Best Birthday Present (Part1) - D.Gray Man - Allen Walker Lemon

If I get good feed back. I think I'm going to write more lemons.. b/c I'm a really horny person right now.... srry...

Created by dsbsyoungie on Sunday, February 15, 2009


Name: Rini Cross - Daughter of General Marian Cross.

Age: 16… Allen’s 16 too, but turning 17.

Personality: cute, funny, but serious when she needs to be, quite flirty, but doesn't let guys touch her. niceand caring. she a lot like her father. she really active and moves around everywhere. especially on assignments.

Innocence: inherited her father's gun, but has a belt that turns into a whip or sword.



'Ugh! Why did i come back so early?'you thought. 'I should have taken a longer time to get back from the mission so i didn't have to be so bored here.'

"Rini-chan!" you hear and turned around to find your father running towards you with open arms.

Just when your father was about to bear hug you took one step to the right leaving your father falling to ground.

"My Rini-chan!! It's your daddy!! Come on give him a big hug!" General Cross says.

"I'll pass on that." you say walking away.

"How can my own daughter do this me! What do I do?? I need the love of my daughter!!" you hear your father sobbing pitifully as you're walking away.

"You'll live," you say. "Just go back to your wine and women."

"Is that all you think of your own father? How can I live? My beautiful daughter.. My… WHERE’D SHE GO?” He cried and ran after you.

You had walked away you didn’t want to hear your father nagging anymore. He nagged too much. You wished he could treat you differently from the way he treated other people… well other people other than women that he wanted to hit on.

“General Cross, can you – “ you started but got cut off.

“You know Allen’s back, and it’s Daddy for you. Just once, call my Daddy,’ he pleaded.

“Nani? Allen-kun? Back? No one told me!” You say excited. You haven’t seen Allen in three months now since your tasks were always conflicting.


“Sorry I’m busy, I gotta go!” you said filling your eyes with innocence so your father would let you off.

General Cross smacked himself and let you off.

“Thanks Daddy,” you said completing his.

General Cross immediately ran off to tell the world you called him ‘Daddy’ the 50th time in his life.

Meanwhile you ran to find Allen. Where would he be sides the cafeteria. You went in and didn’t see him there.

‘That’s weird’ you thought ‘If he’s not here then… where would he be?’

“RIni-chan!” Leenalee sang.

“LeeNalee!” you sang back to her.

“Are you looking for Allen-kun?”

“Yeah,Do you know where he is?" you asked.

"He's with my brother," Leenalee answere, "But I tihnk I just saw his leave for his room, anyway. Please stay down here b/c we want to celebrate his Birthday."

'That's right! today was his birthday! I totally forgot. i've been busy with Dad's paper work that I've lost track of the days!' you thought.

"Crap! What am I going to get him!" you say out loud.

"I think the best birthday present it you, Rini-chan," Lavi's voice said behind you.

"What? How can I be a present?" you asked.

"Trust me, you don't have to get him anything. but Give his a kiss on the cheek I think that should be good," Lavi said.

You blushed. Lavi knew you liked Allen. Hemade you tell him you liked Allen b/c you lost a bet and had to tell him.

You walked away and started the decorations for Allen's party.



"Thank you!" He said and he cut the cake.

You tried to get to him, but tomanny people were talking to him. There was like a line to tlake to Allen.

You wanted to talk to him, but it was like you were the last one in line.

'*Sigh* I'll never get to at least say Happr Birthday pesonally..' you thought.

"What's with the frown? You told me frown causes wrinkles." the person that just sat next to you said.

"ALLEN!" you shriek.

"Hey, Rini, I haven't talked to you in a long time, and when I didn't see you in view... I got worried," he said.

'Worried... Allen.. over me?' you thought.

"Rini, I want to tel--" Allen started , but was pulled away by finder friend.

You sigh again. At least you got to talk to talk with him for like 5 seconds.

"OKAY, Since my apprentice is only ONE year from being 18, I've decided that tonight He shall have his first glass of ALCOHOL!" Gen. Cross shouts to the people.

'What?! OMG NO! he knows Allen cna't drink! He did that to him when he was ten! What is my father thinking!!??' you scream in your brain.

You tried to squeeze you way to Allen, but the crowd around Allen drinking alcohol wouldn't give in.

When you finally got there... it was too late. Allen was drunk on the floor.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" you yelled at Gen Cross.

"Boosting his tolerance for alcohol so next year when he starts drinking he'll be okay." Gen. Cross answers.

"YOU'RE CRAZY! ALL OF YOU ARE! He's only 17!" you screamed at the people as he Allen lying on the floor like a dead body.

YOu went to him and put his hand over your shoulders and started to lift his off the ground, thanks to Kanda you made it to Allen's room. The two of you put Allen down slowly.

"Thanks Kanda," you say.

"No worries. What a pitiful shrimp. Can't drink alcohol." he said.

"HEY!" you shout.

"Srry, I'm leaving. Shrimp take your chance to do what you wanna." Kanda says before walking out of the room.

You were totally confused. What was Kanda talking about?

Who cares... You looked at Allen's blushing face. You knew he was good looking, butthe closer your face got to his, the better he looked...

Unconciously your face was only cetimeters away from Allens.

Suddenly Allen's eyes flicker open. You looked into his innocent dreamy eyes, and blush. then you suddenly jerk away facing the other direction, feeling embarassed.

"Sorry, Allen... Uh... there was a ... um.. a zit on your forehead," you say.

" The last thime I checked I didn't have a zit..." Allen commented as he put his hands on your shoulders turing you to face him.

Again you saw that Hott face of the love of your life. You've loved him since he started training with your. Father, Gen. Cross....

"Rini.... I...." he says as he lifts your chin to his...

you close your eyes... 'Could this really be happening?' you thought...

Suddenly you felt the soft warm passionate lips on your own..... your first kiss...

and the first kiss you and Allen shared.....

~~KANDA'S p.o.v.~~

"LET GO OF ME!!!!!" Gen. Cross yelled. "You didn't tell me my daughter was going to be a victim!!!!"

I laughed. How could me really believe that we just wanted Allen drunk so he, Gn. Cross, could take his clothes and put him on the streets to humiliate that Shrimp.

"Good work Kanda!" Lavi said.

"They were talking way to long to get together." I siad simply.

"KANDA!!! THAT'S MY DAUGHTER AND SHE'S ONLY 16!!!" Gen. Cross yells.

"It's okay. They'll be fine. It's not like Allen's going to leave her after this." Leenalee suports me.

"Trust me, They'll be together forever," Kumi says. "They love each other."


(to be continued....)

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