Pedo Story Pt.1 -Amy's POV-

Created by misterpedobear on Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I suddenly awaken in the middle of the night, and sit up quickly in my bed. I look out the window and notice that it is raining hard. Daddy had fixed up my room before I arrived. He painted it pink, gave it a white carpet, and got me a lot of toys. Lightning flashed in the sky outside, followed by a huge crash sound from the thunder. I jumped again, realizing that the storm must have woken me.

I got out of bed, dressed only in some white panties, and a pink nightie to match my room, I walk out of my door, holding my arms close to my chest to keep warm. Looking around in the hallway, I walk towards daddy's room, and walk in. The door was open, and there was light coming from inside, so I thought it was okay. When I walked in, daddy was on his computer. He didn't turn around,so I walked up to him, and looked at the computer screen. Daddy jumped when he realized I was there, and slammed his laptop closed. I didn't get to see what was on screen, being that my eyes were still adjusting to the light.

"Honey, what are you doing up so late? Is something wrong?" he asked, his voice shaking slightly.

I blink sleepily at him "the storm scared me... I was wondering if I could come and sleep with you tonight?" I asked with a sleepy tone of voice.

"Oh, is that all? Alright honey, let's get to bed then, shall we?" he got up from his chair sounding relieved.

I took him by the hand, and he lead me to the bed. He strppied down to his underwear like he did when I used to live with him before. We crawled into bed. He wrapped his arm around me. I faced away, my back against him, with my head just under his chin.

"I love you, daddy" I said, dosing off.

"I love you too, sweety. Very, very much." he said, kissing me on the head.

The next morning, I turned over to see what daddy was doing, but he wasn't in the room. I got up, and walked out into the hall, sleepy-eyed, to see if I could find him. I was blinded by the sun from the open window on the wall close to the door. I walked down the hall, and heard a thud in the bathroom. I walked up to the door and knocked

"Daddy? Are you in there?" I yawned.

The door opened, and he stood there in nothing but a towel, and a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. "Nope, I'm not in here." He said with a smile. Which made melaugh a little.

"Good morning, daddy. I need to get clean." I said, looking at him pleadingly.

"Oh, by all means. Come in. I was about to jump in myself!" He smiled and invitetd me in.


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