Oh, Those Cullen Boys. (Edward/Jasper/Emmett Cullen and Jacob Black Slash)[[2]]

Chapter 2 :DDDD lmfao tell me whatchya think loves

Created by vampsxfourxlife on Monday, January 05, 2009

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"Guys, honestly can't you see what were doing to eachother?" Edward spoke seriously. While both Emmett and Jasper raised an eyebrow and started to grow nervous.

Edward swallowed the lump forming in his throat and continued.

"You both know I love you guys and I can read your minds, so I know what you guys think 24-7, and you know I don't like intruding but your thoughts are just in the air like you are speaking them. It's time we all came out. Jasper, Emmett we are all gay or bi." Edward sucked in air and waited for there thoughts to fill his mind.

Emmett started to curse every word he knew in every language he knew while Jasper grew hot, if he wasn't a vampire his face would be the color cherry.

Edward chuckled softly and rested the palm of his hand on Jaspers cheek. "Don't do that, I like it to much."

Jasper grew hotter and buried his face in his hand while mubbling a "sorry".

Emmett started laughing as hard as he could shaking the house and making Edward and Jasper jump in shock.

"Are you, hahah, telling me I've been in, hahahah, denial for MONTHS!, haha, because I thought I was going, haha, crazy and thought none of you guys liked me!" Emmett cried.
"Well Jasper seems to REALLY like you" Edward laughed "Maybe as such as Alice, how interesting." he smirked.
Emmett smiled and pulled Jasper in his lap and purred in his ear "Verryyyy interesting."

Jasper quickly bit his lip and shivered curling closer into Emmetts chest. Emmett smiled wider and traced down Jaspers spine while nuzzling into his perfect pale neck.

Edward watched them NOT feeling jealous at all surprisinglyand studied thier movements intently. He was busy in his thoughts when he was quickly pulled out of them when Emmett grabbed his arm and pulled him into the other side of his lap next to jasper.

He smiled in relief that they didn't forget him and looked at them both.

"You know one day 2 of us will be together and one of us will be with another...." Edward whispered.

"Yea..." Emmett looked a Jasper lovingly hoping they'd stay together. He thought Edward was undenibly sexy but he LOVED jasper. When ever Jasper and Alice would kiss Emmett would growl whenever Jasperleft the houseEmmett felt anixous. He loved Jasper.

Edward could hearhis thoughts and again wasn't jealous nor sad. He never felt that way about Jasper or Emmett, he just wanted to try them out to see if he liked guys.

Jasper looked between Edward and Emmett curling closer into Emmetts chest choosing his answer. Jasper couldn't hide how human he felt around Emmett. How his skin crawled when they play wrestled or the times he'd wished Alice was Emmett.

Edward smiled at them happily. "Well that was easier then I thought thank god. No hard feelings I promise and I'll keep this a secret till you guy come out promise."

Emmett and Jasper sighed in relief and smiled happily while they pulled Edward into a bone crushing hug.

They were about to talk again when 2 new scents blew past there noses. One as sweet as honey teasing them to taste and another bittersweet and kinda musky making there lips press together tightly.

It was almost to easy knowing they were Bella's and Jacob's scents. They all sighedunhappy remembering they all had girlfriends and quickly intangled themselfs with out even stumbling.

"Yo bloodsuckers wuzzup?" Jacob smiled walking into there livingroom like he owned the place.

(Werewovles and vampires still don't like eachotherbut since Jacob and Bella are bestfriends they can stand him). Bella trailed shyly behind him smiling brightly when she saw Edward.

He smiled back at her lovingly and scooped her up in his arms and layed an innocent kiss on her forehead.

"hello love" he cooed.

Bella blushed 10 shades of red and giggled. Edward heard a soft gasp and looked past Bella to see Jacob looked at him...with love?

And that's when Edward finally noticed just how beautiful Jacob really was. How his shirt was tightly wraped around his sleek chest making his abz pop out and how his spiked hair shined in the sun light making the color look redish brown instead of the naturaly black hair he always had.

Edward totally forgot about Emmett and Jasper suddenly having no feeling of lust towards them but he had a burning desire to have Jacob. He pondered finally realizing hewasn't in love with Bella andthat he didn't have to be jealous of Jacobanymore. He also realized that he's actualy liked Jacob for awhile but denied it and liked Jasper and Emmett instead because Emmett was just like Jacob, strong and cocky and but also sweet and understanding like Jasper.

Edward knew Jasper and Emmett would be better for eachother then Edward and any of them. The way Emmett secretly held Jaspers hand behind his back and the way Jasper looked at Emmett with such aw as though Emmett was some god. He just knew they would be amazing together.

As he was sorting out all of his feelings and all of his thoughts Jacob was too....

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