Miss Perfect with the Emo guy?

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Created by sonam13 on Saturday, January 24, 2009

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I was an ordinary girl; I had friends at school, I was friendly with the teachers and I had a normal family but everyday when I get home, I would shut my bedroom door and then cut my wrist. Although it never bleed. Nope, I wasn't an EMO either but I did it. Not because I was depressed either but I felt my life was just a lie. Being one of the model students, I never got on anyone's wrong side but my life was boring. I would have loved to shout and run in the school corridors but I didn't because to me, reputation meant alot. No one knew about my wrist either.. I just hid the scars with my wrist-watch and wore long-sleeves most of the time.

A well-respected member of student council, a hardworker, wearing designer glasses(Armani brand). All the students knew me for that but I never noticed him; Jason Corrison, an EMO! And it all started that day.....

I didn't want to go to school but I had no option. I woke up early in the morning and got dress lazyily. The weather outside was freezing but I couldn't careless. I could hear my sister and mum laughing in the kitchen but I sat down beside the door and took out my penknife. I drew a line over a previous one making it turn into an 'X' shaped. A sharp pain woke me up from my laziness and I looked at the ceiling. Everything I was now was all fake and I knew it would never change.

I heard the bus honking so I grabbed my bagpack and walked out of the door. "What about your breakfast, honey?" mum asked.

I smiled as I flipped my brunett hair, "don't worry, I am gonna grab something later," and with that I left outside with my sister staring out of the window;watching her little sister walk pleasantly to the bus.

The bus was packed with students; all laughing and yelling but when they saw me, little by little they lowered their voice. The bus-driver said,"Your seat has been taken by a new student. Would like me to tell her-"

I shook my head politely,"No, it's okay. I can grab a seat at the end,"

He looked at me as if I was crazy but i walked to end of the bus and spotted myself a seat."Mind if I sit here?"

And up looked a black-haired boy. Lips pierced and dark eye-liner over his eyes,"wow, Miss council sitting next to me, it's a pleasure,"

I quickly sat down and avoided staring at his emerald green eyes. But I couldn't help it so I decided to steal a glance. Oh-huh, I regretted what I decided to do. As I slowly turned my head, My eyes caught his but he looked down. "Nice watch you got there," He said.

I looked at my watch,"Thanks, I had it---" Wait a minute! It wasn't my watch he was staring at;it was my scars. I quickly covered my wrist properly.Crap! now I was in deep trouble. I fixed my eyes towards the window but I heard him murmuring something."Huh?" I asked

"Name's Jason Corrison but call me Jason "He wasn't looking at me either but concerntrating on something else.

I looked at him"Nice to meet you Jason, I am--"I stretched out my hand but he laid back on the seat," We have been riding the same bus for two years. I know who you are; brunett hair, eyes the color of polished brown gemstone, perfect smile, designer glasses, lady-like manner.There is no one that doesn't know you, miss council but I would like to know the real you,"

I sat there, my jaws nearly dropping but the bus stopped and he got up. I fixed a perfect smile and stood up too. When I got out, he had already disappeared in the large crowd of students so I took a step backwards, pretending nothing had happened and the started walking away, to my Formroom.

I knew I would meet him again and I also knew that when we meet again, something would definitely change.

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