You Maybe A Vampire But I Dont Give A Damn[Vladimir Tod] 04

Created by DaiSuDarKra on Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Once you go crazy,
you cant go back
you can take yourself out of being crazy
but being crazy is apart of you.
or so says this person across the hall
with a straight jacket on!

"brother you know you are a really big idiot"i sighed
"aww but im your favorite big brother idiot~" brother said hugging my head
Vladimir and Henry started to giggle[wtf really?]
"shut up you guys! hey come on brother let me go!!"i whined trying to get out of my brothers hug
"nooooo~ i want to be with you forever!!" he cried hugging me tighter making me lose my oxgyen
"c-can't b-breathe!! Losing o-oxgye-n... i see bright light must go nap nap now..."i said
"NO OH MY GOSH NOO IZUMI BREATHE!!!" he yelled shaking me while i was : x_x
"LIVE!!!!" he said again shaking me harder
"um... you might want to stop shaking her!" Vlad said holding my brothers arms.
my brother's face turned to Vlad.
"let him go, i think its for the best" Vlad said
"okay ill lay 'him' down" my brother smiled
He set my body down and the three of them waited for a minute or so
i shot up gasping for air and i smacked my brothers head
"ayy!" he whined
"that's what you get for making me go to sleep!"i shouted
"im sowwy" he said like a 3 year old being caught eating a cookie before dinner. his eyes were all teary and big
i twitched,"you know you look like a fish brother" -_-'
Vlad looked at His face as well as Henry and sure enough they started to laugh
"i do not >3< "brother said
"acually you do!" henry and Vlad confessed
"see they agree!"i smirked
"shut up -_-" big brother said then he smirked with an evil glint in his eyes
"oh hell no!"i shouted as he dragged me into the bathroom
"ill give 'him' right back guys~!" he smiled
Vlad and henry were left behind in my room confused
"should we help izumi?"Vlad asked henry
"i would but i dont want to mess with his brothe you know.. he's scary" He confessed
"that's true..."Vlad said as both looked at the bathroom door
"AWW!!!! WEAR IT! YOU USED TO WEAR IT!!!" brother yelled
then all they heard were clinks crashes and curses flying.
brother suck his head out and said,"we'll be right out" then i slamed my foot inback of his head
with in 10 minutes later, brother came out giggling
"here's IZUMI!!!!!" he yelped in glee
"IM NOT GOING OUT THERE!!!"i shouted through the door
"get out here!" he hissedtrying to open the door but i held on to the knob.
"NO!"i shouted
"AHH I HATE YOU!"i growled
i sighed and opened the door.i walked out look likr this:
AVTGL.jpg[with chest rapped so it looks flat]
"you know Izumi you look like a girl like that" henry blushed
i grumbled while brother said"oh 'he' dresses like this when we wereyounger 'he' would get attention 'hes' an amazing crossdresser!"
"Shut up"i groaned
"woah we have to show Nelly!" henry sugested
"NO!"i shouted while brother yelled "yes!"
"hell no brother!"i whined
"do it!"he comanded
"OIPEUFHRSDJB grrrr!"i siad waving my fist as him as henry dragged me downstairs and vlad sighed and walked next to henry
i groaned as shewalked out of the kitchen,"what is it henry?"
"well..." he smiled and showed me to her
i blushed and waved a bit
"oh who is this?" she asked
"it's Izumi Aunt Nelly.." Vlad said
"hey.."i siad looking away
"Izumi?!i didnt reconize you! aww you look so cute!"she giggled
"thank um.. ima go change..."i said trying to go upstairs but henry laughed and dragged me out.
"we are going out! come on vlad" henry said
i groaned as Vlad sent me an 'im sorry' look
i sighed a mouthed 'its fine'
"i can walk you know henry!"i yelled
"hahaha alright" he said putting me down.
"where are we goind Henry?" vlad asked
"the park!" he squealed
"is he a kid?"i asked Vlad
"im not sure.."he sighed
we both looked at each other and laughed
-Vlad's POV-
when we laughed, it felt like ive known him for a long time.
'i need to talk to you when henry leaves' i heard in my head
'I-Izumi?'i thought
'yes,it is me.' he said
i looked at him to see him looking straight ahead
'alright, meet me in my room at 9:00 tonight' i said in my mind
'roger that ;]' he laughed in my mind
"hey henry why are we going to the pank anyways?"i asked
"well... i dont know! he he i thoughtsince non of us have homework we can go an play!" he laughed
"Oh i see Henry but.. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO WHEN IM DRESSED LIKE THIS?!"Izumi yelled at him
"i dont know either haha but you look cute!" he laughed running away from izumi
Izumi took off running after him
i sighed and ran after them,"hey! HEY WAIT UP!"
without me knowing, i looked at Izumi's legs, there's no way those can be a guy's legs!o.O unless the guy likes to shave his legs and looks like a girls... oh shit why am i looking at his legs!? have i gone gay?!!!!!!!!!!D:!

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