38A. "I wouldn't mind doing it again.."

Hehe, this story is the one I got most requests for till now.. I'm a little bit disappointed though, more people read my story but they didn't mail me to ask.. too bad:P I will make some extra's once in a while, without requests, but if you want them now (or tomorrow) You have to mail me.. Yeah, life's tough.. Have fun^^

Created by eragrand on Friday, January 30, 2009

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"Well.. No. But I would rather remember it next time.." you say pulling your shirt over your head. You figured you like Trunks a lot, and you would consider taking it to the next level, but not this soon. Trunks smiles and he gets dressed. Meanwhile, you got downstairs to get some breakfast and well needed orange juice.

Bleg.. Orange juice..


OMG! TRUUUUNKS!! (me: O.o; run Trunks, run!)

After a couple of minutes you hear a loud bang outside and you stood up to look. Smoke was making your eyes water but you resisted the urge to rub them. Over the think grey smoke a voice washeard, but none like you have heard before. "-But I'm sure it was here.." The voice came from your left, maybe only a few feet away. "If you are wrong about this.." A second, female, voice threatened. This one scared you the most. the first voice pleaded and started talking in a different language all together. You still thought it weird they hadn't found you yet.



Cool, some aliens to fight *smirks while pulling out new laser gun*

"***!" Trunks called out from the kitchen. The smoke was fading and you could see the outlines of the figures now. There where two only. You heard a hiss coming from the most left one, which was slightly smaller and thinner than the one on the right. The smoke cleared and you saw Trunks in the doorway, looking confused. "Who are you?" He demanded taking a few steps forward so he was in front of you.

"I take it your father never told you about us, eh?" The smaller creature said. He was looking like a bug, with two antennas coming from his head. He looked like Piccolo but small and colored grey.. The one next to him, the female, had a very narrow waist, her skin had a faint yellow color unnatural for humans, and transparent wings grew from her shoulders. she reminded you of a queen bee.

"Your father took the liberty to destroy our home. We came to destroy his." The female spoke again. "Why?" You asked her. Tall as she was, she had to look down on you to answer. "Because. I just can't stand it when people break others stuff" The Queen said casually. You raised an eyebrow for this relaxed answer and took a few steps back. "My father is not here, leave us." Trunks told her. "Im afraid that won't do. I can't make sure he will come, after all.. I guess I'll have to make sure he does." Queen-Bee turned around and said something to the small grey bug, who instantly complied to her wishes and all of the sudden you blacked out.

I've been knocked out?!

... (Me: Speak now, or forever hold your peace..) I OBJECT! (Me: -.-;)

*reads first answers* Yeah, that's very original..


"Trunks?" You asked as soon as you felt consciousagain. "Right here" He said, and you felt a hand on your head. The floor was hard, and you where lying on it in a small.. cell? the wall had a yellow, orangeyglow, and had five walls with a small black hole in the middle of one, tightly covered. "What happened?" You sat up straight and smelled honey. (More like bees than you thought after all, eh?^^)

Suddenly the black hole opened up and there where five grey bugs stepping through. "We need one of you. Now!" They demanded. You..

A. Stand up quickly and volunteer. I don't want Trunks to get hurt.. (pick 39A next)

B. Clutch Trunks and don't let go.. Until death do us part^^ (pick 39B next)

C. Wait for Trunks to step up.. Hey, he's the super hero here.. (pick 39C next)

(meh.. kinda got dragged into this one, hehe ^^; I think I will make a new 'bad guy/girl' appear in the Veggie part.. :P Inspirational kick or something. Hope you liked it!)

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