“69” [Shuhei Hisagi oneshot - BLEACH]

Summary; Everyone knows what “69” stands for…

Created by UndergroundAnthem on Thursday, February 12, 2009


“Shuhei?” [Name] of the tenth division questioned as she sat upon the desk in the ninth division swinging her legs back and fourth, back and fourth each time getting a small thud from the wood beneath her.

“I’m busy here [Name].” Shuhei sighed looking over the work on the desk. Since Tosen had been gone most of it fell on himself.

“What does that tattoo on your face mean?” She questioned pushing herself in a circle to face the man.

Shuhei’s eyes quickly raced up to her own “I don’t suppose you’re going to move anytime soon are you?”

“I mean, I know what “69” stands for, but what does it mean to you? Obviously you like it enough to tattoo it on your face...” [Name] started ignoring the lieutenant in front of her.

Sitting in a small chair next to a big desk with a girl in front of you legs on either side of you swinging every now and then asking what “69” meant, probably should have been a warning for Hisagi that something bad was going to happen, but bad things always happened around [Name], always.

“Have you always been this perverse minded?” Hisagi questioned with a roll of his eyes.

“Scratch that I could totally see why you like it enough. All I’m saying is why the hell would you get something like that on your face of all places, its like out there for everyone to see forever!” [Name] nodded.

“You always been perverted or is this from hanging around Matsumoto to much?” Hisagi rephrased his question.

“Hum? Were you saying something?” [Name] questioned tilting her head to the side.

“Just tha...” Hisagi started getting annoyed by the bangs on the desk “I was just saying that what I...will you knock it off?” He sighed pushing the girls legs together and holding them still by her knee caps “Leave them that way.” He instructed moving his hands.

“Geeze, someone needs to take a chill pill, or better yet get laid…why don’t you take a little advice from your tattoo buddy.” [Name] pouted crossing her arms over her chest.

“That isn’t even what it means.” Hisagi sighed rubbing his temples with his forefingers, Captain Hitsugaya was right, she was one of the most annoying girls around.

“Enlighten me then.” [Name] nodded more to herself.

“You see, when I was younger there was a hollow attack where I lived. I remember being frightened when Captain Muguruma came and saved me and all the other kids, I remember himself asking me my name, then going off to continue his work, when I saw the sixty-nine tattooed on his chest. I guess I got it to honor the man who saved me.” Hisagi explained.

“So...you got “69”’d by Captain Muguruma? Gross.” [Name] giggled.

“The only thing you heard from that was blah, blah, blah, Captain Muguruma, blah, blah, blah, Sixty-nine, wasn’t it?” Shuhei sighed.

“Yeah, pretty much.” [Name] giggled.

Groaning Hisagi could find nothing else to do then lay his arms across the girls lap and bury his face in his arms. She was a lost cause, even for himself.

“It’s okay,” [Name] comforted running her fingers though Hisagi’s hair “He was pretty hot.”

Slowly the door leading into the ninth squad pushed open, Izuru Kira awaiting his drinking buddy inside, blue eyes slowly scanned the area only spotting [Name]s back, who seemed to be busying herself with something in her lap. Sneaking closer Kira noticed that it was in fact a scruff of messy black hair, thus it had to be none other then Shuhei Hisagi.

“[Name]!?!? What are you doing?” Kira questioned jumping to conclusions.

“Kira! Hisagi was just teaching me the meaning of “69”!”

Oh great. Izuru thought they were...

A/n: Haha, I liked that one. Also belongs in my oneshot booklet “Do Not Bleach”. Feel free to request a character, I got junk like this for them all heh.

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