Miss Perfect with the EMO guy?chpt6:Who is he?

okay, right now...it's very late but the i promise the next chapter will be is more interesting coz right now i can't think of anything as my mind is all fogged up(i am sleepy and tired, ) and thanks for viewing my story. if you like it please message me so i'll know. I have no idea what you think of this story but of course feedbacks are welcomed^_^

Created by sonam13 on Tuesday, February 03, 2009

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Two weeks passed by and I didn't go to school. Firstly, my aunt passed away and secondly, I got really sick but those were just excuses to get away from life. I avoided everyone other than my family, even Lisa! And of course I knew everyone was going to be surprised to see me.

"Diamond! get up, you are gonna be late for school,"sis called out from the den.

I was half-awake so I slowly got out of bed. The reason I got sick was because I cut myself a little too deep so I fainted because of blood-loss and I spent one week fighting a battle with my mum rather than resting and sleeping but thank goodness, dad was on his business trip again. She refused to speak to me but today was a big day for me and she just couldn't act selfish. Today was my fifteenth birthday!

As I finished getting dressed,sis entered the room;her jaws dropping,"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF?!"

I giggled,"It's time I make my own decisions,"

"Girls hurry up, the bus will be here any minute," We could hear mum yelling as she walked in the room,"Jesus! Diamond what have you done?"

I turned back to the mirror, fixed my glasses and smiled,"A MAKEOVER!"

I was expecting the same reaction from everyone so I left for school hiding my wrist with my new polka-dot hand-warmers.The atmosphere of the bus seemed kinda awkward and as I sat down in the bus, all the students starting whispering and murmuring. Then I spotted Jason but his girlfriend was also there. They were sitting together at the last seat of the bus and was chatting away. I put on my head-phones and listened to my i-pod. Of course, that made the journey short to the school. When bus arrived at school, I walked among the crowd. I could see all of the strange eyes boring into mine yet I managed a smile.

"OMIGOSH! WHO ARE YOU?" Lisa shrieked and she extended her arms and walked forwards.

I hugged her and stood still as she started to examine me. a messy yet punk-ish hair style, black nail-polish, pierced ears, chokers, dark-eyeliner and dark-painted lips! Lisa didn't seem bother or anything like the other students except she kept on talking about it.

"Oh yeah, speaking of which,"she handed me a small box,"HAPPY FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!!"

I squeezed the box and then took decided to open it. It was a gold bracelet with sparkling diamond on it so I froze.

My name is Diamond Sparkler. Want to know why??? you see, my dad named my sister so my mum wanted to name their second child and since Sparkler was our family name, my mum decided the name should match with 'SPARKLER' and this is how I got the weirdest name,'Diamond Sparkler' although my mum doesn't admit. Who would?

Lisa kissed me on the cheek and left for her class and I stood there in the hallway; all alone but then my head started to spin so I rushed to somewhere safe. I passed by Jason but I was too sick to notice him and before I knew it, I passed out.

Kids talking:

"That's the lamest excuse,"

"yeah right!"

"As if, you don't need to come"

"But I want to!"

"NO, Diamond and I are going for a loooong trip!"

"Kevin, stop that!"

"WATCH OUT!!!!!"

adults talking;

"Oh my lord! god! wake up!!!!'

"She's fine but I am afraid she had lost her----"

"What about the other one?"

"I am sorry but he couldn't-"

"What she is going to do now?"

"I think it's better for her if she---"

I woke up and realized I was sweating. I looked around and noticed the strong smell of medicine, I was in the infirmary and the school-nurse was sitting across the room and nursing some other kids. When she saw me, she smiled," Feeling any better, dear?"

She had a red curled hair and seemed like in her thirties. Her eyes were small yet they had sharp gazes.

I got out of the bed, "Yes, thank you. How long have I been asleep for?"

She glanced at her watch but continued to bandage the thin boy who was sitting next to her, "Let's see, I guess for four hours. A boy got you here and you seem to be already deep inside your dream.You kept on wincing and rolling here and there, must have been a bad dream, eh?"

I gave a quick nod, thanked her and left for my class but I didn't have the slightest energy to do anything so I spent the day in the library.So much for a way to spend my birthday but then I remembered my dream, Kevin! I had no idea what it was about but the name sounded familiar.

AND from that day onwards I had the same dream constantly whose answer I didn't realize was standing right in front of me but nothing could be worse than the unexpected guest we were going to have----

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