Being Wuya's Daughter Sucks!{Xiaolin Showdown Raimundo Love Story}


Created by vampiressthisdyinghour on Thursday, February 05, 2009


Name: Luna

Age: 15

Location: A puzzle box, with her mother Wuya

Background info: Luna is a kind gentle soul, opposite from her mother. 1500 years ago, her mother fought with Grand Master Dashi, a Xiaolin Showdown. Luna was just an innocent bystander, but Dashi was afraid what might become of her, so he locked her in a puzzle box too. The thing is that, Luna isn’t a ghostly floating figure like her mother, but can be in a mortal form. She enjoys music, technology, and meditation.

What Luna doesn’t know: She’s a Xiaolin Dragon of Emotion

Dragon of Emotion: Although, she’s not like the other elemental dragons, she is something far greater. She can control someone through Anger, Lust, Happiness, Depression, or even manipulate them through love.

-Story Start-

I’ve been locked in a puzzle box with my mom for over 1000 years. Talk about personal space issues. Today seemed different, like something special was going to happen. That’s when something did. The puzzle box had opened. My mother and I slowly slid out, in a ghost like form. I had materialized into an actual human, which was something I was trapped in like. My mother however, stayed in spirit form. I stared at a boy in front of me. I could only see the back of him, but from what I could tell he had red hair and wore a black trench coat. He was mumbling something. “I could go over to Africa, then to Europe” He said. My mom then passed through him. “And onward to Asia” She said. I rolled my eyes and walked over to her. “Please, forgive my mother” I said to the boy who looked about my age. He looked as if he was about to pee his pants. His eyes dilated at he screamed. “Ah! Spooky ghost lady! Attack!” He yelled. A few robots came at my mother and I. They just passed through her, but I had to fight. I kicked to my right, punched in front, ducked, did a back flip, then kicked two droids on either side of me, landing gracefully on me feet. “Manners much?” I spat at him. He looked very odd to me. Pale white skin, with eyeliner. Goggles on his head, and he wore a backpack. Typically nerdy teenaged boy who practically lives in his basement. Wow, over 1000 years old and I still know how teenagers act. My mom put her hand on a map in front of the boy. “Plans for world conquest, my dear boy, we have much in common. What’s your name?” My mother asked him. I rolled my eyes. I can not believe, we’re related. “Jack Spicer. Who are you?” The boy named Jack asked. I rolled my eyes once more. Typical bad guy. Then again, it’s funny seeing the look of terror on someone’s face. Hey, I may not like it, but I’m Wuya’s daughter you know. Something bad has to come out of me. “What are you?” Jack asked. I chuckled. “Me? I’m your new best friend.” My mom said. I smirked. She may be evil and crazy, but she’s still my mom.



“Did you sense that?” Guan asked surprised. “It was as if a great chill descended upon the land.” another Monk replied. “Something has unbalanced the Shen Gong Wu” Guan said. “What could do such a thing?” another Monk asked Guan. “Not what. Who. And the answer is Wuya, and her daughter, Luna.” Guan replied seriously.



“Let me get this straight Wuya, you have no physical form.” Jack said. I sighed. “No shit Sherlock” I said glaring at him. “Very perceptive” my mom replied. “So you need me to get these Shen Gong Wu things. But here’s my question, What do I, Jack Spicer, evil genius, get out of this?” He asked. I chocked. “More like Jack Spicer big buffoon, with a big ego” I mumbled. “Your dreams of world conquest. We shall rule side by side.” My mother said to him. “Oh just kill me now” I groaned, crossing my arms. “Ok, so once we get all the Shen Gong Wu, then what?” Jack asked. I smirked, and walked up to him. I sat down on his map and laid down, crossing my legs, and resting my hands behind my head. I smirked up to Jack. “That’s easy” Came my reply. “The world will be thrown into ten thousand years of darkness” I smiled. He quirked an eyebrow. “How is it that, this hag is your mom?” Jack said to me. I coughed. “Because, that’s just how it happened my dear boy.” I smirked at him. My mom then got this look on her face, a Shen Gong Wu had been activated. The mantis flip coin. Please, I could leap just fine without a coin to help me. We were soon in San Francisco city life, go figure. Jack stood on the top of a roof, with me on one side of him, and my mother on the other side. “Bow before me citizens of planet Earth. I now rule you with the mantis flip coin!” He shouted, and jumped off the roof. I rolled my eyes. “Finally, I was tempted to push him off.” I said dryly. I flipped off the roof landing next to him. “You can not rule the world yet. You have but one Shen Gong Wu” My mother whispered to him. “How many are there?” He asked. I chuckled. “Hundreds” My mother and I spat at the same time. “What?” He said. I rolled my eyes. “Your quest for world domination seems easy, but even the most evil of all of the dark side had to take but one step” I spoke. The only people who got what I was saying was my mom. “let me put it in words you can understand monkey boy. You didn’t think you were going to rule the world with one Shen Gong Wu, did you?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. “Idiot” I mumbled. “Okay, you’re going to have to get solid and help me out here” Jack said waving a hand for through my mom. “I’d consider that molestation, but because she’s a ghost I guess that doesn’t count.” I said to him. A small short boy came up to Jack. “Hello friend, that coin that you’re holding is of great mystical importance. May we please have it?” The small boy asked. I leaned down to his level. “Awe, how cute. He knows about Shen Gong Wu” I smiled. Has the meaning of sarcasm changed in the last 1000 years? “Hehe. No way shorty. This Shen Gong Wu is mine.” Jack pointed to himself. I rolled my eyes. A rather cute looking boy whispered to the girl next to him. “How does he know about Shen Gong Wu?” He asked. I sighed. I’m always excluded from a fight. “How indeed” my mother said. I groaned. She was pulling the evil witch card again. A little TOO obvious? “Wuya!” I heard a voice say. I then looked down and quirked an eyebrow. “And Luna!” He said. I smiled. “Hi, Dojo!” I said to the small dragon. “Wow, the years have not been kind to you” Dojo said to her. “Mind your tongue reptile” my mom said getting in his face. I chuckled. Once my mom went away from him I walked over. “Nice shot Dojo” I whispered to him giving him a high five. “Dashi isn’t here to protect you!” My mom yelled. “Away evil spirit! You can not stop us!” The small monk from before yelled. I glared. “Don’t talk about my mother that way!” I said to him. I saw the monk and the three people he was traveling with faces go wide. “She can’t. I can” Jack said, pushing a button on his watch. I stepped back. “Eh, I just wanna watch” I said honestly. “Jack-bots! Attack!” Jack yelled. He then sent his robots to attack the four people and Dojo. I suddenly hatched and idea and whispered it to my mom. I saw her eyes go wide, then she smirked, and nodded. The idea was perfect. Go under cover in the Xiaolin temple, and stay there, gain their trust, then get the Shen Gong Wu. “You never mentioned freaks in pajamas would be after the Shen Gong Wu” Jack said to my mom. I rolled my eyes. “Ever think that we didn’t know if there’d be freaks in pajamas?” I spat at him. “Details! You’ve got the flip coin! Go!” My mom shouted at him. I then back flipped onto the rooftop. Jumping from roof to roof with them. I rolled my eyes. It’s horrible how stupid geniuses think they are these days. We were in Italy when Jack got pushed into a boat. I chuckled. And people think they’re geniuses these days. “You lost the two ton tunic!” My mother shouted. I smirked. For once she’s yelling at someone other than me. “Relax. We’ll get the next one.” Jack said. “As if” I thought to myself. Jack, my mother, and I soon arrived at the next stop. Jack reached out to grab the eye of Dashi, but the small boy from before reached it. Both opponents touched the Shen Gong Wu, and it started glowing. My eyes went wide. A Xiaolin Showdown. Great. “Accept the challenge” My mother whispered to Jack. “ACCEPT IT!” She yelled. I giggled. “I accept your challenge Omi” Jack said. I stood on the sidelines with Dojo. I wasn’t on anyone’s side. And I wasn’t going to pick. “Gong Ye Tempai!” Dojo and I yelled. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy. “That means go” Dojo and I said. Jack cheated and had his Jack-bots attack Omi. “It’s not your weight. It’s how you throw it around” Omi said destroying them. I held my chin in my hand and sighed. “It’s so boring.” I stated. Then the cowboy came over and sat next to me. “Hey, what’s a pretty liddle lady like you watchin the showdown?” He asked. I looked at him and knitted a brow. “I don’t even know your name.” I told him. He chuckled. “I’m Clay. Now can ya answer my question?” He said. I smiled at him and chuckled. “I’m Luna. Wuya’s daughter. And frankly, Xiaolin Showdown’s don’t interest me.” I explained. He looked shocked for a moment then nodded. “And, so far Jack Spicer creeps me out. Freak.” I said. I heard Clay chuckle. “So do you get along with your Ma? I mean, you seem different from her.” Clay said. I sighed and smirked. I had just hatched the perfect plan. “Honestly no, I don’t get along with her. And save a horse, ride a cowboy.” I said tipping Clays house in front of his face. I then ran to my mother and whispered my plan into her ear. She smirked and nodded.


“You have all done exceptionally well. Wouldn’t you agree Dojo?” Master Fung asked. “Not bad, for amateurs.” Dojo replied. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Master Fung replied. “Man, where do you get this stuff?” asked Dojo. I then stepped out of the shadows and stood next to Master Fung. “He has a desk calendar.” I replied. I saw all the looks of the Xiaolin warriors, and Dojo’s face go wide. “What are you doing her? Spawn of Wuya?” Omi shouted. I sighed. “Told you they wouldn’t like me.” I said to Master Fung. I saw him give a sad smile. “Luna may be Wuya’s daughter, but she is among the chosen ones.” He explained. My eyes went wide. “What?” I asked him. I told Master Fung that I didn’t want to be a plot of my mothers devious plans. I never said anything about being a chosen one. “Master Fung, there are so many Shen Gong Wu left to be found.” Omi said. “Your new friends will help” Master Fung said patting Omi’s head. “Oh, yes Master. I have already taught much to Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay.” Omi said. Notice he excluded my name. Sometimes I wish Wuya wasn’t my mother. I’d have a lot more friends that way. “But Omi, Luna, Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay, are here to teach you.” Master Fung said. I smiled, at least some one appreciates me here. “But I am the chosen one” Omi said. “You aren’t the only chosen one Omi, some day, your new friends will become dragons as well. Kimiko, the dragon of Fire. Clay the dragon of Earth. Raimundo the dragon of the Wind. And Luna, dragon of Emotion.” Master Fung explained. I sighed. This was certainly interesting. “Is this true Master?” Omi asked. “Hey, I’m just as confused as you kiddo” I said to him. “Yes, but I didn’t want to tell you, until you were ready. And Luna to be respected as any of you would respect each other. No mater who her mother may be.” Master Fung said. I blushed and looked the other way. I hate when people talk like that. I hate feeling like a helpless child. “Awe, Master Fung, she aint that bad. I had a talk with her during that Xiaolin Showdown. She’s not that evil.” Clay stood up for me. I’m glad someone stood up for me. I then saw Omi topple over. “I don’t think he was ready” Clay stated. I laughed. Too bad I forgot, all of my plans backfire.

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