How To Survive A Horror Movie

My sister and I were discussing horror movies, and we have figured out how to survive in them. Let's hope you read this BEFORE that crazy neighbor invades your twenty acre mansion with a chainsaw.

Created by lenkazunedarkfakirluvr on Monday, January 19, 2009


1. NEVER go anywhere alone. That is how everyone dies is by separating from the group.

2. The point of hiding is to NOT be found. When he stops in front of your hiding place, don't scream.

3. Watch where you are backing up. Falling over stuff is only going to get you killed faster.

4. If you hear something wrong in a room, turn around-and walk AWAY. The biggest mistake is wanting to see what's going on in the room the killer is making noise in.

5. Don't be afraid of drawing blood and getting a few scratches to get away. If all the doors are locked, jump out a window. Trust me, killers don't jump through windows. You will be able to pick that glass out of your arm later.

6. Call. The. Police.

7. Slow your breathing. The hyperventilating will do two things: One-If you do it long enough, you'll be rendered unconscious, and Two-The person set on taking your life will be able to hear you.

8. Don't mess with anything dead. If it doesn't die the first time, chances are it's no gonna die at all.

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