Seth Clearwater love story

here you go vikki hope you like it =)

Created by PwincessJess on Saturday, February 07, 2009

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"get your sorry butt back here" i shouted at seth as he retreted to my car (a Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560) "no way Vikki" he souted "the only way i can get you to stop throwing food is by going near your car" he was right my car was my baby. We where at the beach in la push having a picnic like most weekends we where best friends and some times a little more, he had started the food fight by insulting my car so he got a face full of chocolate cake. He had chocolate cake everywhere all over his face and clothes "dont you dare get in my car Seth Clearwater or i swear i will kill you" i shouted as he reached for the door handle he chuckled "youd kill me i really doubt that you wouldnt hurt a fly let alone you best friend" he said doubtfully (sp?) "you never no if that fly came between me and my car you never no" that made him crack up "you and that car i reccon you'll be anoucing your engagment any day now!" he said almost wetting him self laughing i scoffed "i will not marry my car" i said grumpily "i will marry a handsome man like Edward Cullen" he winced "whats wrong with Edward hes really nice so are his brothers and sisters?" i asked "its complicated but you cant really like Edward there other cute guys out there" "really! i never noticed ive just being imaging mine and Edwards wedding" i said sarcasticly (sp?) "so who would you class as cute Seth" "well.." he said uncomfortably "theres Jake " he said blushing "are you tring to set me up with your best friend." he cut me off "you didnt let me finish or....or theres me" "you hmmmmmm im not sure, your not as tall as Jake and you no im a sucker for tall guys" i said laughing he shot me a evil glance "ok sorry but if you did grow a few inches" he looked hurt "im kidding Gees no one in la push can take a joke " i muttered the last part to myself we sat in sclience for a few minutes before it started to rain "crap, we better get going" i said "ok" he mumbled. we go into my car and i started the engine it was a quite purr, we drove in sclience i pulled up im front of his house "thanks Vikki" he was opening the door "wait!" i practicly shouted his had frose on the door handel "look im sorry seth i didnt mean it really Edward dosnt stand a chance compared to you" he laughed "sure if you like the strong silent type but" i added quickly realising i was making it worse "i dont i like a guy whos funny and sweet like you" he looked up i leant foward and kissed him hesitantly at first, he suprised me by kissing me back we stayed like that for i dont no how long untill we had to come up gasping for air i cracked up laughing "what was it that bad" he asked tring to catch his breath "no it was perfect" i answered "then why are you laughing" he asked confused "i was picturing the look on my face when i came up for air" i laughed he joined in this time "i think we have to work on the breathing thing for next time" i said

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