A Time To Remember (A Soul Eater Death the Kid Love Story) part 2

This is the second portion of my soul eater fanfic...enjoy your alone time with Kid X3... You and Death the Kid spend a day together alone. The day takes a turn for the worst. But will that spoil your date with a shinigami?

Created by sinistermiwa on Monday, February 16, 2009

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Kid sets you down as you enter the dark empty halls of Shibusen. You begin to shiver as a cold gust of wind wooshes through the doorway. “Your sopping wet,” says a calm voice next to your ear. You jump, startled, as you realize Kid was watching you. “Heh,” you smirk, “you aren't looking too dry either.” He leans forward an brushes a wet strand of hair away from your face. You blush and turn away from him, “L-lets go find some dry clothes.” He chuckles and walks past you, “Theres a storage room around here, C'mon.” As he walks away shadows take form along the walls, a chill runs down your spine and rush to catch up with him. Farther down the hallway you find a storage room filled with towels, Kid picks one up and wraps it around your back. He pulls you close and plants a kiss on your lips. You move into the kiss, your wet clothes plastering against your skin. You reach up and pull the kiss in deeper, running your hands through his hair. His warm body moves closer to you as he runs a hand down your thigh. You feel him smile through the kiss as your leg immediately wraps around his waist. Thunder sounds outside of Shibusen and you remember where you are. You break the kiss and push him away. Flustered at the separation between your bodies he moves to embrace you again. You smirk at him, “C'mon, Kid. Let's go change.” You quickly move out of the room before he can grab at you again.

Footsteps echo around you as you walk through the dark halls. Shadows loom in all corners and you look through the corner of your eye to make sure Kid is still walking with you. His hands are stuffed in his pockets and he's looking down at his shoes as if worried. You slow your pace until your shoulder to shoulder with him. "What's wrong, Kid? Did your shoes lose their symmetry?" Your smile disappears as he looks at you. "I-It's nothing..." he looks back down at his shoes. You decide to drop the topic and round the corner only to stop dead in your tracks as you gaze at a smiling round black object. "Geko!!" Kid grabs you and swings you around towards the wall, shielding you with his body as the object explodes. Kid falls to a knee, as the smoke dissipates you notice blood trickling down his open back. You gasp and bite back your tongue from yelling. "Kid!? Oh no...this is all my fault!" You quickly glance around and notice the tail of a fleeting black floating object. You scowl and begin to run after it but Kid grabs your wrist to stop you. "Don't", he grimaces in pain from moving to quickly and he begins to fall. You struggle to help him up, "Kid, their gonna get a way if I don't chase them! Stay here, I can deal with them!" Kid shakes his head, "You won't be able to stop them on your own." You scowl at him in dismay, " I can take 'em in my sleep" you mumble. He smiles and stands on his own, "I'll go with you as back up, okay?" You raise an eyebrow at his request, "and what about your wound? Your bleeding." He reassures you with a smile, "It was just a small scratch. I'm fine." He leans forward and plants a firm kiss on your parted lips. You blush and smile back though not totally convinced, you both move after the retreating object...

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