The Hardship of Being and Facing the Everyday Life - Chapter 1

Life is just a web of events, memories and meeting people. Every choice has an outcome and when you have to face some of them, you can't turn back or avoid them. One has to live through them and manage to survive.

Created by Marketa11785 on Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chapter 1

Very expected guest

There are not many moments in my life that I can describe as lifechanging. Actually, I think I can count them on one hand, but even if they were few, when they happened, they mixed everything up and send my life in a absolutely new direction. The biggest change was made, when I met my future wife Susan Lewis. When I first saw her, I thought she was an angel, her golden flowing hair were shining in the sun and her blue eyes were two sparkling stars. I always acted incredibly nervous around her and she found it amusing and cute. I was overhelmed with joy when she agreed to have a date with me and sooner than I could expected, we were telling each other our vowes in a church. She was only eighteen years old and three months pregnant. I couldn’t even tell how happy I was. Alas, on that day, another change was forced to begin. I met my wife’s family for the first time, and they became the first people in my life that bitterly hated me without knowing me at all. I was really naive back then. I thought that in no time they will start to like me after getting to know me, or, at least stop hating me, however their feelings toward me stayed the same. To my horror I soon realized that my own wife was getting infected by that hatred from her family. Now, after twenty-seven years of marriage, I am a tottal outcast in my own house. We are stuck together, because if she divorced me, there would be all that bribing over money and everything else. At first, I wanted to repair our doomed relationship, I tried hard, but with her always finding faults in me and ridicouling me, my life energy was slowly sucked away and I became a lifeless vomb. I woke up in the morning, went to work, got back home, read some book and went to sleep. My life was a pathetic stereotype with no hope of getting better. I knew it, and I didn’t care.

It was Saturday and I was sitting in my comfortable chair in my study room. That was my little piece of the house were I felt safe and secured, among my books. My fortress where I had some peace and quiet and to where I escaped whenever I had the chance. There was a big window that was facing our garden, so there was always lot of light. There were some tools for exercising, because even though I was letargic, it didn’t meant I would allow myself to become a fat slob. That’s why I also visited fit centrum frequently and I dragged my friends there too. The most of the walls were hidden behind bookshelves and in front of the window was a nice solid wooden table, with globe and books that I was interested at the moment. The true reason I was in my study on that day, was not because of books nor exercising, it was only for safety and self preservance. It just wasn’t safe to roam the rest of the house freely, without doing any visible work. The instant I would make that mistake, I would be attacked (luckily only with words) by my beloved wife and then granted with working activities that would last for half of the day. So I remained in my domain. I was too distracted to read that day, so I was just sitting in the comfy chair and every short while I checked the time. Today was the big day ! I haven’t felt so excited in a long time. At seven p.m. my little princess was supposed to arrive. After she finished collage she found job at local high school and she was to be a history and English teacher there, and that meant she will live nearby and I could visit my favourite child often. I was kind of hoping that she would stay a while in the house, if it was possible, so I wouldn’t feel that lonely in it, however the fact that she will be back was good enough. It’s hard to express the joy I felt, my one normal and kind kid will be back today. It was sad in a way, because it was a complete truth. She really was the only one normal in my closest family. I was a psychologist and it took me no time to realize that if I was to analyze professionaly my relatives, the outcome would be quite depressing.

„Nathan!“ a woman voice yelled. „Get here right now! I need help! So get your lazy self here!“

I sighed and went to kitchen from where the screams were coming from. I walked down the stairs to the living room and through it, I walked into the kitchen. That was where she was the supreme power, and where I was completely lost. I never learned how to cook anything and it never bothered me. But she always complained about me not being able to cook anything eatable. That was her, she wanted a husband that would have a good paying job, be a great cook, have lot of time for the kids, have time to listen to her complains about how stupid our neighboors are, be a gigollo in bed.... She just coudn’t understand that it wasn’t possible for one person to have all those qualities. She understood that in the beginning of our relationship and I don’t know exactly what made her to change her mind. Maybe it was her mother, who complained about me all the time, maybe it was because she was really from a snobby and rich family and she could have married some actor or model, or maybe, over the years she was realizing that even her godly beauty was aging and it made her furious that one day she won’t be attractive anymore, so she was releasing her anger on me.

Susan noticed that I was there, so she gave me one of her annoyed looks and started to inform me what was my duty to do. „I am finished with cooking, so get everything on the table and go for the kids.“ Then she walked past me and went to bathroom to finish her make up. I grabbed everything I could and it took me only three times to bring all the food to the living room where the long table for eating was. With my first task done, I had to face the second, and more dreadful one. Getting the kids to come downstairs and surviving it. I knew yelling at them from downstair would be useless, because usually their rooms were roaring with music and I was always wondering how can they even hear themselves think. I wearily walked upstairs again. My study was through the only door on the right. The rooms of my offsprings were all on the left, the room closest to me was Bobby‘s the one after it was Julie’s and the most distanced room used to be Angela’s, and now it filled the function of a store room. From both the occupied rooms was coming a dull and loud noise. I sighed again, grabbed the handle of the closer door, opened it and went forth.

The first thing that hit me was a sound of a open warfare. Screams and gun shots were coming from the stereo system. Soldiers were running on the big flat screen and under it was the newest xbox. Across from the screen and the game system was a bed, on which my hypnotised son was sitting on. The look of the room also resembled a war front. An underscrible mess was ahead of me and I had to step very carefuly to not stuck something in my feet. I would be so happy if I could just stay at the doors at tell him to go downstairs. From my earlier experiences I knew that it was impossible. I carefully proceed in my quest. One leg here, other there, ouch, I bit my lip when pain stung me right in the heel, I looked on what I stepped and after short examination threw the piece of lego out of my way. Finally I reach the stupid bed and not very gently shook my son’s elbow. Bobby almost jumped from his skin, he had no idea that someone was in the room. He stopped the game, turned the sound off and with a curious glare he stared at me.

„You want something?“ he asked impatiently.

„Your mother wants you to go downstairs. It’s almost seven, Angela will be here in any minute.“

„And what about it? It’s freakin July and she still haven’t gave me any birthday presents. I waited two months for them and nothin‘.“

„Well, my guess is that she’ll give them to you today. If you’ll be downstairs when she arrives you will get them sooner than here, upstairs.“

He looked at the flat screen and thought for while, probably if the presents were worth losing the time and not playing. Then, he slightly nodded, dug himself from bed and went downstairs. My task is almost done I thought to myself and I got from the room, without hurting my legs any further. Next, I entered the room of my second child and with disgust I looked around. The walls were all painted in black, most of the furniture and other filling of the room was also black or red. There were posters of ugly people all around and honestly it looked more like I just entered a crypt than a room of teenager. With even bigger distaste I looked at my daughter who was sitting next to her table. She coloured her golden hair to pitch black, her face was so covered by make up that I wondered if she would be even able to see anything if she started crying and there was a piercing in her nose, down lip, and eyebrow. When Julie spotted me, she turned the volume of the screaming that was supposed to be music and rose up from the chair.

„What do you need from me, father?“

„Eh, Angela will be here soon, so your mother wants you to go to living room.“

She said something I didn’t understand and moved past me like a dying person. For a moment I pictured her as a zombie like in those horror flicks. Nah, she puts them to shame I thought and with a feeling of a great accomplishment I shut the door behind me and followed Julie downstairs. Susan was going around the table, checking if everything was perfect, Julie sat on one of the chairs and she was looking somewhere beyond, Bobby kept looking on clocks, and it seemed to me that he was counting the time he had lost by sitting there. And to my great joy, I heard a car slowing down and then saw it parking in our driveway. We all gathered at the doors, someone knocked gently on the doors, Susan opened and at last, I saw her.

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