no choice but to grant him entrance. He pressed his body against yours, his hands at our waist.

Is this really all that bad? You had to wonder that now, he had no intention of killing you, but blood was his passion, his obsession. Now you remember where you heard that name from. And now you know why L was so upset earlier. This is BB from the Los Angles BB Murder Case. However that doesn't did he escape? And wouldn't Kira have killed him? Your eyes widened pulling away from his grasp. You fell on the floor, you scrambled for the door, you opened it and fell all over yourself.

"___, are you alright?" L asked, "BB...he...wa--?!" You looked back into the closet, but BB was no where to be found. Everyone else looked at you questionally. "What?" "___..." You looked up at L who held you tightly in his arms. " long dead." So... it was some kind of ghost or something?! You fainted from confusion and fright.


"Shh! I can't even hear myself think!" You heard Light's voice. "Hey! She's waking up!!" You recongized that rather annoying voice. Your dark eyes opened to see everyone staring. "W-what?" "You're in the hospital, and on Suicide Watch." L announced. "Suicide...Watch?" You asked, L held up a plastic bag which contained a bloody knife. "You were trying to kill yourself, we had no choice but to bring you here." You shook your head rapidly. "N-No I wasn't!! It was Beyond Birthday...he was...there." That bloody knife is the only proof you have, yet only YOUR fingerprints were found on the handle and blade. You knew somewhere, on Earth...or in hell BB was probably laughing at you. Yes... he was, he was laughing, in pure amusment. "I'm glad I'd gotten to do something worth-while. Before I could, finally...die." BB faded...forever, you were left with only... a bloody knife.

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