You'll be my valentine ... (girlxgirl oneshot) ...

my first ever piece of writing which is not a fanfic oneshot... hope you like it... tell me truthfully if its actually any good....... ooo and btw Garrett is winning the poll on who you want the next story to be about.... go vote ... x x

Created by riot123 on Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day,

The worst day of the year if you ask me,

I don’t just loathe Valentine’s Day, I fucking hate it with a passion,

It’s just another excuse to waste your money on pointless gifts that your ‘lover’ will most likely throw away when you’re not looking, the only gift I would really enjoy receiving is a box of chocolate because, well their yummy,

It’s not that im bitter for not having someone to love me on this ‘special’ day because its not, I just feel sorry for all the stupid people who actually think they’ve found ‘the one’.

I’m not being big headed but I knew that I wasn’t the ugly duckling of the bunch, I had the perfect electric blue/black hair, wearing my blue contacts to compliment my hair, I wasn’t too short which was a bonus because my mom is short but I’m guessing I got my height from my father even though I didn’t no him,

“Holly, come on you’ve gotta come out with us, it wont be awkward at all”

“are you really that stupid Steph, it’s Valentine’s day, I'll just be the third wheel in your party, I don’t want to come to the cinema and be stuck next to you two swapping spit”

“Hols, you don’t have anyone to spend it with so why not spend it with me and Caleb”

“you no what Steph, fuck you” I shouted slamming her front door and hurrying down the side walk back to my house, she was basically telling me that I wasn’t worthy of getting my own date for this stupid day that I didn’t even like, I could get any guy I wanted in this annoying god forsaken town but I chose to be a lone free ranger, with no extra baggage,

I was totally satisfied spending the day like any other, lounging around my house in nothing more than a pair of hot pants and a camisole whilst watching Series two of Ugly Betty and munching on strawberry pop tarts.

“Mom has you seen my Reese’s, I left them on the kitchen top” I shouted from the bottom of the stairs,

“ask Riley” my mom said referring to my pain in the ass 17 year old brother Riley, I shot up the stairs bashing on the door of my brother’s room, I knew he wouldn’t hear me because he was currently blasting Family Force Five from his I-home, I busted his door open shoving the chair which was pressed up against his door flying into his right wall,

“Holly, what the fuck are you trying to do break my fucking door” he cursed pulling his covers up further over his bare chested body,

“I was going to ask you if you ate my Reese’s but I can see that you’re busy with something else” I laughed shifting my eyes quickly to the bulge under his covers with one of his hands not visible,

You see Riley was gay; I didn’t have a problem with him being that way as I used to have many gay guy friends at my highschool.

“Baby Holly” my mother cooed,

“you wanna come out to the bar with me tonight, maybe we can find you a hot guy to keep you company for the night”

“mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I hate Valentine’s day, I don’t need a guy to keep me happy, to complete my life, I’ve got my friends that’s all I need”

“but hon, you’d be so much better with a cute guy”

“no, mom, I wont, I'll be miserable I don’t need a guy to tie me down”, I’d actually had enough already on this stupid day which was meant to be filled with love,

I pulled on a pair of my blue and black checked vans and went for a jog down the road towards midfields park, it was the park where my first and only boyfriend Joel gave me my first kiss, we dated for about two months but he was a total asshole so I stopped dating on that day, 29th June 2006, now February 14th 2009 and I was just a total loner sitting on my park bench waiting for something exciting to happen in the boring life of mine, I walked over to the swings clinging onto the metals chains as I swung higher and higher, It felt like a natural high, it was like I was back in the 4th grade trying to see how high I could possible go on the swings before I fell off and hurt myself,

“that’s really not clever doing that dolly, you remember what happened last time”, I nearly fell off the edge of rubber seat landing in the dirt when I looked down to see my bestfriend of nearly 10 years smirking whilst she shook her head leaning against the metal frame of the swings, I grounded my swing to a halt and looked over at her with a smile,

“Dakota, you didn’t tell me you were back, why didn’t you ring me, how was England” I asked excitedly, she giggled and sat down on my lap wrapping her arms around my shoulders, I pulled her into me squeezing her tightly,

“I missed you so much dolly” Dakota said kissing my cheek,

okay two things, one, Dakota called me dolly from the day I met her because she thought that was my name, and two, me and my friends all gave each other kisses on the cheek so don’t get the wrong end of the stick,

“I forgive you already for not ringing me because of the expensive call costs, but tell me about England, was there any hot guys”

“the guys weren’t really my type but there was this really nice person I met”

“o, what was her name?”


“I hope she didn’t take my place”

“no one could ever take your place Dolly, I'll always love you more than everyone else”

“so, today Valentine’s day, what ya got planned for it” she teased, she knew I hated V. day, ever year Steph and all the rest of my friends would have someone to be their Valentine, but me and Dakota, we always found something to do, but having her been away for almost six months made everything feel different,

she was like a new person, her personality, she way she looked, and she definitely was as touchy feely as this before she went to the UK,

“shut up kota” I stuck my tongue out shoving her off my lap,

“im only joking dolly, lets go out then, just you and me” she whispered wrapping her arms around my waist and leaning her head on my shoulder,

okay, that definitely felt kinda weird, I felt the fingers on her left hand trail patterns into my hip,

“get a room, dykes” some blond Barbie’s shouted in disgust walking past us, Dakota showed them the finger not stopping the patterns from being drawn on my body, I tried to free myself from her grip but it was no use, she wrapped her arms around me tighter,

“so, how about it, just you a me, we could maybe go to a restaurant, o I no, your favourite place on Harley Avenue, the Mexican place”

“don’t you think it’s weird two girls going out together, for a meal, on Valentines day” I asked, Dakota twirled around so she was standing in front of me slightly looking up at me,

“I think it’s perfectly fine for two bestfriends to go out for a meal, it’s just another day with a different name”

“I suppose so, but I want the chicken burritos”

“anything for you my Holly dolly” she said kissing my cheek, she clasped my hand to hers and began skipping down the sidewalk as if we were 8 again,

“I'll pick you up at 7:30 okay, bring some extra clothes, we can have a slumber party”

“awesome, it’s a date” I chuckled, obviously only joking, but I did miss our slumber parties, the only two men we would let into our party would be two guys that won our hearts over, one called Ben and one called Jerry, phish food for the win.

- - - - -

“you got a date tonight Rile’s” I asked applying another coating of electric blue mascara to my eye lashes,

“yep” he grinned happily sweeping his jet black hair to the side and spraying it with an excessive amount of hair spray,

“what’s his name?”

“Brendan” he blushed looking down at his necklace hanging over his chest,

“how far you gone with him”

“Hols” he whined,

“what im just being a caring sister”

“I gave him a blow job last night” he said proudly not even blushing,

“well if he makes you happy” Riley laughed, “not in that way, anyway, if he makes you happy then im glad your with him”, I gave my brother a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving our joint bathroom and stepping into my room,

I laid out the clothes I would wear for tonight and an extra set for tomorrow, I pondered between the teal puffball dress and my red halter neck dress with a black bow around the waist, red was too cliché to wear on Valentine’s day,

“Riley” I groaned flicking my eyes between the two dresses,

“yes my dearest sister”, I summoned him over to my fashion crisis,

“okay, what one should I wear, I like the teal one more”

“o that would look gorgeous, but maybe the black bow on the blue dress and a pair of black heels, o that would look sexy, if I wasn’t gay I’d certainly show you a good time” he slapped my ass and handed me a pair of black peep toe heels,

“eww that’s incest”

“whatever, o and wear these, you’ve gotta wear some sexy lingerie to go with a gorgeous dress” he insisted handing me the new blue and black leopard print bra and panties set I had brought from Victoria’s secrets only two days prior when doing my monthly clothes shop with mom,

I went into the bathroom stripping off all my clothes along with my boring white bra and boy boxers changing into my leopard print lingerie, I shimmed into my favourite puffball dress and tied a neat bow just below my bust,

“you look stunning, now let me do your hair”

“Rile’s, im only going out with Dakota, I don’t need to be this dressed up, she’s only taking me to my favourite Mexican restaurant”

“aww that’s sweet, you guys are great together, Dakota is one lucky girl” okay, I was beyond confused because I didn’t no what my brother was trying to get at,

“Holly, Dakota’s here” mom told me opening my door, she peeked in and saw me in my dress,

“wow, honey you could break a few hearts In that outfit, are you sure you don’t wanna come out with me to the bar”

“she’s already got a date mom, now let her go, we don’t want Dakota waiting”, my mom picked up my over night bag taking it down stairs for me whilst I picked up my black purse applying another quick coat of lip gloss before carefully walking down the stairs hoping not to trip in these heels,

“wow” Dakota gasped, I looked at her to see her mouth wide open scanning my body with hungry eyes, I felt the need to try and cover myself up to stop her from looking, it was starting to freak me out,

“okay lets go, I'll be back tomorrow night mom, have a good night” I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek,

“bye Rile’s, thanks for the help” i kissed his cheek hugging his side, he quickly wiped the lip gloss from his cheek pretending to be disgusted.

- - - - -

“Good evening Holly, you havent been here in a while but tonight is a special occasion, huh?, is this one of your special friends” Enrique the matre’d said taking my coat and hanging it up along with Dakota’s,

“yep this is my bestfriend Dakota, we’re here for a table of two”

“of course Holly my dear, right this way”, we sat at our table for two, a red rose placed in between us and a tea-light dimly flickering, I filtered through the menu already knowing what I wanted, I ordered the same thing each time, I watched a Dakota looked intently at the list of foods to choose from,

“I don’t know what to get, can you pick for me” she asked sweetly, it reminded me of when I was little, my mom used to always order for me because I couldn’t read the menu or understand what it meant,

“sure” I smiled taking a sip of my iced water, the heart shaped diamond brooch on Dakota’s right breast shined perfectly in the light as she twirled a piece of her honeycomb blonde hair around her index finger, she shyly adjusted her black mini skirt as a group of 4 men walked past our table,

“you ready to order Holly”

“yes, Enrique, you remember what I usually have”

“how could I forget, your our favourite customer”

“okay, well then in that case, I'll just have what I usually have along and the same for Dakota”

“no problem.

“Enjoy your meal” Rico, Enrique’s cousin said slipping my a piece of paper into my lap, I unfolded the tattered piece of paper which read a phone number, I laughed dumping it in the candle in between us,

“mmmm, this is delicious, im glad you ordered for me” Dakota said with a mouthful of rice, I took another bite of my burrito then taking a sip of my strawberry Daiquiri,

“if your nearly finished you can have dessert at yours, along with a movie”

“of course, I’ve got a great night planned out” she replied with a mischievous grin,

“Enrique, bill please” I requested pulling out my American express card from my purse,

“please let me” she insisted handing him her credit card.

- - - -

“See, who really needs guys when we have the best ice cream in the world right here”

“but who really needs ice cream when you’ve got me” she giggled taking the ice cream pot from my hand placing it on her coffee table, i looked up at her in shock as she pinned me down to the couch cushions,

Kota what are you doing”

“just having a bit of fun” she whispered leaning closer against my body,

“well why don’t we watch a film, that’ll be fun too” I stuttered nervously as Dakota gradually undone the buttons on her black mini skirt, discarding the dress Dakota was left straddling my hips looking down at me in just a black lace bra and thong,

I couldn’t work out what my brain was telling me as my heart beat reached to 100 miles an hour, was I enjoying the sight of Dakota’s large plump breasts inches away from my face and her slender body pressed against mine,

I snapped out of my daze as I felt her hand graze my thigh, I didn’t react so she took this as a sign to continue, she reached up the back of my dress unzipping it as I helped her get it off me, she stared at me in amazement, a smile spread across her lips as her hands travelled up to my bra and cupped my cleavage,

“what are you doing” I gasped kinda enjoying the feeling off someone gently messaging my breasts,

“havent you ever wanted to know what another girl’s boobs feel like” she asked light-heartedly as if it was perfectly normal for two bestfriends to be sitting together in just their underwear as one held another one’s breasts,

“maybe” I replied shyly feeling a blush creep up my neck,

“go one, feel them, I wont do anything, it’s harmless”, I took her left breast in my hand carefully not wanting to scare her,

“now squeeze, mm, yeah, take them both in your hands and squeeze them” she spurred me on as she started squeezing my chest grinding her hips into mine,

Shock was an understatement, I didn’t no what I was doing, is this why I hadn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years, was my brain finally trying to tell me something, did I enjoy the feel of a woman touching me instead of a man, my ex-boyfriend was so rough when he touched me, as if he was trying to push me around, but Dakota, she gently lay on top of me scared to break me, whilst she rubbed her thumbs across my teats which instantly stood to attention,

“why did you stop baby, I no your enjoying this” she whispered seductively in my ear, she kissed my ear lobe working her way down my neck towards my chest, she reached behind me ready to unclasp my bra,

“wait” I shouted shocking her, she instantly sat up with a confused look,

“can you just tell me something first, when you went to England, this girl you met was she a les-s-b”

“a lesbian”, I nodded,

“are you” I stuttered trying to hide my face,

“I can be whatever you want me to be”, she lent down back to my chest kissing it softly,

“Dakota, answer me, I need to no if you’re a lesbian, im confused, I don’t know if these feelings I have are right”

“tell how you feel are I do this”, she plunged herself down onto me pressing her lips hungrily against mine trying to push her tongue between my teeth, I was trying to describe how this made me feel, my heart beat was racing faster and faster as the kiss continued and I noticed myself kissing back as a reflex to Dakota’s touch, I was now hungry and I wanted more, it never felt like this whenever I kissed boys, I didn’t feel that surge of energy shoot through me and make my panties feel wet,

“I think that concludes your feelings, why don’t we take this some where more comfy”

“mmmm” I nodded pulling her face back down to mine and letting my tongue roam in her mouth, she wrapped her legs around my waist urgently touching my sides, cupping my breasts again but this time one of her hands pushed under my bra, her feel on my sensitive nipple felt like a electric bolt passing through me but it didn’t leave, she massages my breast as my hands found their way to the clasp of her lacy bra, her golden breasts suspended themselves above me as I admired staring at their Dakota’s natural beauty,

“bedroom” I panted trying to break out kiss, we pushed our dresses to the side as we staggered to her room, as soon as the door was open we both fell onto her bed as she desperately fought to rip my bra off, I broke the kiss sitting up on her stomach rubbing her boobs up and down whilst I grinded my hips against hers,

“I never thought I’d say this but Dakota I’m in love with you” I confessed, I had to get my feelings out, but I guess they where already obvious as Dakota smile releasing my bra from me,

“Im in love with you too Holly dolly, I’ve been trying to tell you for ages” she confessed continuing to kiss me as she reached down my leg sliding her hand underneath my panties making me feel all warm inside.

Who knew on Valentine’s day, the worst day of the year would actually become my favourite day of the year from now on.

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