Hunger Games Fanfic, District 12

OK, here's the hunger games fanfic i put a teaser up for, thank you for all the people who messaged me about it. I need that, im such a lazy person...;D anyway, plz feel free to message me about this, even if i've heard from you already. I need to hear from readers to know if what i write is any good. I cowrote this with my friend. Enjoy and message!

Created by tarame on Tuesday, February 03, 2009

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I stepped off of the train and looked around.


Everybody looked at me, craning to get a better view. Then Peeta stepped out behind me and put his arm around my shoulders. I forced a smile and put my hand on my shoulder to touch his. I craned my neck to see if Gale and my family were here. I needed to talk to Gale.

As my eyes searched, I felt a tap on my head. I glanced to see who it was, annoyed, but I hid my expression. My eyes turned to see Gale. It was him. I went back to looking.

Wait. Gale! "Gale!" I yelled, and hugged him. I was so glad to see him. I didn't care what it looked like to everyone else. But I let go quickly and took Peeta's hand again.

Prim and my mother stepped out from my immensely tall friend. I rushed to them and engaged them both in a group hug. When I turned back to Peeta, he was greeting his parents. Not as warmly as I had engaged my family and Gale, though.

He was keeping his expression blank. He put on a smile that was huge, but it didn't meet his eyes. I feel terrible. He's this way because of me. Why did I have to tell him how I felt at the last moment?

But Prim pulled me into a hug, so my gaze was shifted. My eyes were now on my sister, Gale and my mother. People were pushing through the crowd, trying to get a look at the winners. District twelve hasn't had a winner for years, so it's amazing for two to come back.

The way that most of the people were looking at Peeta and I was overwhelming. Their eyes were big, and they were shouting and cheering our names.

"You did it!" Prim sobbed into my shoulder. My reaction was just to hold onto her tighter. Her small frame was larger than I remembered. It probably felt that way because of all the weight I had lost in the arena. "I was so afraid. Especially at the end..."

I tuned her out, not wanting to relive any of the games. I could feel the memories resurfacing, but I stopped them. If I saw a glimpse of any of it, I would be pulled into the horror of what happened. I wouldn't be able to come back to reality.

"It's okay, I'm back," I soothed.

My mother pulled Prim a little, giving me a small smile. "Now to the banquet." She patted my shoulder and motioned for Prim to let me breathe. We walked next to Peeta and his family, his father walking between us making cheerful chitchat, while his mother shot me suspicious glares. It unnerved me greatly.

The banquet was, of course, delicious. The food was shipped from the Capitol, but many families had cooked dishes of their own to celebrate. Being accustomed to the Capitol food, I resented the rough breads and simple dishes from home, but I would have to get used to them soon enough anyways, so I decided to eat foods from our District.

The bread, coarse on my tongue, tasted like home. The last home made bread I had was when Rue's District had sent me her bread. I snapped out of my thoughts, not needing to be reminded.

Effie soon became frustrated with my food choices, and spooned a generous amount of Capitol stew into a bowl. The one that was my favorite. Placing it in front of me, she forced a smile and told me to eat it.
"Katniss, dear, you're never going to regain your weight eating that," She insisted, pushing the stew even closer.

"Remember the odds are in your and your lover boy's favor tonight," she added, taking a spoonful of her own soup. "So eat up!"

As usual, it smelled delicious. But every time I looked up from it, I was met with Peeta's blank eyes. Occasionally, I saw him glancing to the right of me. To the seat where Gale sat.

Everyone in the District was invited, and everyone was eating so much. It was like how Peeta and I were like on the train going to the Capitol. Surrounded by amazing meals, and with our empty stomachs, it didn't help us refraining. There was more than enough food anyways.

I spooned the soup into my mouth, chewing on the little pieces of meat. I remember hunting. I have missed it so much. But now that I would be given a lifetime of food, there would be no more need to hunt. But I needed that time with Gale. We didn't just hunt, we talked and had fun.

Everyone everywhere was asking Peeta and I questions. Even though food usually shut people up, they still managed to talk through full mouths. Even Haymitch was holding back spirits to stay sober enough to boast about us.

Eventually, I got tired of the constant attention. I just wanted ot go home and sleep in my own bed. Of course my family would now be given a new house, but I wanted to go to the one I was familiar with. The one I grew up in.

I asked to be excused, and so many people refused my request. Everyone asked me why I didn't want to be at the dinner. They had asked why I wasn't eating up, or why I wasn't as cheerful as I should be. I just shrugged it off and said that I was tired. I was anyways, so I wasn't really lying.

When I was acknowledged by Haymitch, he let me go. He said that I was tired and that I should have time to sleep. There was always tomorrow and the days after that to celebrate, even though he gave a look. I got up, making sure not to spill anything. I poked Gale before I walked away...

I walked behind the Baker's, and leaned against the back wall. Gale would find me here, with the association with Peeta. I had left a clear trail, slapping my shoes into the dust to make my footprints stand out.

Gale would be able to track me.

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