Falling for a sensei... isn't that illegal? (A Kakashi Hatake love story) {21}

Created by JiraiyaWhitney on Sunday, February 15, 2009

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He grabbed my hand and lead me to the hospital, as fast as he could.

We walked into her room and I frowned before slapping the back of his head so hard I heard the echo from the waiting room.
"What was that for!" Shouta demanded.
"Don't do that!" I ordered Kazuki. "I seriously thought that was true!"
"You thought that she died." He laughed.
"For all I know, yeah! I was with Tsunade for the past three hours, remember?"
He grunted something unintelligent as I walked over and smiled at her.
"What were you doing with Tsunade?" She asked.
"Nothing." I answered after another pause.
"Apparently, Lady Hokage doesn't want her to tell." Kazuki answered with an eye roll as he walked up behind me.
The room went silent as Kakashi and Morikoma stared at me, their faces full of surprise and disbelief (well, what's showing in his face) while the other two looked at eachother, confused.
"When do you leave?" Kakashi asked.
"Hell if I know-"
Morikoma broke me off. "What did I say about those words."
"Gomennasai, Morikoma-sensei." I sighed and rolled my eyes to Kashi.
"Have you gotten your information yet?" He hinted.
"Yep. I think it was Yamato or maybe Yugao that gave it to me. One of the two."
"How can you not remember?" Shouta, well, shouted.
"It was dark, and I wasn't really paying too much attention!" I snapped.
"Because that's soo like you." He rolled his eyes sarcastically.
"Oh shuddup, Shouta." I ordered and looked away.
"Hey, just because your a chunin and I'm not doesn't give you the right to order me around. Expecially since your only sixteen."
I bit my tongue. "Your a butt, you know that?"
"What? Did I finally win an argument?"
"No, you haven't. You think you did, but you didn't." I answered and looked to him.
"But I did win. That's why you haven't protested yet. I get it, I won."
"No. I'm telling you this because you don't get it. You think you get it, which is not the same as actually getting it. Get it?"
"Wait- What?"
Kakashi laughed.
"It means no one won because in essence you cannot win in an argument for there are three truths. Your truth, my truth and the truth truth."
"Your just saying that because you lost."
"You cannot win an argument therefore you cannot lose an argument."
Morikoma rolled her eyes.
"Your only saying that because I won."
"Like I said." I remarked as I brought my two fingers up to my right temple. "If I'm still sane by the time you finish your training, it'll be a miracle."
"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!" They both demanded as I turned away from them.
"Screw this argument, I'm not even going to participate. Why don't you two go and... argue with yourself."
"Ok, what happened with Tsunade?" Kazuki inquired. "Normally you would've been all over that argument."
"Nothing happened with Tsunade." I turned to the two ANBU's. "Anyway, I'm soo not wearing that thing."
"You have to wear it on missions." Morikoma answered.
"No not that thing, that things cute, I meant the other one."
"Your supposed to wear that, too."
I shot a glance and Kakashi with a cocked crow and a smug-ish grin.
"I hate those things." He answered.
"Your not the only one."
"They'll make you put it on." Morikoma practically ordered.
"Peer pressure is bad, you can't make me do anything I dont wanna do." I said in a baby-ish voice.
"Do it." Kazuki ordered.
"That's not what your supposed to say."
"I'm not kidding around." I stated flatly.
"So, what animal do you have?" Kakashi asked, somewhat urgent, but clearly not showing it, though you and Morikoma picked up on it.
"I love little lost puppies!" I said giddily.
"What the crap, that makes no sense!" The two boys pointed out.
"Actually, it makes perfect sense." Kakashi remarked. "And it's not a puppy."
I crossed my arms and leaned forward slightly. "I love puppies, so I'll call it a puppy. It doesn't matter if you call it a dog, which it really is, but I'm going to call it a puppy, because puppies are cute, and this is cute, too."
"What the crud are you talking about?" Kazuki cut in.
"Puppies, silly." I grinned wickedly at him as the two ANBU's laughed.
"You keep refering to it what is it?"
"What is it? Silly. Didn't I tell you?" Morikoma's eyes fought not to widen. "It is none of your business."
Morikoma couldn't help but laugh as I clapped my hands together.
"Well, anyway, I've got to get up early tomorrow, I'm going to bed, feel better soon, Morikoma-sensei."
"Good night." She answered.
"Sweet dreams." I heard Kakashi say under his breath. Suddenly I found myself smiling as I opened the door and flashed him a quick smile, but it also showed my pink-tinted cheeks, too...

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